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Gay teacher student story: Hello everyone my name is Paikhomba; born and raised in the beautiful state of Manipur. I’m 30, already passed my quarter-life crisis, 6’4, quite fit and muscular; presently working in a bank in Australia, identify myself as GAY.

I already have quite a fair share of “relations” in my life, although it was mainly about lust than love. Well welcome to my journey. This is a series and I plan to share each and every detail of my sexual journey so far. So Enjoy.
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Peace out.

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All the students were separated into four houses (if you’re not familiar, it is represented by red, blue, green and yellow). The teachers and staffs are also distributed but they are changed or shuffled every session. The school had many extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

It was a huge battle amongst the houses during these competitions as the houses were given points based on the ranks they got. At the end of the year the best house were given a huge prize. I was in blue house and it was a matter of pride for us to win the best house this year as we were the winner for the past 3 consecutive years.


After knowing I was an introvert, you would have guessed it but I’m saying it myself. I was a nerd growing up in the school (many of my classmates tend to disagree because they feel like I was a jock; as I played basketball and was a track runner). So I was selected to be participated in the Extempore Speech Competition.

It was during class hours and the participants were excused to prepare. I ran around teachers, friends, seniors of my house to collect some information about what topics I might be given; but it was not much of a help. So I decided I would check the internet for recent data on the topics I could gather at the library.

As I reached the library there was no one except the librarian and our drill instructor Sir Harsh behind the only computer in the library.

Harsh is a gorgeous 30-year-old man in perfect shape due to his daily workouts during PE. He stands 6-feet (I was 5’6 so I looked really small next to him), with well-trimmed curly brown hair and the deepest black eyes I’ve ever seen. He shows a big bulge in his pants leading me to believe he has a big cock that turns me on.

Chinglemba and I often talked about him; fantasising about him banging both of us.
Sir Harsh belongs to my house too, so I was quite acquainted with him. I went up to him, “Sir, can I use the computer? I need to check something for the extempore.”

“Oh ok, I was just checking out something.” He looks flustered.

He went his way and I sat down searching the topics I gathered. Then my mind drifted off to the thing Sir Harsh said. I wonder why he was flustered. I turned on the history page and was shocked to find porn websites. I thought to myself, “Was he jerking off here? Right here?” I was getting aroused at the thought of him wrapping his big fingers around his thick and long monster; jerking off up and down.

I finished up the research and went to the washroom as I needed to release off my hard-on. When I was outside the washroom I heard someone moaning, but as soon as I went in it stopped. I got curious; I acted like leaving the washroom but slowly went to the stall next to the door closed stall. The moaning started again. I stood up in the toilet to look over.

I spotted our drill instructor Harsh with his back on the wall and legs stretched out on the opposite wall butt naked. OH FUCK WOW, Sir Harsh had his huge rock hard cock in his hand wildly jerking off that monster which was 9-inches with a broad base and a smaller head (which is still big). His bulge didn’t lie.

I was a horny closeted fucking gay dude who was so horny for a dick at that moment. But I couldn’t do anything as I had no idea what Sir Harsh’s sexual orientation was. I knew he had not had sex in a long time as he lived alone in his quarter and was definitely horny; but I was so scared so I stared at him jerking his monster off.

I became instantly horny as hell as I watched my big man crush jerk off. I felt my cock began to grow sliding down my right leg leaking precum inside my briefs, as I watched Sir Harsh’s awesome beautiful cock leaking precum causing his cock head to become shinny. He was moaning and breathing rapid.

At that moment I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I pulled out my aching rock hard cock and began to jerk hard. I noticed a big wet precum spot on my briefs. I grabbed hold of my nuts with one hand and used my other hand to masturbate aroused like never before. I’d never been this hot and horny for man sex.

Then came the best moment in my early life when he began to talk dirty (he had not yet spotted me on the top of the ceiling staring at him and jerking off),

“Oh fuck yeah, oh fuck. Oh Paikhomba I like you and that big bubble round butt. I wanna bang that man pussy so bad.”

