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Seduction gay story: Hello guys this is Rudra with my first story. Let me start by telling about myself. I am around 5’9″ and workout a lot. I am not too muscular but have 6 abs. I am very very hairy which runs down from family.

My dick is quite long and thick and is enough to satisfy anyone. I am bisexual so had both experiences but since this is a gay site I will just tell u my gay stories.

My family is very open to nudity. When my mom would not be at home, my dad used to sleep naked. My elder brother and I sleep nude on the same bed without awkwardness and unlike, many porn movies, didn’t have sex nor erection seeing each other. Although he is hot and I would want to fuck him, I don’t know if the feeling is mutual.

Anyway, So this happened when my mom and dad were off to a wedding for one week or so. My brother(Abhinav) was having a sleepover at his friend’s house. It was just me. As always, when I bade goodbye to my brother around 6pm , I stripped since I wasn’t expecting anyone, and started playing on my computer which led to watching porn and Ultimately jerking off.

I cleaned all the mess I created while cumming and was scrolling through instagram. Then the time passed and I did a lot of unnecessary things. It was 9pm now and I felt hungry. I ordered food online via zomato and in the meantime got dressed since I had no intention of flashing to him.

Then my doorbell rang and I opened to see a cute and short boy standing in casual dress with zomato packet. I asked him about his dress, he said it is raining outside so it got wet. He was dripping now as well. I thanked him, gave him a generous tip and closed the door.

Within a minute the doorbell rang again. Again it was him. He said it is raining heavily outside, do I have a plastic bag to cover his head. I found that highly unnecessary since he was already wet but said anyway that I will have to search and in the meantime he can come inside and at least use a towel to dry himself.

He accepted the offer and I escorted him in. I went to fetch a towel and gave it to him. I said “Dry yourself. I will search for bag”. I returned a minute or so later with no bag. I told that there is absolutely no plastic bag here. He was quite let down but said ok and turned to the door.

I felt sorry for him and said, “you can wait here. It is raining like hell”. He considered me for a second and said fine. I gave him a chair to sit since his clothes were pouring. He sat and I fetched some water (to drink, haha). As he drank, I noticed that he was shivering.

It was understandable since it was evening and he was wet and he was sitting directly under the fan. I asked him if he wanted to change his clothes. He replied “I would have, but I don’t have spare clothes. I had one pair which are as good as these i am wearing”. I said “No problem. You are about my brother’s size, you can wear his clothes” he was shocked and said no no.

I said this is fine. Don’t worry at all. He was shocked and felt good too. I brought my brother’s t shirt, trackpants and a new underwear. (don’t worry, my brother is benevolent in this sense). He saw the underwear and said “I don’t need this”.

I said ” you do. If you will trackpants over wet underwear. Soon you will get wet again and everything will be in vain”. He said “But these are new” I said “exactly! These are new. Don’t worry. Just wear them.” I thought he would change in front of me. But he asked for solidarity and I then understood that not everyone is so open to nudity like my family is.

So I showed him my room and he went on to change there. Now, I took a chance and peeked from the door gap when he was changing. I saw his chest which had boobs or should I say moobs. Very big and bouncy boobs which he had covered over his tight vest. He was very hairy.

Almost as hairy as me. He then stripped his underwear but I couldn’t see clearly his dick since he covered it with my brother’s long vest. But I could make out his balls which appeared very big too. He then wore trackpants and I suddenly ran to kitchen to look normal.

He came to me and said “Bhaiya, I have changed and I should go now.” I said “It is still raining heavily where will you go.” He said “Doesn’t matter. I shouldn’t stay here so long” I said ” Stay here. At least give me company while I eat” He said “I have eaten but okay I will sit to accompany you.”

I smiled and told him to wait on the couch. Then We talked about everything. His name was Ashish. Ashish told me everything about him. I told him a little bit too. He was shocked when I told him that we remain nude in our family. He laughed too and didn’t believe. I said “It is the truth. We don’t feel shy or embarrassed.” He was in awe.

I then stood up and seized the opportunity and ran to my room. Got nude. And came back. He was shocked seeing my nude self. He said “what are you doing”. I said “this is the way I stay after dinner as I told you. If you have an objection, i can put some clothes” he said” no no. This is your house. Stay however you want. I must go now. It must be over an hour”

I said “It has been 25 minutes(literally). You can stay more. It is still raining” but he wasn’t listening. He was eyeing me. His glare from my face to my hairy chest to my abs to my dick where it halted for a second to my legs. He scanned me completely.

