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Gay virgin story: This is a story of time before lockdown. I am a 18 yr old guy and very horny. I am a bisexual person. I jerk off to both men and women( especially hollywood actresses). I am 5’8, fair skin, bit chubby, cute looking and with a dick about 5 and a half inches( uncut ).

I was a virgin before this all happened. I planned to hangout with my two other friends for a movie and fun time at the mall. We planned which movie we wanted to see and all the stuff that guys of my age do. We talked about sex freely with each other but never did anything yet with each other.

I was the only virgin in our group. So, anyway we got to the mall at like 11am , the movie was due for like 12:15pm. My parents left us at the mall and I said I will call them when to pick us up.

We ordered some coffee at CCD which was at the centre of the mall and stared at the boobs of women passing by near us. God, I was so hard watching them bounce in shirts, kurtas. It was like heaven for us just like sitting their watching boobs, the only thing left was to take out our dicks and jerk off to them.

But we couldn’t as it was a crowded place. So, anyway the movie started and we sat on our seats with popcorn and stuff. But, after sometime I had a fucking strong urge to pee because of that coffee.

I tried to control it but couldn’t so I went down to the washroom but to my surprise it was closed for renovation. So, now I had two options, either go to the one on the above floor( top floor) or go in the basement.

So, I thought to go in the basement. When I reached there, I was just surprised to see that nobody was there, just the parked cars, and dim lights. I walked upto the bathroom and entered, It was surprisingly clean and had less stains and all that.

I was confused whether to go in the stall or the urinal. Usually I go in the stalls because I feel shy when other people watch me in the urinal beside me but this time it was empty so I decided to go in the urinal, so I unzipped my pants and pulled down my undies and my pants to my knees and started to pee, it was such a huge relief and pleasure at the same time.

But suddenly I heard some noise behind me and saw a man I guess in his 40’s entering and unzipping in the urinal beside me. There were no partitions between the urinals so everything was visible. I was feeling so shy that my dick started getting hard in my hand as I kept staring at the man beside.

He was medium chubby, taller than me, grey moustache and a cock bigger than me. I kept on staring at his cock because it was the first time I saw a real lund in my life.

I was feeling sooooo horny I couldn’t control myself and started stroking my cock. He caught me looking at his cock so he looked at me , my cock, my ass and everything as my pants and undies were at my knees.

I could see his dick getting hard in his hand. We both were staring at each other’s lund. He finished peeing and suddenly took my cock in his hand got in the stall, locked it and started stroking it fast and hard. I said go slow or I will cum.

He stopped, put me on my knees and shoved his lund in my mouth. I was both scared and excited as it was my first time. After few minutes he said stop and started touching my ass and inserting fingers in my hole.

It was paining like hell so I told him and he said no problem, it will fade away in few seconds. Now it was time for my biggest challenge. He stroked his cock, spit on it and on my ass, rubbed my ass with his spit and his cock, then he shoved it in.

It was hard to go in at first but somehow he pushed it inside upto his balls.

I was about to scream in pain and tears came as it was paining so much. He said it will get okay in a few minutes and you will enjoy it. And to my surprise the pain did go away after sometime and I did start to enjoy it.

Gay virgin story of twink’s first fuck in urinal

I said don’t stop daddy, fuck your lil boy’s ass hard and he did. He kept on thrusting for very long time till it was time to cum . He didn’t even ask me and suddenly cummed in my asshole and moaned loudly.

It was feeling so warm and tingling in my ass that I couldn’t explain. It was all so hot. Then he took my dick in his mouth and I cummed and he swallowed it whole in one shot. It was heaven for me. I never thought I would lose my virginity at just 18 yr of age( so young ).

Then we got cleaned and got dressed and I asked him if he was married , and he said yes. He also said that his wife was a fuckin bitch and didn’t even let him touch her. So he fuck other persons. I said wow and he asked for my number and I gave it to him and he gave his number to me.

He said it was the first time he fucked a twink and it felt great, such tight ass and sexy butt. I was blushing. I went back to the theatre to watch the movie, it was already half missed and my friends asked what took so long and I said I had to go number 2 lol. They said ok.

It was the greatest experience of my life
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