The dressmaker who sewed my blouse fucked me

Cross Dressing Gay sex story

I had created a considerable measure as a cross dresser. I just jumped at the chance to wear women garments when I began cross dressing however then I began applying make up and wearing different embellishments too.

Presently, I don’t have any facial hair as I experience a considerable measure of unique treatment in the excellence parlor. I have a decent wig too and I even have fake bosom structures which I requested from the web.

I likewise have a gathering of women garments and as of late I had purchased 3 sarees. A Red saree, a blue one and a green. I needed to line pullovers for every one of them. Asย  it was a Saturday, I chose to go to a close-by tailor for getting my outfits sewed.

In the wake of eating I went to the tailor with the outfit material pieces. I pondered what would I let him know as why I am sewing blouse for myself as I am a male. However then I concluded that I would let him know I need the dresses for some school theater plays and occasions.

The tailor’s shop was nearby my flat. So I went there and I could see the tailor busy in his work. This man was 6ft in height and was dark in complexion and had a well built body. I went to him and told him that I want to stitch some blouses for myself and I need them today as tomorrow we have some college event. He looked at me with curious eyes and said ok.

I went inside this shop and he started taking measurements for the blouse. But the way he was touching my arms, my chest, my back, I was suspecting something fishy. Then suddenly he told me “no need to hide the truth. I know that you like to cross dress as many men have come for stitching blouses before you. Its ok, I wonโ€™t tell anyone.”

I was surprised and at the same time I was eager also. I said “Hey man, its nice that I have found you. From now onwards, I’ll stitch all my blouses from you”

He then looked at me smilingly and said “When the stitching will be done, I’ll come to your house and deliver them if that is okay with you. I don’t charge extra for stitching men’s blouses however I need something extra in return.”

I understood what he was saying. I smiled back and told him to come to my flat at 8 in the evening.

He was at my door at exact 8pm. I welcomed him and gave him a glass of water and made him sit on the sofa. He constantly smiled at me and gave me a packet which had all the stitched blouses. I smiled and told him “Thank you so much. I would love to spend some quality time with you. Give me some moment, I will get dressed. You tell me which blouse should I wear?”

He crossed his legs while still sitting at the sofa and I could make out that he got a hard on. He asked me to get dressed in the green saree. I smiled and went to the bedroom.

I had a quick shower and after that I applied a body butter cream on my hands and legs to give them a soft womanly touch. Then I took out my new set of breast forms which were 36 inches in size. I wore the breast forms on my chest and I guarantee that no one could make out these were fakes as my skin color and the color of these breast forms were exactly the same. You can the above pic. This is what my front part looks after wearing breast forms.

Then I wore the wig which had long hair but these hair were curled up from the bottom. Then I looked in the mirror. I was looking like a cute and sexy Indian lady which had a dick instead of a pussy.

I went to open the cupboard and took out my brand new bra set. I took the dark brown color velvet silk panty and wore it. It was so soft that after wearing it, it makes me forget that in actual I am a man. Then I took a same color bra and carefully placed my breasts into each cup of the bra. I really like folding my hand to my back to button the bra hook as it arouses me.

I hooked the bra and looked at the mirror. It was a great feeling when I saw the reflection of the woman inside me. I promised myself that one day I’ll loose all these kilos and gain a very thin belly size.

Then I took out the green blouse from the packet and looked at it. Waao, this tailor has done a great job. I took out the petticoat and started wearing it. I tied it just under my belly. Then I started wearing the blouse. The blouse had quarter length arms which were a bit tight as I always looked sexy in tight armed blouse. Then I started buttoning the hooks in the front. The blouse had deep neck cut to expose my sexy cleavage. It also had deep back cut to show off my smooth and shiny back. And yes, the blouse and the petticoat both had a velvet touch which made them look sexier.

After wearing all these, I went near the dressing table and started applying kajal on my eyebrows. Then I applied red lipstick on my lips. Then I took out a few green colored bangles from the cupboard and wore then at my wrists. Just then when I was going to take out the saree from the almirah, the tailor came inside my room.

I told him let me dress completely. He didn’t say anything and kept looking at my deep cleavage with a lot of lust in his eyes. I could see his hard on from his pants. He kept looking at my body and started his shirt. I started blushing a bit. Oh my god this was making me crazy.

He removed his shirt and came near me. He held me in his arms and kept his hands on my waist. His grip was very tight and I thought for a moment that this man is going to tear me. Then he started kissing my neck and licked my cleavage without saying a word. He made me lie on the bed and he came over me and started sucking my lips and pressing my boobs. I was really enjoying being forced my man.

Then he started licking my belly and at the same time he was pressing my boobs. The environment was so hot that both of us were sweating. I had a lot of sweat in my underarms which made my blouse go wet at the armpit area. HE started biting my shoulders and unbuttoned my blouse and almost tore it apart. He removed my blouse and without waiting he removed my bra also.

My big breasts sprung open towards him. He pressed them with both his hands like a mad dog. Then he started licking my black nipples and started sucking them as well. This was making me crazy. I placed my hand on his hard on and suddenly he started removing his pants. He did not wait to remove his underwear as well.

His dick was freed from the cage and he had a nice thick 6 inch long dick. He started pressing it with his hand however I took his hard rod in my hand and started masturbating it. He closed his eyes and was enjoying the sensation, I then took his rod in my mouth and started playing with it with my tongue and made it completely wet with my saliva by sucking it deeply. Then I took his penis in between my breasts and he started fucking my big soft and warm breasts. Then he bent over me took my nipple in his mouth and sucked it hard.

He started removing my petticoat and removed it completely. Then he came behind me, lowered my panty and held both my breasts in his hands and while pressing them he started inserting his dick in my asshole. He did not wait to caress my body in fact he behaved as his he was deprived of sex. In other way he was almost behaving like a dog and I liked the feeling.

He inserted his full dick deep in my asshole in two thrusts. I screamed with pain but just then while his hard cock was inside my ass, he started pressing my dick with another hand.

He started fucking my ass and at the same time he started shaking my cock which was hard by now. It was a great feeling and I was feeling like a lady being fucked. He started fucking me very hard and also masturbated my dick very fast. He started pushing his dick in and out of my asshole at a very great speed. I understood that he is about to cum, thus I took my penis in my hand and started masturbating as fast as I could. He spurted out all his sperms in my asshole and the same moment I also took out my sperms.

It was a wonderful feeling and I enjoyed sex like never before. After this hardcore fucking session, I got dressed in a pink nighty and gave the man a goodbye kiss and he promised to stitch all my blouses free of charge except that I have to give his this wonderful service. What a great day it was.

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