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Gay seduction story: Hello guys Harry here from Mumbai and sorry to keep you all waiting. After so many messages and opinions it took me some time to write the continuation from previous one. I received so many messages and suggestions as well. Firstly, I want to thank the IGS platform for giving a platform where we can share our experiences and secondly to the readers who read those experiences and could connect. So this is a continuation from my last part which you can read Gay Threesome Story of a Slutty Bottom’s Sandwiched Fuck.

Before parting ways Ajay asked me if I was free on weekend so that he could meet me alone I asked him, “Alone?” to which he said, “Yeah, I wanted to try bottoming.” I smiled with an unsure look but he convinced me and I agreed to him so we exchanged numbers, went our ways to home.

He texted me right away which said, ‘Can’t wait for the weekend to come soon’ I chuckled and sent him ‘Same here’, with a smiley face.

We had been texting continuously after the threesome we had and he was eager to have my rod inside his petite virgin ass. To be honest I saw his ass several times during the threesome, his ass was so plump and round anyone would love to devour it.

Maybe he must have caught me drooling over his ass and hence he asked me to fuck him, who knows. But to be honest I was eager and nervous, eager because I would get to pound his plump ass and nervous because I have never done it with a virgin tight holed ass like his and by the looks of his asshole, it might be very much tight.

So finally the weekend came over and so did his text saying, “Meet me at the station at 5 PM sharp we’ll go together at my place” I simply said okay with a wink emoji and went to college. After college got over I was at station waiting for him and I felt a tap on my shoulder from behind I turned around and saw Ajay.

He was so eager and upbeat, one could literally see it on his face, and we left the station and grabbed an auto to his place. I was looking out, day dreaming and suddenly he placed his hand on my crotch area I was startled by his move and removed his hand before the auto driver could see.

He kept teasing me and I pinched his nipple so hard that he screamed and the driver got scared. We told him it was okay nothing happened and then we did small talk till his place arrived. We were in some sort of society where the houses were one plus one only i.e. a room on top of another room and they were connected by a ladder to go up.

Ajay’s place was also something like that and we were walking towards his house. Finally we reached and he told me to go up directly and he came up behind me, he closed the door, locked it and closed windows with curtains. He freshened up and changed his clothes, sat on bed and talked about all the experiences we’ve had.

After some time he was so impatient he directly touched my crotch area, his hand pressing my crotch over jeans, and my dick slowly got hard. He was simply wearing a boxer and a vest I could see the hard nipples over his vest and those bubbly ass in shorts which were telling me to tear his boxer and spank his ass.

He was rubbing my dick over my jeans. I said, “Will you be just rubbing over my jeans only?” so he unbuttoned my jeans, slowly unzipped me and removed my jeans. He was now slowly sniffing, licking and sucking my crotch over my underwear.

Meanwhile I was playing with his ass pressing them and slid my hand inside his boxer and slowly rubbing his hole. After some time he came up and kissed me, I could smell faint cigarette smell which he might have had before we met and also could taste my precum, we kept kissing while he played with my dick with his hands and my hands were on his ass.

Then I placed my hands on his nipples and pressed them, “Mhmmmphmmm” he moaned. The more I pressed the deeper his moans were and then he broke the kiss and slept on bed. I got on top of him like a predator about to devour its prey and started to kiss his nipples one by one over his vest they were so hard and pointy.

Slowly, I removed his vest and threw it away and I saw him hairless, not even a single strand of hair, so smooth and I couldn’t help it but lick his body. I could smell the aroma of his body, so mesmerizing that I cannot explain, it was intoxicating and I started biting his chest. He groaned for some time but loved it I also gave him some hickeys which were unintentional, it happened in the heat of the moment.

I held his both hands above his head and started sucking his nipples and biting them. He started moaning, also he kept saying, “Milk me aaahh keep going duddh nikal de pura” and listening to that I started sucking them harder, one by one and his moans kept getting louder.

I never knew tops can behave like this XD maybe he did have slutty side hahaa anyways I was sucking his nipples with such intensity and all of a sudden he moaned loudly so many times I had to stop and see if it was too much pain for him but to my surprise I saw that he came due to this intense body play.

I chuckled to myself and looked at him he had closed his eyes panting heavily. I could see those big man chest going up and down, sensing he was tired and done for, then he opened his eyes and looked at me and smiled. We took a break for five and he cleaned up, I removed my bottle to drink water when he said, “Don’t you want to get cleaned?”

I said, “Huh?” He pointed on my left thigh and said “there’s a little bit of my cum” I realized he must have had huge shots so I went and cleaned myself also I removed my shirt since it was hot as fuck and now I was in underwear only. I came out and drank some water it tasted weird but thinking that I filled it in college so that must be the case and hence quickly had few sips and sat for a while on the bed.

He came and sat beside me.

He said, “That was the most intense body play I had” we both laughed and were playing with each other’s nipples. After sometime we started kissing again this time it was so passionate he really was a good kisser and then he slowly went down gave my nipples slow kisses and licks which continued for some time.

All of a sudden there was this blood rush through my body and Ajay said “Someone is ready” pointing at my rock hard dick poking him and he laughed. He started kissing my dick again and licked it, sucked it over underwear. Then he slowly removed my underwear and it sprung out I could see him drooling with lust for my dick I was hot as hell and by hot I mean literally hot in my crotch area.

There was so much heat emanating from the meat and then suddenly Ajay took my dick head into his mouth and I gave the deepest moan, he kept sucking, trying to take my shaft inch by inch. I was in such an ecstasy I curled my back by making my chest go up and head back while he went down on me.

His mouth was so warm and wet. Now he changed his pace and started sucking faster making all the slurp noises, he kept sucking and then he went down so hard that my dick tip reached his throat and that’s when I realised that I was about to cum I tried telling him but he kept his head in same position gagging on my dick I couldn’t act quickly and involuntarily I pressed his head deeper on my dick.

I came in gallons inside his mouth. He enclosed my dick with his mouth and let his mouth get filled with my erupting cum and gulped it down his throat. Not a single drop, I mean it, not a single drop came out of his mouth while I came.

Gay seduction story of wild top’s virgin hole teasing

After 30 seconds or so I stopped cumming and he slowly came up till the tip and sucked very gently like cleaning the remaining trace of cum on my dick. I was the one now who was breathing heavily and my balls literally felt empty, after catching breath I said, “I guess this was the most intense orgasm I have ever had” and chuckled a little and he laughed too.

I was surprised and told him that usually I take time to cum and after cumming my dick becomes flaccid but it was still rock hard. He said, “I knew we might blow our loads soon and I didn’t want it to end soon so I had mixed Viagra in your water bottle” and made a nervous look.

I was shocked for a second and was worried but he made sure that it will soon go away. He said he was sorry and didn’t want the sex to end so soon, now the problem was I could not go out for at least 1 to 2 hours or so and it was already 7 PM and when we started it was 6 PM. So I told him “You have tempted the beast now get ready to have your ass sore as hell” and gave a naughty smirk, jokingly of course he gave me a comedy nervous smile like he’s dead.

What happened next? Read here to find out!

I hope you guys like this part because I got many more to share. If you want to connect with me then do ping me on and I will surely catch up with you guys.