Gay sex erotica of innocent smiles and pervy gropes: 4

Gay Porn Story of a Desi Groom's Seduction: 2

Straight guy’s seduction: I had to think quickly – before the post-orgasm air had worn off. I got off my knees, trying to stand up, but I didn’t realise how much they hurt from all the kneeling I just did, and lost my balance.

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Aryan quickly put his arms under my shoulder and pulled me towards him in an attempt to support me. I won’t lie. It felt good to be held by him after I’d just swallowed his cum. Without realising, I leaned forward and pressed myself into him, my head resting against the curve of his neck.

He was sweating, and it felt good to lean against his cool skin, breathing in his musk – it was pungent with a hint of sweet; perfume mixed in with his own scent.

“You swallowed my cum.” He said, his voice still betraying disbelief.
I looked up at him, “It was reflex”.

“What did it taste like?” he asked holding my gaze. His pupils blown out from arousal.
“You want a taste?” I teased as I pushed in closer to him and slightly parted my lips, daring him to taste himself on me. His breath hitched.

His eyes oscillating between my parted lips and my eyes. He leaned in closer. I could feel his breath on me, I parted my mouth further, anticipating his lips on mine. They were soft and a little chapped, but I barely felt them before – “What’s that,” he whispered.

I was too busy trying to lean in to the kiss and didn’t register what he said at first. He then pulled back and pressed his leg into my crotch, “You’re hard.”

I quickly pulled away and looked down. I knew I was fucking aroused, but had never seen myself tent so much in my jeans. Lagta hain subah ke shower se lekar ab tak ka sab mere bechare lund ke liye kuch zyada hi ho gaya tha. It was practically begging for release – both literally and figuratively.

“Yeah; I guess it’s a natural reaction to what you made me do.” I said putting on an innocent smile before I looked up at him. His gaze was still down on my crotch – his eyes a little too curious. I decided to try something.

I started unbuttoning my jeans and watched as his eyes followed my zip being pulled down. His breath was now coming in short spurts, and I had stopped breathing completely.

“What are you doing?” He breathed out.

I took my time answering, hoping that his tone meant that he was curious and not about to beat the shit out of me.

“Sorry. Like you said I was hard and it was painful to keep my cock trapped in my pants.” I let my cock adjust to the new space it had to breathe, patting down and gently squeezing one, two, three times before abruptly stopping.

“I needed to give myself some room to breathe.” “Right. You should take it out completely.” His eyes had continued to stay put, apparently mesmerised by the big spot of precum darkening my underpants.

“No. I’ll be fine. If I take it out now, I won’t be able to put on my clothes without cumming first and I don’t want to masturbate at work.” I said, setting my prey up for the kill.

“Shit man, I am so sorry for putting you in this situation. Do you want me to keep watch for you while you do it?”

I thought back to that innocent smile and then the wild look that came over him as he relentlessly fucked my mouth. I needed to make him think that he convinced me to do this – that was important.

I needed to see the way his eyes darkened and his smile grew predatory as he lost control to his lust. And that was only possible if he thought he was in control.

“No man, don’t worry. I am glad I could help you. I’ll be fine. I am not the kind of guy who beats off at work.” I lied through my teeth layering my voice with enough innocence to instil guilt and incur sympathy.

He looked down at my crotch again, then up into my eyes and back down at my tenting underpants. I squeezed my cock slowly, pretending to press it down to calm my arousal. Again, he couldn’t take his eyes off –
“I’ll do it for you.” There it was. I had this guy wrapped around my little finger.

“What? I can’t ask that of you!”

“Of course you can. You’ve done it for me. Let me return the favour!” This sweet boy was making it too easy. I almost felt bad for manipulating him. Almost. But far be it from me to make it easy for him. No no. I was going to go all the way with him. My hole was all ready to be ploughed – no sloppy handjob was going to be enough for me.

“I appreciate that, man. But even if I agree to it, it won’t matter. You won’t be able to bring me off.”

“It’s just that I can’t just cum with hands on my cock. I need more.”

“Main apne gand ke saath khele bina orgasm nahi kar sakta.” I heard a sharp intake of breath, and slyly glanced down at his cock. It was no longer nestled against his balls. The head of his cock had swollen up, and one pearly drop of precum was pooling around the purplish mushroom head. I definitely had his attention.

“It’s been that way for a while now. Jab main muth maarta hoon, main ek haath se apna lund sehlata hoon, aur doosre haath ko thook ya lube se gila karta hoon aur dheere se neeche ki taraf apne ched ke paas lata hoon.

Phir ek ungli se apne ched ko bahar se sehlata hoon, aur doosri ungli ko andar ghussa ke sehlata hoon. Gaand kaafi tight hota hain, toh use acche se kholne ke liye doosri ungli bhi andar daalni padti hain. Dard hota hain, but I like it.

So, I slowly push my fingers in deeper, stretching out my hole as I go deeper, looking for my g-spot. And when I’ve found it, I add a third finger, going to town on my prostrate, rubbing and nudging and pressing.

Once I know that I am close, I focus on my cock – rubbing the precum pooling in the slit all around my swollen cockhead. I like to pull my foreskin all the way down, before I wrap my fingers around my cock and begin fucking my fist.

With the foreskin out of the way, I feel the slightest brush of a finger and the cool sting of the air. Then when my precum has made it so I can freely slide my fist up and down my cock, I press down on my g-spot again, squeezing the fingers in my arse and squeezing my cock in my hand.

Then and only then, when I’m loud moaning mess, desperate for release, do I cum.”

He was listening intently. His eyes had darkened further with arousal. His cock was just shy of fully erect. The pearly drop of precum, now a stream stretching from his cock, inching towards the floor.

“Can you handle that?” I asked, breaking him out of his daze.
He looked at me, blinking away his trance, “Huh?”

“Can you handle that?” I repeated, dropping my tone to husky notes.
He nodded dumbly, “I want to help you. Let me help you”

“I’m going to hold you to that.” I said as I pulled down my underwear, letting my cock spring free, and stepped out of them. I turned around, giving him a nice view of my arse. I pushed the chair aside, and reached into the drawer below pulling out a small bottle of clear liquid, I bent more than I needed to, giving him a quick peek at my freshly shaved cunt too.

I expected a gasp, but instead, I felt a hand run down my arse and a thumb graze against my hole.

“What’s this?” I turned around. He had a small, white glob on his finger.

Straight guy’s seduction turning into anal play

“Shaving cream hain yaar. Subah shower main use kiya tha.” He simply nodded, before rubbing that glob of shaving cream around my hole. I winced. It was still minty and made my hole extra sensitive.

Arya –

He put his other hand on me and began fondling my arse. He then spread my cheeks stretching my hole in the process. He began to run his finger around my hole again, and , with his other hand, reached around to grab my now wet, leaking, throbbing cock –

“I can handle it.” He whispered, and I would have come then and there if he had not to take his hand off my cock to grab the bottle of lube from me. “I’ll take this. Relax. Let me help you.”

I got down on all fours (my knees be damned), and presented my arse to him. He smacked it once, twice and again and again and I knew this was going to be intense.

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