I noticed that he had got a boner too. I asked “why do you have that? Are you gay or just excited?” He said” Neither. These underwear are too tight” I said “yes they must be. These were supposed to be my brother’s and since you are fatter than him they won’t fit u nicely.” ” But u can wear mine. Your waist size is more than mine but I wear one size larger than my brother given my crotch size”

I went to my room and brought my underwear and gave to him. He said “I will say no and you will force me so let’s skip that and I will wear them straight away”. I laughed and he went towards the room. I stopped him. I said “Since you have seen me nude and I don’t mind nudity. Change here only.”

He considered me and then said okay. He stripped and then was in underwear which were evidently very tight. He then removed them to reveal a 5 inch erect dick. He quickly removed the underwear and was about to wear the new ones when I said ” Jo khada hai use bethne to de”. To which he laughed but obliged. But it wasn’t sitting.

He was rock hard seeing me and my dick. My dick wasn’t erect since I have seen many dicks in my life but imagining his boobs I got a boner too. He saw my erect dick and said “why r u erect? Are u gay or excited?” I said ” excited maybe” And i jerked my dick a bit.

He then gave a dubious smile. And I couldn’t resist. I went upto him and started looking at his ass. His ass was fair and very big and round. I loved them and slapped them. He said “kya kr rhe ho bhaiya”. I then just got brave suddenly and stroked his dick. He was looking at me in shock but didn’t resist. I knew he liked it.

So I pulled his face and started kissing him. He kissed me too and then we were liplocking with our tongues and kissing hard. It was the best kiss he had. He was kissing me very hard. We were just kissing and kissing. Then he asked “koi aayega to nhi bhaiya?”. I said “nhi” and then I removed his t shirt.

But he said ” t shirt rehenedo.” I said “I have seen ur boobs while u were changing” then he gave up and removed his t shirt to reveal that jungle of hair we share and those bug round boobs. I kissed him with my one hand in his hair and the other pressing his boobs.

Then we broke off. Now I was kissing his neck while pressing both his boobs very hard. He was moaning. I then started licking his nipples which was very hard to do because of so many chest hair but it was hot. He then grabbed my head, kissed me hardly and then moved down onto my chest.

He licked my nipples and then literally drooled on my abs. Then he came down and stroked my dick twice. Then I grabbed his head and started fucking his face deep. He gagged but enjoyed. He said “it’s big. How do you even hide it?” I said “That’s why I don’t”. And he then started sucking my dick.

He was a great sucker. He used his tongue which pleased me right to my spine. He then started sucking my balls with all my hair. The feeling was magnificent. Then it was time.

I threw him on the floor on his back and grabbed some oil. Applied it on my cock and started inserting it into his ass. His ass very tight but he really moaned in enjoyment. That pain was fantastic to him. When my dick was half way in, He said “Bus aur nhi” Which I ignored and inserted my entire dick into his ass.

He screamed which I muffled with my hand but then said “Dheere dheere karna” . I obliged and started in a very slow rhythm. With each thump his moaning echoing in the room. When he got comfy with my dick, He said “Aur tez…aur tez kro bhaiya ji”. Then I got madness.

I picked up super fast pace. He moaned loudly and with each moan my speed increased. It felt as if the floor was shaking with us. He moaned as my balls slapped his ass when I thumped his ass. Then I took him in my room. I said “doggy style” he took the position.

Then we fucked like that until he was exhausted. Then we tried a new position. I sat on bed while he sat on my dick and jumped up and down. He was like a sex maniac. He then again lied on bed, this time on left side and asked me to fuck him. I did as he said. Then he lied straight on bed on his back and lifted his legs.

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This was my fav position and I fucked him. Our speed was immensely high. The bed was moving and creaking as if about to break. My one hand was holding his leg while the other was on his boobs. I was pressing them while his hands were on his dick. He was jerking. Then his body contracted and he released that white love potion on himself.

Then I again picked up the pace and soon I was ready to cum. I asked “kahan lega?” He said “Bhaiyaa mooh mein”. I removed my dick from his ass and thrusted it into his mouth and face fucked him until I shot loads of cum all of which he ate. He cleaned my dick with his mouth while I grabbed a tissue and cleaned his body.

We both were sweating and tired but it was a brilliant experience. He said “ab to jaaon?” I said “only if you have to”. He said ” I live alone so if no one would come here i could stay with you” I said “yeah Tonight I am alone. You can enjoy here.” And he after listening this, grabbed my blanket and pillow and laid down to sleep.

Don’t worry, we woke up at midnight to continue what we started till morning.

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