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Midnight hookup story: Hey IGS, Looser (don’t ask why) here. This is my first time writing on IGS. I am big fan pf IGS stories. So feeling great while sharing my one of the story from many.

So, let’s continue the story, I will describe my self when it is required. But one thing I am Pure Versatile so fit in both worlds (top and bottom). This incident happened in 2021.

I was doing morning shift so usually get free around 9PM. This all happens on one fine day. Next day was my weekly off so I planned to stay up late.

I open my Grinder and started looking for nearest profile if anyone was available for quickie. After few minutes I received a ping form Shivam. We chatted for a while and I asked him to come to my place as I stay alone.

In 10 minutes, he was at my gate. I welcomed him at my dorm. We sat and talked about few general things like name, likes, looking for etc. let me tell you about Shivam straight acting 5’10’’ height, 70 kg weight and pink lips with nice ass and 7 inch long and 2.5-inch-thick dick.

I was impressed when I saw him naked. Well, your looser is not less, I am also 5’11’’ height 71 kg weight, fair, brown eyes 6.5 inch long and 3-inch-thick dick.

I was unable to control him so started kissing him like a mad person and his response was same, he was even more passionate while kissing. I start licking his nipples and making bruises his nipple was so sweet and juicy can’t tell.

Then he pushed me on bed and start sucking me I was on cloud as his mouth was so warm and wet. I ask him to come in 69 and start rimming his ass. He starts getting mad as my tongue showed his magic. His ass was so nice and clean I bite at few places which gave him extra pleasure.

He begged me to fuck him as he was unable to control his thirst, I put on condom and apply some fire lube. It starts giving tickling and burn sensation. I just put his legs on me should and insert my dick in one go.

He screamed so loud which gave me extra pleasure. I have thick dick which gave him painful pleasure.

Then I start fucking him like never before he asked me to slow down but I didn’t so after few minutes he start moaning loud and say “faad de bhenchod meri gand bohat khujali hai, saala tera lund kya gazab mota hai…. aaah…. aaahhhhh…. chod bhenchod chod…..”

These lines giving me extra kick and I was fucking him nonstop. After 20 minutes I told him I am going to expold then he pushed me on bed and start sucking so hard I couldn’t control myself and cum in his mouth.

It was in his mouth and allover on his face. Then he went to bathroom to clean himself.

After few minutes he came and start playing with my dick soon I was ready again. This he asked me to cum in his ass and let him feel my babies in his ass.

We start kissing again but this time I took him to my balcony it was 2:00 AM in the morning so no one was there and my balcony in on back side to there is one empty building in front.

I pushed his head down and he start sucking me again, I asked him to grab pull up bar attached to balcony door and bend his legs. He did the same and I start rimming his ass…aaahhhhhhh… It was so good.

I put him down and bend on balcony railing and start pumping him hard… He was screaming and moaning loudly without any fear as there was no one who can hear us. I pulled his hair and start fucking him hard like mad.

In few minutes he starts begging that he can’t stand any more as legs is shaking. I took him inside and ask him to ride on me. He start jumping and I start bruising his nipples.

After around 30 minutes I asked him I am about to cum so he asked me to fuck him like dog without condom so take him to balcony in same positing and bend more to fuck him deeply and few minutes burst my lava in his hot ass.

My cum start dripping form his ass to his legs. He quickly run to bathroom and clean his ass.

After 2 rounds I was so exhausted and hungry. I asked him if he want to eat something, and we order pizza from local vendor. He had our pizza and cold drink and plan to go to bed. As we went on bed, he starts playing with my ass I asked if want to fuck me too…and he was waiting for this.

Then he directly went for my ass start rimming. Oh god…. yeah, getting ass rimming is no doubt pleasurable I was so ready to take him in me…

I offered him lube to fuck me, but he wants to fuck me in desi style without condom and lube. Then he spit on my ass and his dick and starts putting it inside me but slowly.

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The pain was so sweet so couldn’t say no. After 2-3 minutes of slow pump he starts fucking me like train I at same time grabbed my dick and stroking in between. I just grabbed his neck and start kissing me and he was on his full speed.

In 15 minutes, he said he is going to cum and I was on my edge too, so I asked him to do in full speed while I was stroking myself too and we both cum at same time, but his juice was inside me and mine was on my body.

As soon I was about to goto bathroom to clean myself, he stopped me and licked my whole body I was feeling so good. It was almost 4AM in the morning so we decide to go on bed after cleaning ourselves.

We just cuddled naked and had good sleep.

PS:- Guys this is my first story so if there is mistake , have any requests, suggestions, anything you want to share, or comments feel free to write to me on [email protected]