Gay hookup story of hot public fuck in the car

Indian Gay Sex Story: A business trip becomes sexual: 2

Gay hookup story: It was a cold December afternoon. I was sitting in class getting bored. As usual, my mind wandered over to sex. It had been long since I had hooked up. As the professor taught the class, I secretly opened Grindr under the desk.

There were a couple of people online. Someone called Adi caught my eye. We chatted for a while. He was cute with a beard and all. He was feeling horny and wanted to meet someone. I told him I had class. He was fine with it and we decided to meet in the evening.

I was waiting by the college gate after class. It was getting dark as it was winter. Suddenly my phone rang. It was Adi.

“What are you wearing?” he asked.

“Black sweater and jeans. I am near the college gate.” I said.

“Cool. 5 min me aaya.” He hung up.

After some time, a black Hyundai Sonata drove up to the gate. I was surprised. I could see him behind the driver’s seat. I quickly got in before someone saw us.

“Hi,” said Adi. As soon as I had sat down, he placed his hand on my crotch.

“What are you doing?” I stammered. “Saaman check karra. I like,” he said, squeezing my crotch hard.

He drove off, with one hand on the steering wheel and the other rubbing my crotch, removing it only to change the gear.

“Jeans khol,” he said in his manly voice. He had broad shoulders. I could see his chest hair through his shirt collar. But face was cleanshaven. I unbuckled my belt and undid my jeans. He rubbed my dick over my white underwear. I was starting to get hard. He put his hand inside and stroked me. I let out a moan.

“Yeah,” he said, “nice and thick.”

He kept stroking me as we drove around. He would gently pull my foreskin back and rub his thumb on the head. Then he would lick his thumb and do it again. I was going crazy. I reached out to his crotch. He was hard too. But he waved my hand away.

“Not now. Later,” he said.

We were at a traffic signal. There were cars around us. And there we were with him stroking me. suddenly he grabbed my neck and kissed me on the lips. He had the softest lips and he gently pushed his tongue in.

I melted into his mouth. We kissed in the traffic signal while he stroked my dick. After a while I realized there were people around our car. I tried pulling back but he held onto my head.

“Relax,” he laughed, “tinted windows. Andar nai dikhta.” We started kissing again till the light turned green.

He kept stroking me and edging me while driving around. He would stroke my dick till point I would almost cum. Then stop and start squeezing the base. The edging was driving me crazy. We were now outside the city. It was dark and there were trees around us. He turned into an abandoned building and shut the car off.

“I wanna see your dick,” he said. He turned on the car light. He moaned slightly looking at my dick, all wet from the precum. “Fuck,” he said, and turned off the light. He then inclined my seat and started sucking me. I gasped and held on to the seat. He pulled my underwear and jeans down to my ankle.

He began to massage my balls with one hand while bobbing his head up and down. He put his other hand inside my sweater, squeezing my nipples. I began moaning uncontrollably. It was heaven. I turned to look at him.

I put my hand on his ass through the crack in his pants. It was smooth. I gently rubbed his hole. This caused him suck hard on my dick and moan. He got up and kissed me.

“Fuck kya lund hai tera,” he said kissing me. He spat into my mouth while kissing me. I swallowed up his spit and spat it back into his mouth.

“Fuck me,” I said. I was too horny. He looked at me lustily. “Sure,” he said. He got up in front of me. I unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his hairy body. He undid his trousers.

I put my hand in his underwear and pulled his dick out. It was about 6 inches long and hard. He spat on his hand and rubbed it on his dick.

“Ready,” he asked. I nodded. He started thrusting into me. God it hurt. He was too horny to go slow. He grabbed my head and started fucking me. I put my feet up on the dashboard. It was paining but I could feel pleasure too. He lifted my sweater and began biting my nipple while fucking me. The whole car was shaking now.

“Kya tight randi hai re tu,” he said while thrusting hard into me. I like when men are rough with me. He held my cheeks harshly opening my mouth and then spit into my mouth. He then kissed me hard forcing me to swallow the spit.

I was moaning and whimpering uncontrollably as his dick tore me apart. We were covered in sweat and the whole car was heating up. I was close to cumming.

Gay hookup story of hot fuckers in the car

“Nikalne waala hai,” I whispered. He grabbed my dick and stroked it hard. Within seconds I came all over us. He bent and licked the cum off my stomach and chest. He then kissed me with the cum on his lips and began thrusting harder.

Few thrusts in he moaned out loud and began cumming inside me. I felt the spurts of cum fill me up. He then sighed and laid on me.

“You are such a great fuck. Kahan thi itne din?” he said.

I just laughed at this. We then cleaned up. He told me the abandoned building belongs to him. Construction was stopped due to some government rules and now he brings people here to hookup.

“Next time, building me chodunga,” he said with a wink while dropping me off back in the city.