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Virginity losing story: Hello my horny lads, this is Rishab. I am 23, Bot Vers from Bangalore. It’s been 4 years since I have written any story for IGS. So here we go.

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This story is around a few months where my college had just ended and it was summer time. Due to covid, I had stopped looking for dates/hookups and hadn’t met any guy for around 2 years.

Around summer of ’22, just after my college, I started exploring around Grindr again. It’s always a disappointing time to waste your night on that app.

However, I was bored and wasn’t expecting things to go anywhere. I was just there cause I was bored and wanted to talk to some interesting people.

I get a text from a guy who was apparently “Straight”. We began talking about Bangalore, its weather and we vibed on things we had in common. He was 5 years older than me and thus we didn’t really have much to talk about.

We vibed on the smallest of similarities between us. Eventually he started sharing his past experiences with women. He said he had never been sexually involved with a guy.

He was on the app because he had recently broken up with his long-time girlfriend and wanted a quick relief (if you know what I mean 😉 ). He mentioned that he didn’t really give a fuck if a guy helped him out or a girl did.

So eventually we decided that I’d be giving him some good head and nothing else at all. We spoke for a while and decided to meet the following weekend.

Fast forward to that Saturday, I go over to his house. He’s wearing some tight blue shorts, messy hair, and a fairly decent height. We talk for a while and he says.

“To be honest man, I have been super horny this morning. You wanna help me out, please?”. His wish was my command, I feel his cock through his shorts. He felt thick. I asked him “Damn, you hard already?”.

He clarifies that he was horny this morning but wasn’t hard at the moment. He was infact flaccid and I shouldn’t be offended if I am not able to get him hard. This gets me excited considering he was pretty huge flaccid, couldn’t imagine him being hard af.

I push him towards the bed and he sit on the edge of the bed. I tell him “Trust me, you are gonna be hard in no time at all”. He smirks and just lays back. I take his shorts off and I am greeted with thick boner (he was still flaccid, but he was so huge and thick that it looked as though he was hard).

I slowly ran my hand across his crotch and rubbed my nose on it. I put the tip of my tongue on his crotch and his underwear was wet in almost no time.

My drool had gotten him semi-hard and he said “I don’t mind you teasing me, but let’s get to it, shall we?”. Again, his wish was my command. I took his underwear off with my mouth without the use of my hands. He was pretty impressed.

As his underwear came down, his cock just whipped out and hit my face. He was bigger than the pictures he had shared. I started working towards his balls and eventually moved towards the top of his dick.

For about 3-4 minutes, my tongue played around his crotch until he couldn’t take it anymore. He just stood up, held my head and shoved his cock in my mouth. He said “Enough teasing, I can’t fucking take this anymore”.

He was pretty big and I deepthroated him for a couple of minutes in the ‘face-fuck’ position. Eventually my gag reflexes gave up. I had to have him on the bed and took control of the situation.

With his cock in my hand, I took over and deepthroated him for about 20-30 minutes. That man lasted long and tired the fuck out of me. But it was worth it.

I showed him a few tricks that I tried with my tongue while I deepthroated him. Eventually, he said “I don’t think I can cum like this”. He made me climb on the bed and asked me to bend over.

I just thought he wants to play with my ass, maybe spank me or just slap his cock around my ass. (Which he did). After about a few minutes I hear him grab something from a drawer. (P.S: I was face down and ass up and couldn’t see anything).

I stood up and saw a condom and some lube in his hands. I said “I thought I was only coming over to blow you. I have never done this. I am a virgin”. He said “Don’t worry. I promise I will be gentle”.

In that moment, I just laid my head back on the bed and he started warming my hole up. All of this was such a new feeling for me. It was weird, ticklish and a bit uncomfortable to be honest.

He slowly pushed his cock inside me and damn it hurt. It was my first time and it felt really different.

After a few tries, he started thrusting his cock in me. I asked him “Are you fully in”. He laughed at me and said “No love, not even half in. Don’t worry, you’ll know when I am fully in”.

As I was getting more comfortable, he started pushing more and more of himself in me. In about a few minutes he was balls deep inside me. Jesus, it was a great feeling but also weird. It stopped hurting but the whole feeling was a bit weird and new.

Anyhow, anal did the trick on him and after about a few minutes he was pretty close. He took the condom out and made me get on my knees. I started blowing him again and he was pretty close.

Virginity losing story of a horny gay boy

I played around with his cock for a few minutes and he eventually shot a load on my face. I exclaimed “I thought you were straight eh xD”. He said “Whatever, a hole is a hole”.

So yeah, that’s my story of the first time having anal experience. If anyone wants to talk, hit me up on my snapchat – xav.clot
comments are more than welcome :). Hope you guys enjoyed it!