Gay tutor story of a horny and wild boy with teacher: 4

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Student seduction story: So far, I have told you how the last meeting with my tuition teacher started off with a hug and soon went on to us kissing each other.

He invited me to his bedroom where we both got naked and he trained me to give a blowjob. After him blowing him for some time, he had asked me if I would let him fuck me.

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Of course I wanted him to fuck me. I have been dreaming about it ever since I met him a year and a half ago. But I was worried. After his assault on my throat, which was still paining, I was scared to imagine what he might do to me if he fucked me.

Unsurprisingly, I said no and he was visibly disappointed. He didn’t push for it though- not immediately at least.

He continued kissing me and went down again, all the way to my dick. He sucked it a little, but soon went beyond my dick to my balls and started licking them. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and himself squatted on the floor.

I was once again moaning freely while he went lower and started licking my grundle- the thin skin fold connecting the scrotum with asshole.

This was a very new sensation for me- never had I experienced such a feeling. He increased the speed of licking and I had to grab the bedsheet with both my hands to hold on to something but also lift my ass up to ensure that he has complete access and that this miraculous feeling never stops.

He supported my waist using both his hands and lifted me a little further and moved further down. He was rimming me now, and I let out a deep, guttural ah!

He went wilder and deeper and I was pushing my ass towards his mouth moaning all the time and he was squeezing and kneading my butt-cheeks as the tip of his tongue caressed and lubed the folds of my pink hole.

My hands gripped the edge of the bed- I needed to hold on to something to balance myself as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over me. He bit me softly and I moaned loudly which opened my hole a little and he pushed his tongue inside giving yet another hitherto unknown sensation to me.

As he pushed his tongue deeper, I lost my balance and fell back on the bed and he pushed his face deeper into my ass while my legs rested on his shoulder.

I kept my hands on his head and used all my limbs to pull him deeper inside. The sensations coursing through my body were transcendental- beyond any word capable of describing it.

I was gripping his hair tightly with my hands, my toes were curling, and I was moaning constantly.

As if in response to my reactions, he brought a finger close to my lubricated hole and pushed it inside my hole. I wasn’t sure what was happening in that moment but I liked it and I conveyed my appreciation by moving my ass closer to him.

He pulled his head back and looked into my eyes as he pushed his finger deeper inside me. This was when I realised that he was finger-fucking me. Well, I couldn’t say no now, could I?

It did hurt a little but he was gentle and had lubricated me well- well enough for a finger. It did hurt a little but I could bear it, especially with that passionate smile of his showering lust all over me by kissing around my crotch.

He took out his finger, came up to me and asked if he had changed my mind about fucking, and I could just give a simple nod. He kissed me on my lips, grabbed some oil and poured it over his fingers.

He pushed his left hand under me, continued kissing me while his right hand started massaging my hole with the oil, often putting one of his fingers inside. He moved down to my nipples and started ravishing them treacherously while he inserted two of his fingers into my well-oiled hole.

It made me squirm, I moaned loudly but it wasn’t particularly painful. I was enjoying the sensation of something coming in and out of hole, often touching a certain spot which would make me jump or cry out loud.

He suggested that we should go into 69- I should prepare his dick, which had now gone soft while he prepared my hole. I was still lying down on my back while he climbed over me and brought his dick to my mouth.

I grabbed it and started sucking it and he resumed massaging my asshole with oil and started inserting his fingers- first one, then two- and pulling them in and out.

After a few minutes of this, he inserted his third finger and at the same time, pushed his dick deep into my throat.

Before I realised what was happening, my arms were pinned down by his legs, my throat was full of his cock, my left leg was locked by his left hand while his right hand’s three fingers were inside my hole.

The weight of his body on me essentially prevented me from moving at all and all I could do was stomp my other leg feebly.

He started rotating his fingers in my ass and I started thrashing with all my might which disbalanced us and he turned us around on our side and took my now throbbing and very wet dick in his mouth and resumed rotating his fingers.

I spat his dick out and moaned loudly; my eyes tearing, my toes curling, my fingers grabbing and scratching his back. I was ready for his dick now.

He got off the bed and asked me to turn around and position myself. I was on the edge of the bed: my feet were joined together and protruding out from the bed, my shins were on the bed and I was bent over such that my torso was touching my thighs which in turn were resting on my calves.

He was now standing behind me, his legs spread out on either side of my feet and his knees bent so that he could reach my hole. He then bent over my back and whispered in my ear that it is going to pain a little.

As he said this, he pushed his left hand between my chest and thighs so that he was grabbing my chest, applied some oil on my ass with his right hand and pushed a finger inside. I winced at this, and he asked me again if I was ready for his dick.

He started nibbling my ear again, occasionally pushing his tongue inside my ears while he waited for me to reply. I said, in as bold a voice as I can muster, that I want you deep inside me.

I was still worried that it might hurt, I was still concerned about what he might do if he starts fucking me, but on the other hand, I also knew that if I don’t do this now, I will regret this for the rest of my life.

Student seduction story of a slutty boy with his teacher

In response, he kissed me on my cheeks; in fact he licked the entire left cheek and inserted two fingers rather vigorously which made me jump. He told me to keep breathing through my mouth and to try and relax my hole for it will help me enjoy the penetration.

He now started squeezing my right nipple with his left hand which was already under me, kissing me along the left side of my face, tickling his beard on my shoulder and also started inserting his dick inside.

I was expecting a lot more pain, but it was actually pleasurable; maybe because he had lubricated me and himself quite well or perhaps because I had been taking his fingers for several minutes now.

But he kept going slowly and in no time and (to my surprise) without much pain, he was fully inside. I only realised this when he asked how it felt to have him inside me.

To be continued…