Gay fuck story of wild time with stranger

Desi Gay Sex Story of Wild Tamil Truckers Fucking: 1

Gay fuck story: Hello everyone..This is a story where I one of my fantasy to get fucked on a winter night at some working location happened. Without wasting more time I will start with a brief about myself. My name is Raman and I work for an IT company in Noida.

I used to live in Anand vihar during this incidence and used my bike to commute to office. Let me give you a short description about myself. I am a healthy 32 year old guy, 5 10 in height. I have a big ass and nice pair of boobs which let men go crazy if they touch.

Now lets come down to our story. I had my account on a gay site PR and i used to get a lot of texts everyday from unknown strangers, who wanted to fuck me. One such id was of Raviprakash.. yeah the name sounds boring so I never bothered to pay him attention. On one of winter night I was really horny and was in dire need of a dick inside me. I opened PR and this raviprakash pinged me up saying “atleast one chance i deserve”. I said to myself lets give him a try.

We exchanged numbers and he told me he works for a container plant nearby to place i live in. I had chills down my belly as i always had fantasy to get fucked in some place like this. He sent me his location over wtsapp and soon i was ready to go. I made some excuses at my home, and wore a tee with jeans. I started off and in 10 mins or so I was at the gate of that plant. O man.. it was not just some small plant but was in acres. I got scared as the gatekeeper asked me, to whom i need to meet.

Then I repeated him the exact message as ravi told me, “Bhai i am friend of praveen and need to meet him”. He politely opened the side door adjacent to the giant gate, and let me in. It would have been a plant filled with so many workers during day but it was so quiet during night, that too winters. My heart was pounding, for both the reasons. My wish to get fucked at a place like this will come true. Second, If caught they will not spare me and may hand me over to some cops.

I was distracted from my thoughts when gate keeper told me to go straight and turn left then left and there will be a electricity room where Praveen babu sits. I was like Ohhhh..

I drove my bike in the same diection and after 2 minutes i was in front of a small closed compound and BIJLI GHAR written on it. Outside was a man in mid 30’s standing and waiting for me. As i stopped my bike he asked me “Raman?”. I said yes ravi. He welcomed me warmly and asked me to come inside. I started walking in and when he smacked my ass from behind.

I really liked it. I entered the building and it was all consoles and panels all around with a room for a single person to sleep by at one corner. He took me to the room. It was made of glass walls so i said, anyone can watch us. He responded, “The whole building gate can be locked and you are in it, don’t worry”. I was not satisfied.

But before i could think of anything i found him playing with my boobs over my tee. I was amazed. The he gently took one of my hand praising me side by. And next moment my hand was touching his dick over his pants. MY MY.. it was not fully erect yet so thick and long.

The man was obviously not much educated, as he worked as a technician in that room and was at night duty. But he was good at playing with male body. He knew the exact spots to hit and me me go crazy. He made me stand against the wall and started pinching my nipples.

I had a loud moan….ahhhhhh. As soon as my mouth opened he inserted his tongue into my mouth and started rolling it wildly. It was a smell mixed with some cheap alcohol but it was arousing me.

He asked me, “you are a true bitch, these boobs cannot become so big on its own. tell me how many have sucked them”. I could have answered if i knew the count. It really was a lot many men’s effort. My boobs had been crushed like anything from a lot of my experiences in past. I was not comfortable with anal from most people so dick sucking and boobs job was high on task.

Anyways, he then unzipped my jeans and started stroking my dick from outside. I was getting kissed, My nipples completely squeezed up and my dick being stroked at same time. I was into the zone “Ask me anything and i will be your bitch”.

I guess he heard my mind. He made me sit on my knees, within a fraction of second he took his belt out and wrapped around my neck like a dog strap. Then another second I was seeing a long 9 inches and 1.5 inches dick hanging in front of my face. CHOOOS, he said.

