Gay erotic story of wild fun with masseur: 3

Hairy desi hunk showing nude furry body

Gay fuck story: I was surprised by his power and stamina as he just released loads and with few mins Praveen is back in form but Praveen mentioned in other way.

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He: You bitch, after this much heavy pounding in your mouth, still there is lot of lust in your eyes for my dick (Telugu: emi lanja ra nuvu entha alasipoyina inka ni kala lo kamam/korika bhaga kanispithunde na modda kosam)

Me: I was also thinking same, after pounding this much, your dick again started back (Telugu: ade nenu anukona entha ga degav but malli ni modda ready ayindi inko round ki)

He: no man can control after seeing this much sultry bitch, you are too hot to handle (Telugu: entha kaise gudda unna lanja gani choosthe evari modda padukoni unttunde cheppu ra)

Me: (I just winked) stop flattering and tell the truth Bava

He: Bava… what a nice feeling when you call me like that and the way u speak also shows the lust in you bitch (Telugu: Bava ani entha bhaga unnav ra acham lanja laga, nuvu ala pilusthute entha bhaga and mathundooo)

Me: is that true, Bava? (Telugu: Nijama Bava)

He: there is popular dialogue in Telugu movie, Don’t know what there in your voice but there is magic , u can make any strong man to be your pet (Telugu: emi undi ni lo king lanti mogadini kuka laga ni chootu thipukonnav)

Me: Aboo.. Can u stop dialogues and start performance 😉 (Telugu: matallu le na leka dunnadam emina unda)

He: You are heartless bitch (Telugu: Daya leni lanja ra nuvu)

I went to his dick again to play with it, his dick is back to form and it looks like waiting for my warmth. I took it into my hands it swing like a black cobra (Telugu: pammu laga boolasu koduthu ugguthunde).

Praveen tilted his head back and to enjoy but am still having it in my hands then suddenly he pushed me off and got up on me, forcing my hands down by his knees he let his cock touch my lips. I opened and he began throat fucking me again.

I loved the sudden action and for his power of control thing. I started gagging and my eyes welled up with tears again after a few mins, he pulled up and started smooching again with both of his hands on ass cheeks and squeezing them with good power but this time I can feel his lust towards me.

He is biting/eating the lips like a strawberries I can feel my lips may cut, the way he is doing that much hard. I have reciprocated the same to him. We both are not in this world, that smooching last some time. I am almost surrender to his love making style. I just break the kissing.

Praveen: Can we do 69.

Me: with pleasure Bava

Then we both slept on table, I took his dick in my mouth then he also did same thing. His mouth warmness make me crazy I am unable to hold and my legs are shivering with the enjoyment he is giving to me.

Praveen: can I use your hole baby

Me: Am waiting for it

Praveen put his mouth in between my ass cheeks that feeling was awesome, his wet tongue lapping around my hole. He inserted his tongue in it. It’s been years I felt that, am not sure whether it is warmness or wetness but I moaned with pleasure, he is getting mad with the sounds and started fucking with tongue itself, it seems he is expert in it.

It’s great feeling which cannot explain in words and it has be experienced. Then he put his small finger and started finger fuck. It was painful but the same time a small pleasure was running down my hips to the legs and Praveen said relax bitch. Soon another finger entered I shouted with pain. Pain started dissolving after few seconds.

Me: am unable to control it, I want to ride on this now (Telugu: Bava inka na valla kadu eppudu nenu guram ekali anthe)

Praveen: hey bitch, this is wild horse, you cannot simply ride it, and you have to tease it with pleasure (Telugu: edi mamulu guram kadu, chala kastham e guram ekkadam chala kastha padali, machika chesukovali)

Me: am also not a normal guy (Telugu: nenu kuda mamul kadu)

Praveen: then try it bitch

Then he took oil from beside and started lubricating my ass hole, I did same thing I pour some oil on his dick making it smoothly for entrance. Then after I took condom from pocket (Normally I keep condoms in wallet every time for safety and assuming at least this time I may get my man, that got useful now).

Praveen: you are well prepared and come here

Me: I am maintaining it from long time.

Praveen: you are a true bitch

I put condom on it, pour some more oil. Then am trying TOM BOY angle but it too big to enter. Praveen laughing.

Praveen: I already told you it is wild horse and u cannot simply ride it

Me: with spicy looks, I winked and please help me (Telugu: kanu koti, muni pati tho peddalu korike help chei bava)

Praveen: Wah, wat magic in you (Wah, emi pettav ra devuda vedi lo)

Me: help me bava

Then Praveen let’s change the angle, I am on table and putting my hips out of the table and legs on his shoulder (kind of Butter fly angle).

Praveen: in this angle your legs will be open more and your ass cheeks will be wider.

Me: Oh, you have lot of techniques

Praveen winked and started pushing in side but hole is too small for his monster.

He: It’s too small and almost like a virgin ass hole (Telugu: chala tight undi ra ni gudda, kanyarikam ayinda?)

Me: it’s been long time and no key opened it (Telugu: e pettaku talam tessi chala years ayindi)

He: This key is master key and it can open any old locks as well (Telugu: entha patha talam ayina dentho open cheyachu)

Me: in husky voice, then stop talking and open it (Telugu: Ayithe matalu appi pani kani)

He pour oil again and then slowly started to push it again. Tip has entered then I moaned with pain (Telugu: abba aaa, chinnaga bava)

He: u only want this pleasure right, anyways bear it for a moment then u will have more pleasure.

Aaa, abba ,,, slowly. Then he waited for a moment and pushed little more. I am literally crying with the pain and Praveen laughing like a monster devil.

He: He closed my mouth and you are unable to take it half of it bitch but u want a ride on it (Telugu: sangam kuda velladu appudu kuyoo morooo antav motham kavala lanja ga).

Am unable to respond as well with then pain. He rested again for a while and slowly pushed it fully. I was unable bear the pain and swinging, beating the table.

Will explain in another part about what happened next and whether he able to fuck me? Which angles it was successful?

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