Gay tutor story of a horny and wild boy with teacher: 1

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Gay tutor story: As is the case with most teens, my first crushes were the teachers who taught me. I had mild to moderate crushes on almost every male teacher who taught me. But this story begins when I started taking private tuitions at this Academy.

Three male teachers taught us there, but my heart settled for this man who taught us Biology and was in-charge of the academy.

He wasn’t particularly hot or anything- but he was good looking. With a light brownish complexion, a dashing smile and dimpled cheeks, he was always very friendly with the students.

Sometimes he would leave the buttons of his t-shirt open and reveal his hairy chest, which would make it impossible for me to concentrate. He would crack random quips, often sexual in nature- and I would just burn with desire from inside.

I distinctly remember him talking about Julius Caesar but (accidentally or deliberately?) calling him Julie Sexier; or starting the class on reproductive system with a question, “what is sex?”.

Since I was the best student in my batch, he doted on me; needless to say, we were quite friendly with each other. To his question, “what is sex?”, I had replied rather confidently, the character that distinguishes males and females of a species.

Even though I didn’t meet his eyes or look towards him when I said this, I think something unsaid and unseen happened that day. Since then, he would crack jokes with me and on me and I would blush furiously.

I also cracked elliptical comments on him which he received quite graciously. I still remember the day when I had scored good marks in an exam and he had kissed my hand. The brush of his lips on my hand still sends a shiver up my spine.

Anyways, after my Board exams, I was about to leave my hometown for higher education and I called him up to meet him before I leave. He asked me to drop by his house in the morning.

He was alone that day; his family had gone for some function in another town. We sat together on his dining table and talked for a while. I told him that I had to go to my school to drop off some books.

He suggested that I go do that and come back again while he freshens up; it was really early morning after all and he had just had his breakfast. I think he wanted to take a shower.

By the time I came back, it was around 11 in the morning and the April sun was showing its wrath. He offered me cold drinks and we talked some more about my career and future plans. In about 30 minutes, I got up to leave.

It was a rather emotional moment for us- I was leaving, and his tuition academy was also on the brink of closure. To give you some background, I had joined the academy a year and a half ago, primarily because several students of my class were going there.

In a few months’ time, most of the students left but I continued. As a result, I grew quite close to all the teachers there; particularly to him.

Coming back to the story: as I started to leave, he pulled me in a hug. Hugging people was not a part of my life growing up- be it men or women. Even today, I get very awkward when it comes to hugging people.

But that hug – the embrace of the man on whom I was secretly infatuating for over a year- was a moment worth remembering and cherishing; for that hug changed everything.

It was one of the tightest hugs I had ever bestowed upon anyone and he perhaps felt it; how else would you explain the events that followed.

He hugged me; I hugged him back tightly. My hands could feel the curves of his back and my shoulders could feel the prickle of his two day old stubble through my shirt.

I felt his grip tightening on me; his hands move on my back and his face readjust to mine. It was as if time had come to a standstill. He turned his head a little so that I could feel his warm breath on my ear and his beard rubbed against my soft twink beard.

His right hand was now curled all the way around my back to my right shoulder while his left grabbed my waist.

We separated a little so that I could see his eyes- burning red in passion and boring right into mine- consuming the innocent, virgin passion it exuded; unencumbered by a man’s touch. He bent forward and our lips met.

Perhaps he knew I was inexperienced for he took the lead. It started with a quick peck on my lips and he moved towards my cheek and gradually down the jaw to my neck. My breathing quickened with every move he made and my grip on his back tightened with every kiss I felt.

As he traced his way back to my lips his hand moved to my hairs and he engulfed my quivering lip between his voluptuous ones. As the kiss intensified, my eyes closed and my mouth opened.

He tilted my head a little, opened his mouth and his tongue started exploring mine, just as I pulled him closer to me.

It was then that I really understood Vladimir Nabokov, for in that moment my teacher was the light of my life and the fire of my loins.

Our kiss spanned several minutes or perhaps an eternity, who knows. All I knew was that I wanted it to last forever. However, it did stop and we did separate.

Gay tutor story of a student’s crazy romance

He looked at me; my lips dripping in his nectar; his red from mine. I looked back at him and we both giggled- or at least I giggled and he gave off his radiant smile.

He pulled me back in a hug and whispered- let’s go to my bedroom.

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