Indian Gay Erotica of New Roommates Getting Cozy: 2

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Indian Gay Erotica: Part 2 Shehzaade ke Darshan

Hello again. Varun here, back with another experience, This is a story of the time when I was new to Mumbai. I received tremendously positive feedback on my last story, “Indian gay sex story of a surprise bus encounter”, and “Indian gay porn story of a poker game turning dirty” which prompted me to share more experiences.

For those of you who are new to my writing, I am Bi, from Mumbai, 6 feet tall with perfect jawline and a 8 inch monster in my boxers. I would love to connect with anyone who wants to get in touch, just drop me a mail at [email protected] I welcome all feedback and critique, so don’t hesitate.

This story is a little long one, so I would try to incorporate it in few parts. You can write to me suggesting any changes I can make to my style of writing, to make it more enjoyable. You can read the first part of of story here!

Continuing to the story, I was massaging my dick, still inside my boxers. Suddenly I heard the balcony slider opening, and Ravi walked into the living room. I removed my hand from my underwear in a hurry, but the tent was easily visible and I was very embarrassed.

Ravi: Bro, You could have at least put on some porn if you were feeling horny.
Me:(Defensively) Sorry, I forgot you were also here, and it’s not like I was masturbating.
Ravi: Hey it’s cool. I am just pulling your leg. I can’t tell how many times I have walked around here, sporting a full on boner. Saying this he slapped playfully on my thigh, which was a little weird given I was almost naked.

Our eyes met in that moment for like two seconds. Then I changed the topic to how the beer is quite strong and the weather is still sweaty. I also covered my couch with a cushion to contain my shame. He then asked if I would like to play a game of Fifa in his room.

I was unaware that he had a PS in his room. I love playing Fifa, so I said bring it on. We went to Ravi’s room, and my eyes again found the same, hot looking picture, though he was looking way hotter now, in his boxer shorts and glistening with a little sweat.

I asked if it’s okay to light a smoke in his room, and he responded by lighting one himself. We started the game, me sitting on the chair and him lying on the edge of his bed, such that his face is at my crotch level. I ordered a big pizza in the meantime, as I haven’t eaten anything the whole day.

I was good at the game, but he matched my level. In last few minutes, we were one goal each, and the game was heated. I was shouting at the top of my voice, asking ibrahamovic to dodge the defender and score a fucking goal. In the spur of the moment, I was not even aware that I was jumping on the chair and the tip of my dick was almost visibly out of my boxers and resting on my left thigh.

Ravi’s attention went to it though, and he kept staring. That distraction proved enough for me, and I scored the winning goal with 43 seconds to spare. I jumped from my chair, yelling “Who’s the King of Fifa, that’s right, Varun is. All hail before the king.”

Ravi high fives me, while I was completely unaware that a small part of my penis is still visible from my boxers. That’s when the doorbell rings again. Turns it’s the pizza I ordered. So I went to collect it, and as soon as I opened the door the delivery guy (more like delivery uncle) was looking down towards my thigh.

Anyways I took the pizza, but felt weird as to why he was looking down there, So I looked myself. That’s when I saw a part of my dick, including the head peeking out of the boxers. Embarrassed, I closed the door and then adjusted my dick.

I was wondering whether Ravi saw that, and if he did, why did he not say anything. Anyways, I didn’t want to try anything with him, not that he wasn’t incredibly hot, But I was sure he’s straight and I didn’t want things to be awkward between us given we were roommates.

Anyways, I took Pizza to Ravi’s room, but he wasn’t there. I called for him and he responded from bathroom that had gone for a quick shower and will be out in a jiffy. I decided to wait for him, and just sat there. Now was the first time I was looking at his room in detail.

Beside that poster also, he had many small pictures of himself, kind of how a model would decorate his room. There was one at a beach in Goa, another from his trekking trip to Himachal, one from his trip to Maldives with his family and one with his dog, apparently when he was young.

Meanwhile Ravi called my name from Bathroom…

Ravi: Varun, Can you pass me the towel please?
Me:(jokingly) You forgot the towel and went for the shower? What if I weren’t here? Who would have passed you the towel then?
Ravi: If you weren’t here, why would I need a towel in the first place? I could just come out with my natural glory.
Me: Then assume I am not here. Let’s see how much guts you have.

Although I told him to come out naked, there was a part of me which believed he was attracted to me, and if provoked he would come out naked. SO I asked him where the towel is and fetched it. Then I knocked on the door, and he opened a little, enough to take the towel in.

All I could see was his arm, wet, shining with water droplets dripping on the floor. I don’t know how, but every time I looked at him, it felt like I should go ahead and kiss him. After 5 minutes, he came out wearing only a towel. His hair, rummaged with water looked so good I swear I could have eaten him up.

We sat to eat pizza, which was almost cold. Soon again, he got another call and he started pacing in the room while talking on phone. Once, I thought luck is choosing my side when his towel almost slipped off, but he caught it and adjusted it in time.

While on phone, he went to his drawer and took out a pair of blue striped boxers. He tried putting them on while talking on phone, which was proving to be difficult. So he turned his back towards me and tried wearing them. All the while I kept looking in his direction indirectly via a mirror, and in the moment between removing the towel and wearing boxers fully, I got a full 5 second glimpse of his bubble, yet tight ass.

It looked like an artist has chiselled it themselves. My mouth was filled with saliva, imagining what I would do with that asshole if I got my hands on it. however, I contained my thoughts else I would have showed another boner in my boxers. Soon, he was done with his phone call.

I told him that its getting late, I will go to my room and try to get some sleep but he stopped me saying it’s only 11:30, and next day is Sunday.So I obliged and we played another game of Fifa, while smoking, and since this time I wasn’t sporting my dickhead to distract him, he won the game.

As I took my leave, he followed me to the living room saying that he isn’t sleepy, so he will just watch some TV, while chatting a bit with his girlfriend. Next thing i know, I could hear him talking on phone with Aishwarya(His girlfriend) from my room.

He was telling how much he misses her, since she recently moved to Bangalore for work, and that it’s been over a month since had sex. I think they were on Video call, because I could hear some hushed noises also like, “I can’t show my boobs now. My friend might walk in. You also have a roommate now” and “I miss Shahzada a lot. If I were there you wouldn’t have to masturbate, I would have licked and sucked it all day.You know how much I love Shahzada”(I deduced from context that his dick was called Shahzada :-p ).

I realised I should not listen to too much of their personal issues, and slept soon. Next morning when I woke up at 9, it was still early from Sunday standards. I went outside to get newspaper, and to my surprise, I found Ravi asleep there in the hall, on couch.

Apparently he must have fallen asleep while talking on phone till late at night. He Was still in his blue boxers, and I could see a faded outline of his limp penis. I went and sat near his feet, with my newspaper, but my eyes were somewhere else.

I tried to peak inside his boxers, to get a glimpse of what he’s hiding inside but couldn’t see anything. Then he made an ‘ummmmm’ noise, like people do when in a dream and scratched near his pelvis. Probably the heat was making him scratchy, because next he put his hand inside boxers and started scratching his balls.

That made his boxers go down a little, and I could see his pubes, only a little of them as most area was clean shaved. His dream must have been sexual in nature, because now he had a semi hard on. I could clearly see he had a big ‘Shahzada’.

His girlfriend wasn’t lying, if I were in her place I would also lick and suck on it all day. I gathered some courage, and pulled down his boxers a little more.

What happened next. Does Ravi and Varun’s story turn more steamy from here, or would Varun face a rejection from his straight roommate?

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