I like a slut, took that dick in my hands and slurp slurp slurp slurp.. It was going in and out of my mouth. And came a tight slap on my face. You bitch, suck properly. I felt more aroused by his words. The licking of his dick, his balls in rythm started. I was kissing his dick every where. I was spitting on it and taking it into my mouth. O i was so enjoying it. That odour was not good but it was making me so weak that time.

Then after good 10 -15 minutes of sucking him, he made me stand. He pulled down my jeans in one go and my tee in another. Now i was a complete naked bitch with a dog strap round my neck standing in an unkown factoy kind of place at 11 pm. He turned me over and kissed my ass. And then he asked me to go into doggy position.

I knew that monster will thrust me now. But no, It was a different pain and made me shiver. He spanked my ass real hard. My left butt was in pain. Before i could digest that another slap was on to right butt and i cried out loud. aaah aaaaah aaaaaaaaah.. stop please aaaaah..yeah babay hit me slap me, i am your slut…..

In a repeated motion i was getting spanked hard and my ass was red. I could feel the pain but i was enjoying it. SUddenly i felt somthing inside. That wasnt thick or long. I was surprised and turned back. He was fingering me with some lube and applying it all over my asshole.

I knew I will be fucked hard tonight and no mercy it is. I asked him “where is the protection”. He took out a small packet from his drawer and showed me a pack of manforce. I was like please go easy on me.

Then after a heavy finger lubrication of 5 minutes his finger were easliy going in and out of my asshole. Now was the turn of big monster. But he made me stand and asked me to lie down on that couch which could make only a single person sleep.

I was lying on my back and facing him and his giant dick. It will be a missionary then. Yes for sure. He came near and spread my legs. He made my leag go above his shoulders and then pointed his monster dick to my ass. Please be slow please be slow………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

He thrusted it in one go and i cried out… I said leave me i cannot do and then he made my dog strap pull strongly. He said to be calm and enjoy.. I said pleas be slow and this time he was but not as slow as it should be..
After 4 5 minutes of fucking my ass with his dick my ass gave up.. The pain started to turn in pleasure. It was going so smooth into me and coming out.
Yes ravi please keep on fucking me…I am your bitch and bitch needs your cock…Please fucccccccckkkkkkk me. o yessssssssss

And he fucked me real hard. Then asked me to be into doggy position. I was on all my fours and he came behind me. Without any effort his cock went inside me and hit me right there where i wanted. I was juggling with his strokes and by nipples were being crushed by him while making me his bitch.

All of a sudden he pulled my both legs backward and now i was lying down there in all sweat with a 9 inch dick inside my ass going deep. It was heaven.. He kept me fucking for some time and fucccckkkkk me please aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh o yeaaaaaah was all i could say.

He was abput to cum so I asked where he wants to..He said, be like you are bitch and i will come inside your ass. It was a feeling…….I was okay with the fact that he has wore condom so let him cum inside me. The with next 6 7 hard strokes he came inside…I could feeel that thick load in me and i was surprised that even with condom i can feel it..

Gay fuck story of crazy times with horny stranger

He lay down on me and then after 2 minutes turned over…. I was exhausted, he too was exhausted..I laid there for couple of more minutes and then stood up….My legs were shivering and ass and bbobs were all red..but there was one more thing i could feel… The cum was inside me…o yessssssss it was inside me….I could feel that and i asked why di u cum inside me..

He standed and came closer, gave me a tight slap and said “Condom mein maza nai (there is no fun with condom)”. You felt hot inside na…..and i was like yesss it felt good though but…..

Then no if and buttts…enjoy my cum and wear your clothes and leave….I was like okay..
I wore up my clothes and he pinched my nipples..”It was a good fuck today beacue of a slut like you”..COme again when you feel like getting fucked..he said

Some part of me didnt wanted to come back and i left the place..but guesss what???
o fucccccccccck meeeeeee ravi…chod de mujhe.. i am your slut.. Its now atleast 10 times i have visited him in last two months and getting myself fucked with his monster…

If you liked the story please comment..I will post a new continuation to this story where our sexcapade turned into a group sex at the same place. bye!!!