“Oh holy fuck,” I thought to myself as Sir Harsh turn to his pants pocket and he took a big shirtless photo of me in my basketball shorts. He began to rub my photo across his cock as he jerked off. Soon his precum stained my photo. As he rubbed my photo across his hard cock, he uttered:

“Mmmm oh yeah, take it Paikhomba. Suck my monster, gag on it. I need that round butt. I want to slide my big cock up that virgin ass. I want to cum inside you and breed you mine.”

I’d never been that hot, horny or aroused. I thrust one finger up my ass and used the other hand to continue jerking my hard dick. A couple more hard thrusts put me over the edge as I exploded with the largest massive load of spunk of my early life and I yelled: “Oh fuck me Sir, fuck me. Fuck my brains out. I’m cumming.”

Sir Harsh stopped jerking off, jumped to his feet with my now precum stained photo in his hand, looked shocked but sprouted a huge grin as he stood up the toilet and leaned toward me with his hard still wrapped around his standing straight monster cock and kissed me. Oh hell would I get that dong up my ass right here? Nope.

“Come over to my quarter later. Let’s check your extempore preparation.” He whispered and went out the stall and I was there alone way hornier than I was before.

I wasted no time after dinner. I changed from school uniforms to comfortable shorts and tee; and went to his quarter. He opened up naked and led me to the bathroom. At that moment I was sure that no two gay dudes had ever been that horny and lusting after each other and especially those hungry cocks.

I lowered and took off my shorts and took off my tee now naked for naked Sir Harsh. He grabbed me into a hard bear hug as our warm bodies melted together. Oh man, the feel of his slick hot body against mine was beyond hot. I began to have goose bumps and shivers running all up and down my body and I realized he was having the same feelings.

I’d never felt anything this good. His hard pulsating blood filled cock was pulsating on top of my still hard dick. In all my dreams of making love to Sir Harsh, I’d never dreamed it would feel this great.

He placed his big hard hands on my face, placed his thick beautiful red lips on my lips and began to kiss me wildly. He was in charge and I was becoming his bitch at that moment. Within seconds, he parted my thin lips and drove his very thick wet tongue to the back of my throat and began a long sloppy kiss that made me wild with lust.

Soon warm salvia ran out of our mouths, down our chins and onto our wet chests.

As our lust consumed our beings, Sir Harsh said:
“Oh baby, fuck yeah. You are my little bitch now. I want to fuck your ass with my thick cock. I love your big butt and I have lusted it for years as I masturbated thinking about you time and again. I want to cum inside that hot man pussy.”

“Mmmm oh fuck yeah. Fuck your bitch hard and wet my ass with that hot spunk of yours.”

Without any further delay, I lie down on the floor, spread my legs and exposed my puckering asshole to that big cock. He spat on my ass, spat on his hard cock and spat some more over my ass crack before he lowered his sexy crotch and began to run his hard cock up and down my ass crack driving me crazy for that big cock up my ass.

Finally, I begged: “Sir, please. Don’t tease me any longer. Drive that huge dick deep in my pussy. I’m all yours baby.”

That did it as I felt his huge cock spread my ass lips wide open and I felt his big leaking snake go inch by inch deep inside me until he had that entire cock balls deep in my then stuffed ass. As I welcomed his monster to the depth of my pussy, he wildly used his big hard legs, thighs and hips to plunge that hard aching cock deep in my ass over and over.

WOW, my first big cock in my virgin ass was beyond any pleasure I’d ever known. I learned that he felt my soft ass walls, wet warm ass and my ass muscles on his hard cock had him turning into some type of wild beast as I too became like some wild animal needing that man horse cock to satisfy my inner needs.

Oh I begged for him to give me his milk from those huge balls.

I felt his cockhead expand, the veins in his cock shaft pulsated hard, his breathing became rapid, and he began to grunt like a pig and he sped up his hard thrusts deep in my pussy. I knew that the moment had arrived. His balls tightened up against my ass and soon he let out a wild cry as he erupted with a volcanic load of jizz deep in my young pussy.

