First time sex story of losing virginity to college guy

Desi Gay Sex Story of 3 Fucks in 1 Day: 1

First time sex story: Losing virginity

Hi guys ! this is my first time sharing a story. I might be good or bad at sharing it but it is what it is. I am a 19 year old (will be 20 soon) gay living in Delhi. I am sharing with you all my first experience of what happened after my 12th grade.

I knew I was gay all along but as the Indians we are I didn’t have much time to explore but focus on my academics the whole time until after my 12th boards the summer my sex life spark new masti for me.

It was the summer after high school, 18 at the time a long vacation till college started so I would go for a walk by the park kill time. A well known park in Delhi doesn’t seem like a cruising spot but I would meet regularly from time to time.

After some weeks he initiated a talk, he was cool, hot around 6 feet, a little bearded, north indian features around early 20s. My gaydar rang on him and we had some talks and he asked me if I would want to visit his hostel room.

We went to his hostel room, it’s a big institute in South Delhi, we took an auto and he started touching me and I knew what he was initiating it, quite excited of losing my virginity and hooking up after all the wet dreams and porn and lonely jerking off sessions.

For someone hot and tempting I couldn’t resist and I gave in, we went out for dinner and walked around and went to his hostel room which was a double room.

As it was my first time, it was awkward with 0 experience, I never even kissed a guy before this. He started kissing me and we were making out and the drive and libido was just sparking. He started undressing me and himself with just our underwear left.

He stopped making out and asked me to kneel down in an aggressive tone. I did and he pulled out his hard 9 inch cock which was jaw dropping for me and asked me to suck and take it deep as I can and if I use my teeth he will slap me.

It was indeed huge and with no experience my teeth came in the way of his thick cock he slapped me hard across my face with his dick and hand, tears were coming down my cheeks. He brutally said I was asking for this. After some slaps and 20 minutes of gagging on a 9 inch cock.

I was sent to the washroom with an enema and he opened youtube on a douche tutorial. After douching, we made out again, he sucked and bit the life out of my nipples and rim be, the sensation was giving me cloud nine.

I pulled up my courage to lick his chest hair and smell his armpit, he was quite hairy and all the sweat in Delhi summer did turn me on. I caress his nipples, twirl it with my tongue and sucked it. It was pleasing to see him moan.

He then asked me to bend down on all fours, the doggy position. He lube my asshole with a lubricant and roll his dick up and down and the sensation was just mind blowing then with no notice he inserted his tool slowly holding my waist so I don’t move away.

I cried in pain and asked him to stop as it was too painful. He didn’t budge and went in faster and faster and the pain escalated, I wept and regretted my choice of decision and blamed myself yet the pain slowly drifted to pleasure and I was moaning like I was on porn.

He kissed my back, making me jelly. He doggy fuck me for 15 minutes straight slaping my ass hard time to time and pounding me all raw. Then missionary for another 10 minutes, he never cummed, maybe he was on viagra.

The fucking still continued we did many position. I sat on his study table and he pounded me like an energised bull. His 9 inch cock was indeed painful yet it was hitting my g spot well and I was moaning loudly like a whore in the hostel room.

After some minutes he asked me to kneel in front of him and asked me to suck. My jaws were already sore but he was commanding so I did and he reminded me of my punishment if I used my teeth.

He gagged me and my gag reflex didn’t take it well so I threw his dick out and he slapped me hard and continued gaging me to a point it was erotic and I felt for the kink slowly.

After some gag he took out his dick and cummed all over my face. It was a lot, he pulled some to my mouth and asked me to swallow it and I did. He wiped all the cum on my face and started making out wildly, biting me and kissing me all over my neck leaving hickey marks.

First time sex story of a horny gay virgin boy

The whole session lasted for nearly an hour and he was now sucking my wet precum filled 6 inch hard dick, the sensation was cloud nine and I have never been suck as the nerd I was my whole school life. He never did use his teeth and was a pro at his job. I came on his mouth and we made out again, getting to taste my own cum.

It was one wild session, my whole body was aching, my lower abdomen felt something, an aftermath of a 9 inch cock yet we were still making out with both our cum all over us. We were both sweating like pigs after all the fucking under Delhi’s summer despite the ac on blast.

He asked if I wanted to be fucked more I said hell yes and we were lubing with his pre cum and going missionary slowly until his senior bang his door open with his hostel Dean and saw us all naked. I wanted to die at the spot . . .

If you want to know what happened after this you can comment down or sent me an email at [email protected]