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Gay fuck story: Hello Guys, my name is Ryan and I am 20 years old. I don’t know, when exactly I decided to get into cocks, but when I did, I went mad over them. I have a fair and slightly chubby built. But I like to flaunt my ass the most, it’s round and so smooth, anyone would want to dive deep into it. I came to Mumbai for my college and then is when this amazing incident happened.

Part 01: My First Time.

I was always horny for beautiful people. All I wanted to do was get on my knees and suck dicks all the time. But school was too much. I finally got some space when I entered college. I came to Mumbai in June and rented an entire flat for myself.

It was on the 5th floor facing some mountains, so abundant of air and privacy. The day my parents left I opened grindr and the place was full of profiles. I set the filters for guys around 18-21 years of age and started chatting. Unlike others, I liked to keep my own profile picture.

It had me posing in just an underwear, buttcheeks puffing out. And within minutes a bunch of people started messaging me. I chatted with a few people, but I wanted to be my first one to be something special.

A guy named Arjun video called me directly, I saw the DP of some random cartoon, so I decided to reject it, but I accidently opened the call. The face that was staring at me was one fair, well built with AMAZING eyes. He was so beautiful, I wondered if it was real or just an image. He saw me staring with big eyes on him and broke the silence.

“Will you say something?”
I broke out of the trance, “Haa, kaha se ho bhai?”
“Aas pas hi reheta ho, naye hoo kya?”
“Haa” I said.

“You look nice man, wanna meet?”
Wow, is this really happening? “Sure” I said “I am free today, want to come over?”
“Sure, lets discuss the address, etc in chats” and he cut the call. I didn’t get what he wanted to discuss.

I messaged him my address on the chats and he asked my position. I replied I am a bottom. He seemed very exited about that and said he will be reaching in a few minutes. I kept the phone aside sill unable to believe, I was going to suck his cock.

I decided to wear a tight short with a sleeveless t-shirt, almost revealing my light brown nipples. I ordered some food on Swiggy just in case he stays for some more time.

The doorbell rang, and I almost jumped up to receive him. As soon as I opened the door, I was stunned. He was fairer then the time I saw him, definitely taller than me and had an adorable smile on his beautiful face. I checked up further. He wore a pair of shorts and a huge bulge, hung between his legs. My mouth watered as the sight.

“Ab yahi dekhega ya andar bhi bulayega?” He laughed.

“Ha bro aa jaao.” I called him in and he sat on my bed facing the balcony as if he comes here every day. I was a little scared and confused. This was the first time a guy was visiting me to fuck me, especially such a sexy one. I sat beside him trying my best to not look nervous.

“Hi” I said.
“You have a beautiful house” he said
“Thanks, I just shifted here for college”
“So, you’re new. How many guys have you been with?”

I was a little shaken at that “Actually ye mera peheli baar hai”

“Kya? Sach? But you look so cute.”
I blushed. And he kept a hand on my thigh. And that was when I started becoming red in the cheeks.
“Tu thik hai?” he laughed again.

“haa” in reality I was loosing control already. He began to move his hands up and down as he began to speak.

“Your thighs are so smooth, mind if I see what more is smooth?” he was almost touching my cock. I nodded, thinking he was going to remove my shorts, but to my surprise, he brought is pink lips towards mine and breathed. I leaned forward and kept my lips on his.

He was very gentle with the kissing. He held my lower lips with his and started sucking it. I started getting more and more confident and moaned. He moved forward and whispered “suck my tongue” and pushed his tongue inside my mouth.

I licked his tongue inside my mouth and moaned louder. He moved his tongue further and I began sucking it more forcefully. He directed my hand towards his bulge which was growing more stringer and I pressed it hard, and this was his turn to moan and the kiss turned more passionate. It lasted for 5 minutes and he parted. I wanted more.

“So this is your first time, huh. That means you are going to get naked in front of someone for the first time?”

I nodded and smiled (almost blushed). “Then strip before me” he whispered. It sounded like a command and turned me on so much!! I stood before him and removed my shirt; he was looking at my breasts lustily. After all they were smooth and without a trace of hair. I moved to remove my shorts but he stopped me.

“Turn Around” he said. And I did, I slowly lowered my shorts and my inner wear and my buttocks almost jumped out of them. He was flabbergasted. I loved the look on his face when he saw my ass.

“You are beautiful” he said still looking as my ass. He held me and brought his face closer to my bum and kissed it. I moaned. This encouraged him and he parted my cheeks as if opening a present and stuck his tongue out and attacked my ass.

I was so surprised it took me some time to register what he was doing. He licked me like a hungry hound slurping and kissing my opening. I was moaning like a bitch. He then decided to finger me and when he did put a finger inside my ass, I went crazy.

“More” I moaned. He increased his speed.
And at this moment the doorbell rang… “Shit” I cured myself.

“Who is it?” he asked me.
“Its Swiggy, I ordered some food”
“The go take it” he said removing his fingers from me with a smile on his face.
I went on to take my cloths from the floor when he stopped me.

“Go naked” he said, that enchanting smile still there.
“What? Are you serious? No!!”

“I am not asking you.” He took the cloths from my hands “and it’s not like you are going to meet him again right? He is just some stranger you will never meet again”

Gay fuck story of virgin boy’s first time in Mumbai

Well that was true but I still was a bit scared.

“Come on now” he said “if you do this, you will be rewarded” he held his boner over his grey shorts. That convinced me. I took a deep breath along with my purse and went towards the door naked, fully aware that Arjun was watching my ass all this while, what I wasn’t aware of was a trick he was planning to showcase.

As soon as I opened the door, the swiggy guy almost dropped the food parcel from his hand. His eyes grew open as he actually saw this smooth guy open the door all naked. I asked for the bill. He swallowed and gave me the receipt.

As I was taking the money out of my purse, Arjun slowly kneeled behind my back and thrust his tongue inside my hole. I was so shocked I lost my senses and moaned; the delivery guy was confused.

Arjun was fucking me with his tongue as I stood frozen before a complete stranger completely naked moaning…

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