The feel of his warm cum filling my ass caused me to empty my second load of cum between our bodies. Alex rested leaving his dick in me for some minutes before he pulled out and licked my cum off our bodies and kissed me. As I lay there, his cum poured out of my ass onto the floor.

We kissed one more time before Sir Harsh said: “Now Baby, I look forward to fucking that pink ass in the bedroom. It belongs to me now.”

I was shocked, “Again? Can you make it hard that fast?” But as I was speaking his cock came back to life and it was already semi-hard.

“Nope I can’t. I have to go for night roll-call.”

He picked up his phone and called someone, “Mark Paikhomba present! He is with me at my quarter looking for notes for the extempore.”

“So, ready for round two?” he smirked after putting his phone down and leading me to his bed.

“Come here you gorgeous young twink and let Daddy see that hot body and hard dick. I can satisfy your desires.”

As I entered the room, I’d never been more turned on. I felt shivers all over my body ready to be fucked by my hot instructor. Oh I was crazed with lust. I had no control left. I can’t believe I was feeling all this just after that fuck.

Sir Harsh began talking dirty to me that really set my hormones into motion: “Come here you little horny bitch. Daddy is going to give you what you desire. You want Daddy’s BIG COCK, don’t you? No delay bitch, get up on the bed on your fucking back and get ready for another round.”

I stretched out; spread my legs far apart with those strong jock legs and feet hanging over the edge of the bed ready for Sir Harsh to take charge of my tight little pussy. He got down on his knees and went for my cock, balls and puckering ass. OH FUCK YEA, he took hold of the base of my blood filled stiff cock and lowered his mouth, lips and tongue onto my eager cock.

He began an amazing worship of my private parts. For some ten minutes, he used his tongue to run it up and down my veined covered cock shaft soaking that cock with gobs of spit, sucked hard on my cock head and piss slit drawing out more and more of my droppings of precum that he swallowed.

He took all my cock deep in his throat and wildly bobbed his head up and down.

Gay student teacher story of wild fuck at hostel

Then he began to massage my balls with his tongue for the longest time, took them in his mouth and used one finger to fuck my already used ass getting it ready and open for his giant cock for another round. Holy fuck he was prying open that man pussy. Next he spent a great time sucking and licking my ass.

I bucked my hips and ass up to meet his warm mouth and tongue. I was wild with pure animal lust. This was the best thing ever to happen to me. I was delirious with desire to receive that real man’s cock.

I was wild as I said: “Oh Fuck yeah. Spank me sir and please eat my ass again. Oh shit, oh yeah. Don’t stop. I’m your bitch tonight. Oh Sir that feels so great. Please suck and eat my ass some more. That’s it.”

He finally pushed me high up on the bed, took my feet and legs up on his broad shoulders and drove his huge cock past my asshole ball deep inside my hungry ass.

He was so horny and so filled with lust as was I that he pounded my ass with one hard thrust after hard thrust. He used his strong hips and legs to drill my ass with that throbbing pulsating dick. I was screaming and grunting having that big dick up my ass.

Sir Harsh went crazy fucking the hell out of my man pussy. I began to talk dirty and beg: “Oh Sir. Fuck me harder. Give me that big dick until I cum. Please dump your big load of cum deep inside me. Yes Sir. That feels soooo good.”

He fucked me for the longest time while I used my hands on his soft smooth hips to pull him into me. I felt his huge leaking hard dick drill my prostate and he ran that cock all around my ass as my ass muscles learned how to squeeze his dick. The feel of that cock running into my ass walls was beyond any pleasure I’d ever had.

After a long fuck, it then happened as he used that throbbing missile to give my ass one final incredible powerful thrust deep that caused both our cocks to explode with his cock dumping a huge load of semen deep in my hungry hole and I shot my load all over my body and face. There was semen everywhere.

We embraced and he licked up my cum from my body and we shared that young fresh cum. We were so tired that I just dozed off in his bed with him beside me.

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