Gay tutor story of a horny and wild boy with teacher: 5

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Virgin student story: He waited for a little bit, all the while caressing my chest with his left and touching my shoulder and back with his right hand while I got used to his dick inside me. He kissed on my shoulder again as he straightened up and started fucking me slowly.

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This is when it started hurting a little, as he pulled himself out and pushed back in. It felt as if my skin was tearing apart. As considerate as he was, I had to ask him to apply more lube, which he did. And with more lube, it was a smoother, faster and a much more enjoyable ride.

He started picking up speed- he grabbed my waist and lifted my ass up so that he didn’t need to bend his knees anymore and started fucking me faster and faster.

The enjoyment was soon accompanied by a sweet pain- the pain of sudden insertion and fast withdrawal, the pain when it hit that spot, and in response my moans increased in their frequency and in their loudness.

He kept increasing his speed, so much so that the room was full of skin-on-skin slapping sounds mixed with my agonistic moans and his ecstatic sighs.

At some point he dropped on my back, supporting himself with his hands placed just in front of my shoulders to prevent me from sliding ahead while I grabbed his forearms to support myself.

I could feel his sweaty chest rubbing on my back, and droplets of sweat dripping on my face and on the bed around me. He paused for a bit, to regain his breath and fell next to me on the bed and pulled me on him, so that I was now lying on him.

He hugged me tightly, his dick on the side and his hands softly stroking my back.

As he gained his breath, he turned me around such that I was once again below him and he was above me, but we were facing each other now.

He began kissing me and this time, without any pretence, just rammed his dick inside me making me scream at the top of my voice and he started fucking me like there is no tomorrow.

We were in the missionary position, he was holding my hands above my head, my legs were bent towards my chest and crossed across his back and he was kissing me all over my face.

He was continuously fucking me in varying speed to prolong the act- he would slow down at times and sometimes he would just stop and gyrate his hips so that his dick would move around inside; at times he would take short strokes making me shiver and tingle while at other times he would pull out his entire dick and force it back in making me jump and scream.

It felt as if his dick was the epicentre of ecstasy which with every movement was producing tides of a fire that could only be quenched by his cum.

After going on like this for a while, he broke his grip on my hands and hugged me very tightly and increased his speed considerably.

I was moaning at the top of my voice and so was he; he was holding me so tightly it felt he would break my ribs; he was pushing in so roughly it felt he would tear me apart; he was roaring so loudly it felt he wanted to profess his happiness to the entire world.

It pained me so much that I couldn’t help but curl my toes, grip him between my arms and legs, shout at the top of my voice and cry my heart out; and yet I could not wish for him to stopa

I wanted to be suspended indefinitely in this limbo where he kept fucking, kissing and holding me and where I could find the essence of my being by losing myself into him.

Just when I felt that this must be the “nirvana” everyone talks about, he gave one mighty push and began spewing his juices right into my ass, and as he did so he gripped me even tighter (I didn’t think that was even possible) and rubbed his torso against mine.

All the friction in the past few minutes made me cum almost simultaneously with him. This started a chain reaction across my body and unable to control myself, I grabbed his hair, brought his face close to mine and started kissing him on his lips which almost immediately morphed into a strong bite that left him bleeding.

In that wonderful moment, his moans were mine, his sweat was mine, his cum was mine and he himself was mine.

Finally he collapsed on me- desperate to catch his breath, so tired he needed to rest. His dick slipped off of me and his cum trickled out of my ass and we continued lying together in a heap, cherishing the silent moments after the stormy hours of our carnal lust.

We got off, got dressed and went out of his bedroom to the sitting room where it all had started.

Virgin student story of a fun time with the tutor

As I was leaving, he pulled me into a hug which lasted about 5 seconds and we separated; I realised that I had imagined this whole elaborate sex scene in my head in those five seconds.

Supremely awkward, I did not meet his eyes, mumbled a good bye and left his house. As I walked back down, I realised I was wet in my pants.

The end.

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