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Indian Gay Sex Story: The teacher & his students: 1

Gay student teacher erotica: So the next Saturday arrived. I took a shower, finished my meal and came to my room. I could see the teacher’s shoes outside my room and I got excited by seeing that. I entered the room, he was sleeping there on my bed, just like that day.

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So, without wasting time, I just shut the door but didn’t lock it as I thought if anyone would come, I could hear the footsteps and we would be able to manage things. I did those exact things, I had done last time, so did he. But this time, I wasn’t afraid. He turned towards me with a smile and unzipped his trousers.

I could see his red Jockey which already had my hand inside. He came closer and hugged me so tightly. Damn!!! I was waiting for this exact moment since a long time. I could feel his warm breathe on my forehead. My whole body was wrapped inside his.

His chest was pressing mine. His legs were around mine. I even couldn’t move a bit. That feeling was so heavenly. I didn’t want this moment to pass. I was enjoying each milliseconds of this moment with my eyes closed. I had started to breathe faster so had he.

The room was echoing by the sound of our breaths. I slowly opened my eyes and saw his neck and the sacred thread he had worn, being a bramhin. I looked down, the first two buttons were unbuttoned. His chest was full of hair. I couldn’t control myself and kissed on his neck and slowly went towards his chest while pressing and stroking his dick.

I unzipped mine and let my dick out and started stroking it with the other hand. I made the tips of our dicks touch each others and tried to dock them both, but couldn’t as none of us had enough foreskin to cover it. So I just held both the dicks and started shagging while moving my lips upward to his lips.

When I was about to press my lips on his, he tilted his head slightly and my lips went to his left cheek, but I wanted that lip kiss so badly, I tried again, but he stopped me and asked what’re you trying to do? I remained silent. He asked me to get up and sit as he needed to talk. I did as he said and I had the exact same shitty feeling I had the other day.

Teacher: Dekho, main yeh kiss wagera nhi kar sakta. I’m just trying to help you. Iska matlab yeh nhi tum kuch bhi karoge mere saath.

Main tab soch raha tha ki this is what I want, this is what I do with my friends and this is what sex but I chose to remain silent
He continued- You can’t just touch my penis with yours and call it sex. Jab ek lund ek vagina ya gaand ke andar jaata hai usko sex bolte hain.

Yes, he had started using these gaalis in front of me. I was feeling like a slut and shit. By this time, the movie had already ended and the students had started to return to the rooms. So he stood up and told me to come to the top most floor but I didn’t want to. And again I thought that I can’t let this opportunity to let go.

At least I had the curiosity about what did he mean by sex and how he was gonna do the “proper sex” with a boy. So, I went upstairs where there were new built rooms which were empty as they were not livable. I saw a room was opened and I entered there.

But there were some carpenters working with their stuffs. And then I roamed around and found the teacher near the bathrooms. He winked and entered into one. I went nearer and entered into the same bathroom. He sat on the commode and told me to unzip his trousers.

I did and held it and was about to unzip mine, but he held my skull in his both hands, pushed it down towards his dick and shove it inside my mouth leaving out a big moan. Wait, what just happened? That happened so quickly that I couldn’t keep track of the action and was unable to stop him or do anything else.

I could sniff the weirdest smell i had ever had. I had seen such scenes in porn, but only girls do that. I was feeling so bad that he was treating me as a girl!! I gagged and stood up but he held my hand and told me, “Anal sex depends on person but everyone likes sucking, you’ll too” and pushed me down again.

I was choking, I couldn’t breathe properly, my eyes started watering but he didn’t leave me. He told me that before inserting the dick, you should suck it as it helps in hardening of the dick and works as a lubricant also told me not to use my teeth. I hated it for the first few minutes then started normalising the situation and sucked passionately.

Maybe somewhere inside I liked it. He then, after a few minutes, told me to stand up and turn around. He pressed my head towards the wall and said,”Pant neeche kar”. And I lowered the pant.

Teacher: Kya mast gaand hai be teri! Ek dum ladki ki tarah, even my girlfriend didn’t have such a round and bubbly ass.

Yes, I do have a nice ass, people on Grindr say, when they see my picture. It makes a curved shape of my body from the side view. The teacher slapped the left one and I made an aah.

He told me to shut my mouth. He slapped the right one. And he continued spanking me until it became red. It hurt me but I was also enjoying it. He was spitting on my ass crack and then started rubbing his rod there.

Aaaah, I liked it and I started moving my ass up and down. He then held my head again with his left hand, adjusted the head of the dick on my asshole and started pushing it. I was too excited to feel a dick inside me for the first time. But we couldn’t make it happen.

He tried again and again but the dick used to slip and it was stroking my balls. He lost his patience and gave a final push, this time it entered into my hole a bit, and it gave me such a big pain that I cried so loudly and pulled myself from him. I turned around and requested not to do this with me.

Gay student teacher erotica of wild fun with teacher

He assured me to relax. He said,”Don’t worry, I won’t. You’re little young for this. I just did that out of lust, I’m sorry for that. But I can’t let you go this easily, I haven’t cummed yet.” and shoved his piece of meat again into my mouth. This time, I knew how to suck a dick.

I started slurping it. I couldn’t get the whole dick inside my mouth, it was too big man! But he was controlling me, he started pushing it deeper. It started touching my throat. My saliva was dripping on the floor.

After a few minutes, he left out a big moan, that was a bit loud, and the semen started getting inside my mouth. Fuck, I felt filthy and I pulled my head. His semen was all over my shirt, dripping down. I gagged and spit the small amount of semen that came inside my mouth without my notice.

I was sitting there on my knees. I looked up, he gave a smile and said,” You’re a good learner, no matter it’s studies or something else.” And I smiled too. He left the bathroom first and I too, but after a few minutes, after cleaning my body and the shirt.

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