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Wild fun story: This is my other story about my Iraqi friend. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by Arabs in Delhi. I knew Khaled for almost 12 years. We were teens when we first met as neighbours. He and his family are UN refugees from Iraq.

Our first fun started in 2012, very unintentionally, one night on the terrace, smoking weed. We kinda fold our dicks and then masturbate together.

Later, in the coming years, we started exploring more sexually. Which often turned out to be me bottom and him top because he couldn’t take it inside his anal like the pro I was lol. So in 2018, he left for Turkey alone, despite being an UN refugee, which eventually got terminated from the UN list and his visa to return to India was banned for years.

His parents were still in Delhi. I missed him so much when he left and I was exploring other Iraqis, but none like him in terms of our chemistry and friendship. We only used to have phone sex.

This year, 2022, may be the year he returns finally. We met after 4 days of him landing, and I invited him to my place with all the drinks and food to welcome him. He came late in the evening and, surprisingly, to my utter shock, told me he had changed and we weren’t doing any sex or even kissing which sounds to me like wtf.

Not even a kiss after 4 years of not seeing each other. His excuse was that he had become kinda religious and it was haram in Islam. I was like, “I don’t believe in any fucking religion.” So our conversations just kind of turn sour and we feel negative vibes all around us.

He said he had to leave and left after one hour. I drank all the alcohol brought for us, and I was really sad. We started to urging on messages and I blocked him eventually.

For two months, we didn’t talk. Then that bloody ass started messaging on social media to unblock his WhatsApp and he needed to talk to me. I unblocked him, and he apparently wanted me to get some weed.

I was like, with rolling eyes, didn’t you become an Islam imam priest just 2 months back? He laughed and said let’s meet up and told me to arrange some scenes at my place. Once again, I brought lots of alcohol, weed, and food and invited him.

He came, and we hugged and had our drinks and joints. He said whatever decision he made two months back was purely because of his guilt consciousness because of his religion. I told him all Arab men are bisexual.

They all do it without string attached, and I told him I even have a friend from Saudi who eats pork in the US. It’s how the person’s heart is, not what religion you follow. Pleasure has nothing to do with gender.

It’s all in your head, and the messed-up century-old religious ideology that makes everything appear to be wrong. Am Christian. Religion was created to control human instinctive behaviours.

Now let’s go straight to the most awaited fun for me. I just went and kissed his lips, smooched him, and told him I know you missed me. He hugged me tightly and we kissed each other passionately and I could feel his cock bulging out of his Jogger.

I kissed him and grabbed his cock. I told him to remove his shirt and joggers. I went down to my knees and grabbed my favourite catch of all time. I tried doing a deep throat but it was too thick as always, but I didn’t care.

He dick is girth in inch is more then his length of his penis, like his length would be 6/half inch long but his girth measured whopping 8inch thick, I swear 🤦🏻‍♂️ imagine that Thicknes. Ok so I pushed hard till my throat and he moaned so loudly but couldn’t do it for long.

Just couldn’t breathe lol. I whispered to him, “Let’s go to bed.” We stripped off naked in my room and sucked him again and licked his ass and balls, which excited him so much. I lubed the hole in the meantime and tried to sit on his thick cock and smooch him.

His cock just wasn’t getting inside me this time, I swear. thick for my hole, though I have had many thick ones when he was away, nothing like his. I told him it was just not entering.

So we flipped our position to that of a missionary, with a pillow tucked under my back and my ass raised. He licked my ass and started fingering his two and three fingers. He told me I was very tight.

Of course, after four years of waiting, I lied.😉🤣 He tried entering his cock but was not going inside somehow. He applied more lube and spit and tried pushing slowly. I could feel every bit of my ass muscle stretching apart like an elastic.

It was so painful, but I was like, “To hell with the pain.” I missed this boy for so long. He pushed and everything went deep completely and told me again, wow, so tight my love. He smooched me and was fucking me slowly in rhythm and biting my ears, neck, and nipples.

I moaned and hugged him tightly, telling him, “I’m all yours, fuck me my love,” and he increased his rhythm, and I said, “Yes, fuck me harder, Khaled.”

Fuck me harder, aahh yesss. He said he was about to cum, and I told him to hold on because I would cum as well. I jerked myself and shot lots all over my chest. He took his dick out and rubbed his dick on my cum and used it as lube and fucked me hard.

My ass was forming cum foam with his instant fucking and making a loud, slippery sound. He was about to cum. He moaned so loudly and I could feel his cum ozzing inside me. He shivered.

His whole body fell on top of me and hugged me so tight. I told him, “Don’t take your dick out, keep it inside for a while.” We hugged like tat for about 5 to 10 minutes, during which his dick softened inside my ass.

I kissed him again and caressed his body, and suddenly I could feel his soft dick growing harder inside me. He started moving his hip and asked me if I wanted more. I said yes. We continued the second session without his dick out with a cumulus filled hole.

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It was the best sex after so long with the person I truly like and love as a true friend. We still keep meeting every weekend. He comes to stay for the night every time these days.

For the past 3 weeks, we slept fucking and woke up in the morning with morning fucking sessions. I wish I could make some videos of us, but I don’t want to show him that I am too desperate, or maybe he might suspect I do it with others too.

He made some videos once, years back, but he deleted them right in front of me. It was my phone. I have some pictures we exchanged while we were away. which I posted on my private Twitter account @bootiboy1.

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