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Gay public story: Hi friends! Rohit Gurbani here back with a steamy story. So as I told u earlier I work in a reputed government hospital. It was my 2nd shift and I came back home by 12am.

After I finished my dinner I was scrolling on grindr. Thanks to igs that I came to know about this app after reading stories on igs. So this guy named jay patel messaged me nd we started chatting.

He asked me to meet.we both stay in malad but in different areas.we exchanged our numbers and I headed to his place walking 12 30 am. He had sent me the location and was texting me every 5 mins.

When I saw his pic on gr I was excited to meet him as he was slim and I liked slim boys.

Finally I reached the building and we met at a decided place. It was a 4 storey building and it had an open terrace. We went on the terrace and I was a bit scared of getting caught here.

But then its my kink to do it outdoor so I agreed. Then we both were talking to each other. I told him I’m 30 and he said he was 20. It was 10 yrs gap.

Then he said age is just a number and it doesent matter or does it. I said no. So jay was clean shaven that day and he is fair. He was wearing a tshirt and shorts till his knees.

After having conversation he came near me and gave me kiss on the lips. We were smooching each other. Well it was not good as he had bad breath. After sometime he unzipped his pants removed his tool and asked me to suck.

Sucking is my favourite part and I’m pro in it. I started licking his dick head and then the whole dick was in my mouth. Wow what a feeling cold breeze on ur body and ur sucking someone.

His dick might be 5 inch but thin. I like thin dicks so that even if u get fucked it pains less. So I was enjoying it. Then he asked me to remove my clothes.

I removed my tshirt and track pant and kept it on a stone nearby. Now I was full nude in front of a handsome guy and he wanted to fuck me. He put his dick in my ass.

As it was thin it didn’t pain much and went easily. With each stroke I was moaning and enjoying. He was doing it very nicely and I was loving how his dick was hitting my insides! I wish he kept on fucking me like that…

After 5 mins of fucking he removed his dick and told me to suck it.

I started sucking him again.

His cock was nice but it took so long that I just could not keep sucking it any longer. I did enjoy the sucking as well as fucking very much though.

After 5 mins of sucking I was tired and removed my mouth from his dick. He insisted to continue but I denied. So he started masterbating himself. After a while he came out.

Then he wore his clothes and I wore mine. Then we started talking about each other’s life and we were getting close emotionally now. After conversation I started going down.

Gay public story of a wild and horny guy with a stranger

He was also there. He went to his house which was just a floor down the terrace and I left for home. Well after that my phone was changed and I lost his no but in future if I get to talk to him il do it again with him.

If u forget the bad breath part he satisfied me. If u wish to contact me then u can contact on gmail.

My id is [email protected] Fb id is Rohit Gurbani. I have worn a blue shirt with glass on my eyes and circus in the background. Also my interested in shows men.

All are free to talk but mumbai guys can meet me and we can have fun. I am ready even to make a video with url and upload here. Contact me. Thanks to all you guys!