The Start in the Middle East Part 2

Orgy Gay sex story

Wednesday soon came around and I was really looking forward to meeting up with my new friends and their other friends for some hardcore Gay sex. I was especially looking forward to meeting Ravi again because I found him so attractive and sexy. He was also a wonderful kisser which I love doing.
I left for the barber shop which was around 3kms away just before 8pm and when I got there a few minutes later the first person I saw was Ravi who was standing near to the shop. I parked and walked over to him and we had a quick kiss. I was waiting for you to arrive he said so that you know how to get inside on a Wednesday night. The shop is in a spot with three other shops well away from houses and the surrounding land is just sand and scrub. I thanked him and said it is so quiet here you could even go into the scrub and have Gay sex without being seen. He smiled and told me that he had done that on more than a few occasions. That sounds good you must tell me when you are doing that again I replied. He smiled again and said well we could just walk around the back of the shops and have a few kisses before we go inside. Two minutes later we were kissing passionately and fondling each other’s cocks. After about five minutes we parted and he led the way to the shop entrance and tapped on the door.

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Gaurav appeared and opened the door and welcomed us both inside saying our timing was perfect. Inside the shop there were only two dim lights on, enough to see but not bright enough to attract attention from the outside. All I could see were several piles of clothing on the customer chairs where you sat while you waited. It was then I saw that Gaurav was already naked having been screened by the door when he opened it. He explained that I should strip off and then we would be going upstairs to their quarters where everyone else was waiting for Gay sex. Gaurav said it is better than down here and also with no windows upstairs no one could tell there was anyone in the building. Ravi was already almost naked and I quickly undressed too and followed them both upstairs.
Once there I saw it was one large room with two beds, a carpet and storage cupboards. I also saw that there were several naked bodies and a quick count including the three of us made the total of twelve horny men. Several were kissing and fondling one another while others were just chatting. Once we appeared they looked at me basically being the only white man there. Gaurav told them that I was the guy he had told them about and not to be shy with me because I would do everything they enjoyed and more. With that Gaurav pulled me into a kiss and we fondled each other and then Ravi took his turn with me.
On being released by Ravi I looked the crowd over and saw that they were mostly in their early twenties but two were older guys around the fifty year old mark. I found out during the evening that the fatter older guy was a teacher of Indian dancing and loved to be fucked as well as sucking. One guy around twenty years old stood up and came over to me, took my hand and said come and join us over here. I went with him and joined him and some others on the bed. He told me his name was Ranjit and the moment we sat down he started to kiss me with passion. As we kissed I felt a mouth encircle my cock and it was being sucked very nicely and gently.
Ranjit broke our long kiss and told me he wanted to fuck me so I told him I wanted him to fuck me just as much as he wanted me. I got into the position he wanted, lying on my back with my legs over his shoulders. He then positioned his cock against my asshole and gently pushed his way inside me and began fucking with long slow strokes. Another guy leaned over my body and started sucking me and a third guy put his cock into my mouth so I could suck him.
This felt wonderful and we fucked and sucked for around ten minutes before Ranjit shot his warm cum into my asshole. I also came in the mouth of the Gay sucking me and seconds later got a mouthful of cum from the third guy. Those three were replaced by two guys; one was fucking me in a similar manner with my legs over his shoulders and the other was fucking my mouth. I received two more loads of sperm and then sat up to see Ravi fucking one guy; Gaurav too was fucking a young Gay. Sami I saw being fucked by the older guy that was new to me.
I rested for a while and drank some water as did the others who had cum. Names were mentioned and several kisses swapped between us and I was enjoying it all very much. Ravi shot his load of sperm inside the Gay he was fucking and after pulling out he came over to me and offered me his cock to suck. I did so with great pleasure and then he sat next to me on the bed and we shared several long kisses. Ravi asked if I was enjoying myself so I told him of course I was especially with him being there. That got me another long kiss from him and he told me that my being there also thrilled him. I said good and kissed him again.
I saw the dancer now getting fucked and he loved it. Once the guy shot his load in him he was replaced by Ranjit who also gave him a good fucking. Once we had recovered I was put in the doggy position and fucked again by two guys in turn with Ravi in a 69 position underneath me so we could suck one another. After the first guy came in me Ravi licked my asshole until the second Gay pushed his cock inside me. I took another load in my asshole and both Ravi and I came in each other’s mouths. Others were fucking and sucking so Ravi and I watched the action with our arms around one another with some kisses too.
The fucking and sucking went on for another hour or so and I got plenty of cum in my asshole. It was then the dancer joined Ravi and I and he asked me to fuck him doggy style. My pleasure I told him and slid my dick balls deep into his asshole. Ravi got behind me and told me he wanted to fuck me at the same time and I said oh yes please. We fucked like this for around twenty minutes before I let my sperm loose inside the dancer, moments later Ravi gave me his load. The dancer stayed with Ravi and I between us sharing kisses and also talking. Ravi already knew him from many previous evenings so when the guy asked if we could meet for a threesome Gay sex game during the week Ravi told me he would make the arrangements.
By now it was getting late and guys were cleaning up in the tiny bathroom then going downstairs to dress. We followed them and once we were all dressed Gaurav let us out into the night. He told me to come every week if I could and I told him I definitely would. Once outside the guys hurried to where minibuses would take them home. I told Ravi I would give him a lift and any others going his way. Ranjit was one and the dancer was another who got in my 4×4 along with Ravi.
Ravi kissed me once he was inside and suggested we went into the scrubs so we could kiss one another for some time. The other two agreed so I went about 200 meters into the thickest part of the scrub and parked again. Ravi and I started kissing and so did Ranjit and the dancer. It wasn’t long before Ranjit had his dick out and the dancer had his trousers down so they could fuck. Ravi and I decided to suck one another again which made me happy. Ravi and I both came again but Ranjit was still fucking. Ravi said he needed to piss so I made sure the inside lights were turned off and I went with Ravi.
Ravi started pissing so I took hold of his cock and whispered that I hoped he didn’t mind this and I bent down, opened my mouth took his piss into my mouth and swallowed it. Once he’d finished I stood up and he grabbed me and kissed me long and hard using plenty of tongue. We broke apart and he looked at me and said mind? Darling it was wonderful then kissed me again. He then told me to piss and he took my cock into his mouth and drank it all down and he like I had stood up and kissed me. He told me we should meet on Friday if I was free and I told him it was no problem. I told him I would pick him up and we could have lunch together and then enjoy ourselves. Another long kiss and we went back to the car where Ranjit had now cum and we were ready to go.
I dropped them all off and then went home for a great night’s contented sleep. Ravi phoned me the next afternoon and confirmed our Friday Gay sex meeting.