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Desi Gay Sex Story of a Hot Dream Coming True

Gay student teacher story: Hello guys! This is Dhruv from Bhubaneswar, 20, 5’6″, fair( not like doodh ) with average body. Baat tab ki hai when I was 18. By then mujhe pata chal gaya tha, that I’m interested in guys as I was staying in a hostel since I was a kid and mates ke saath aise random cheezein hoti rehti thi.

Hum log itne badmaash the ki Sundays ko ekattha hote the then we used to bring our penises out and show eachother. Phir measure karte the kiska kitna bada and mota hai. Ek do baar ek sath mein masturbate bhi kiye the Lol. Yeh sab aise hi ho raha tha hum 15/16 bacchon ke beech.

But in addition hamara aur ek bhi grp hua karta tha 4 jan ka. We used to sleep together, cuddle, kiss, and mutual masturbate in duos jab chance milta tha and yeh usually 1 month mein 2-3 baar hota tha.

But mujhe ab bade logon ke saath karne ka mann ho raha tha who must have bada tools and I had always wanted to be cuddled by someone with broad chest like a Mard. Jab hum log mobile mein porn dekhte the, jo mobiles hum logon ne chhupake rakhe the xD, toh main hamesha suggest karta tha ki bada dick wala porn dekhte hain while others for big boobs.

Lol none of us knew there’s something like gay agar pata hota toh pakka mujhe gay hi bolte mere dosts. Toh my school was a boarding school and there were more female teachers than male. And most of the male teachers were married.

I used to think the married ones must be getting sex from their wives and it’s useless to try on them. And from the unmarried ones, there was a teacher in his early 30s, 6’2″, with gym tone body, who was teaching us literature and he had become little friendly to us.

He used to tell us (boys) stories about his love life and kabhi kabhi bol dete the that how he used to bunk classes in his college days and had sex with her girlfriend in a park. Woh kabhi kabhi hostel mein ruk jaate the and instead of sleeping in the staffs rooms he used to sleep in our room as we used to help him in checking the assignments that were given to the juniors.

One Saturday, it was a half-day, I finished my lunch and came to my room. I saw him sleeping on my bed on his left side. There was a movie playing in the common room and my roommates were there. I thought I should take a chance here. I went to the bed and slept beside him as the bed was half occupied.

I was shivering inside as I was going to do something which is very risky. After few minutes I placed my right hand on him but he didn’t respond as he was deep asleep. Then I went closer and slowly slid my hand towards his crotch and placed there.

My heart had started beating faster. I could feel his dick, which was still asleep but enough bigger than I had imagined which made me more curious and I was confirmed that he’s in deep sleep. So I started rubbing it and it started getting harder and bigger, I could feel that with my shivering hand.

But he didn’t react and I got a little more courage to finally take the next step. I slid my fingers slightly up and tried to slid inside his trousers. When I was doing this, he pushed his stomach inside a bit, which made it easier to slid my fingers inside.

I could feel his pubic hair area there, it was a jungle. I played with it, it made me more horny, I already had my hard on. I slowly went down and reached at my destination. I could touch the head of the dick where I could feel his precum. I held his dick hard in my hand and started stroking it, but the dick was too huge around 8 inches long and 2 inches thick.

I could hardly hold the full of it, yet loved it. I was getting more and more hornier by each stroke. I started to press my dick on his butt cheeks and suddenly he turned towards me and opened his eyes with a smile, which was obviously a sudden action and I could now realise that he’s awake and I fell from the heaven to the reality.

I brought my hand back, got up and started walking away until a grip hold my hand and I had to stop. I was frightened and I was cursing myself for doing this. I was standing like a criminal there. What did I just did now? Will he tell this to the principal and my parents?

Am I ever gonna be the same student he used to know? A lot was going inside my mind untill he asked me to sit beside him. I sat there.

Teacher: listen, don’t be afraid. I’m not gonna tell anyone. Just answer me, Are you a gay?
I didn’t know what was he saying and what’s gay.

Teacher: What you were trying to do wasn’t supposed to be. This can’t happen between a student and a teacher.
Me: Sorry teacher. It was a mistake. I don’t know why I did that. It just happened. I couldn’t control myself. And I started crying.

Teacher: Hey!! Come here. Don’t cry like a kid. It’s not your fault rather it’s your age who’s responsible for what happened, except it shouldn’t be a man, with whom you were trying it. Try with your girlfriend. You have one, right?
Me: Yes, teacher. But we’re not that close and I don’t have such feelings for her neither I’ve ever imagined to do such things with her.

Teacher: Then you don’t love her as a girlfriend maybe it’s a love, but it’s just friendship, that’s it.
I was feeling too embarassed now and he did know about my relationship, i didn’t know that.

Gay student teacher story of first experience with hot sir

He: Listen, I’m not saying that what you did was wrong, I can help you with that even I liked it. But it’ll be our little secret and you’ll do as I say.

I was unable to process these things. What’s he saying? I just wanted to leave the place that very moment. So I said sorry and left the room.

That day passed and after some days, I could feel that I really wanted that and I decided to tell him. So another day, during tiffin break I went to the staff common room, where he was eating. I was with a book.

I asked his permission and he nodded. I went closer and said in low voice Please teacher! I want you to stay in my room the next Saturday. And he understood what I meant. He smiled and I left.

To be continued…

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