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Tutor sex story: Hi, I am a chap from Kolkata and today I am going to share my first sexual encounter with my English teacher.

I was studying in a reputed School of Kolkata and used to go to Sutirtha Sir’s tution classes on Saturdays for learning English.

He was a man of 36 (maybe 37) and was a handsome married guy.

He used to previously teach at our school but now had resigned and joined another academy.

Description of Sutirtha Sir: a triangular to oval face, close set eyes, well trimmed short beard and moustache, body colour of a typical Indian, olive to brown with wavy black hair. Medium height and somewhat muscular body like any other indian.

My description: 4’8 inch normal body fair skin. Oblong face.

So it was Saturday evening and the class ended at 7:30 like any other days.

All students left but I had to stay as I have to give an examination which I was about to give the previous day but was unable to give due to some reason.

But the paper was fuck8ng hard and moreover I was not prepared for it.

But somehow I had to get good marks as my friends had done well in the exam, and it would be a matter of shame if I failed.

I felt like crying and requested Sir to help me and promised to do any favour for him.

But Sir replied, ” See Arjun (name hidden), I need no favour from you and it’s your fault you have not studied…..”

But before he could finished my lips pounced on his lips and my hand was on his jeans under which slept his plough. Sir pushed me backward and stood stunned for few moments, meanwhile I closed the door (windows already shut as ACs were on) and switched of all lights and fans keeping only the ACs and a yellow night lamp on.

Sir was still standing like a statue. I went in front of him and stood on a little raised wooden platform (to balance height) and gently touched his lips with my soft red luscious lips. His lips were warm and they parted softly allowing my tongue to slip inside.

He was now in sense. He hold my jaws with his rough, strong hands and our tongues tangled and went to war in our locked mouths, battling madly for dominance.

We gently removed each other shirts and now I could see Sir’s brown hairy chest. Our bodies pressed together and I could feel his heavy breathes on my face as our lips pressed together.

I could get the taste of the tea from his tongue which he drank an hour ago.

Then I gradually moved towards his brown neck. Starting with a gentle smooch on his nape and on his Adam’s apple, it was followed by a gentle bite on a mole on his neck. I licked it, kissed it and all my saliva smeared on his collar bone.

He blushed.

Then I sucked his nipples.

“Your lips feel so good against my nipples”, he complimented.

” But now move to my plough, little slut”, he added.

Sir, sat on the floor leaning his back on the wall and widening his legs to make enough space for my head to get in. He was in a position in which a woman generally give birth.

I opened the button of his jeans and rolled them down. Then I pulled down his briefs only to reveal his 5 inch, black banana.

It was hairy, erect and hard. I hesitated a bit at the beginning but closed my eyes and quickly put it in my mouth. It was rough and earthy. It was so salty that I felt like vomiting.

I quickly took it out.
But I tried again.

It was better now. A warm, long, entity inside your mouth. It gradually felt soft and I enjoyed sucking it.

Sutirtha Sir even enjoyed the service until my teeth cause the disturbance.

“Ouch”, he cried.

Now suddenly I got an idea in my mind.

“You are my teacher you should teach me, right?”
Sir had a naughty smile on his face.

I quickly opened my jeans and was standing half naked first time in front of any teacher in my life.

He opened my boxers and revealed my 3 inch brown joystick. 😁

It was his first time too, he was straight after all.

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But my experience was heavenly. He was literally French kissing my penis. I lost track of where I was and who I was, I started moaning loudly but Sir stopped me by holding my face tightly with his right palm.

I started licking his fingers.

He was enthusiastic and tried his best to please me, soon I cummed in his mouth.

I was done with my horniness but Sir had still not cummed I remember.

As a gratitude, I started sucking him again.
After 10 mins, I felt his warm bitterly loads running through my throat. It was basically “Wyak” but I loved Sir’s pleased face.

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