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Buddies gay story: Hi All, I am Raj 29, versatile bottom, in Bangalore. To describe me, I am a bit chubby with man boobs and a pulpy ass. This happened a couple of years back when I joined a Software company in Bangalore.

I was staying in a PG with a few others from the same company. This is where I met S, he was 25 athletic/twink. In the PG each room has a common bathroom, hall and three bedrooms. I was sharing my bedroom with someone else ( I tried with him, but couldn’t succeed) and S was in another bedroom.

One day in the morning I saw S coming out of the bathroom just with a towel. That was a breathtaking view for me with all the water droplets on his body with no fat. Then I decided never to miss the view again and started getting up to catch the view.

One day I woke up and could not find him, so I called him, but no response so I thought I missed the opportunity today and went to the bathroom and when I opened the door he was there, I don’t know what to say, said whoops and closed the door.

When he came out he apologized that the door got struck and could not lock and all. Then nothing much happened this was my daily routine to see him after the bath.

After a while some of us decided to move out of PG to an apartment. It’s a 2 bhk, the master bedroom(bath attached) me, S and one other person was sharing.

Here also I couldn’t proceed much, just staring at his body whenever I get a chance, but we got close as friends and I learnt that he is Straight and has a girlfriend. He is also so shy and will not even discuss porn/sex.

S went on an office trip for a month or so and when he came back he found out that his bed had mold and is when I generously offered to share a bed with him.

Since he is planning an office trip again, I persuaded him not to buy a new bed. Then we were sleeping on the same bed in the cold winters of Bangalore and I didn’t want to do it right away on the first day, because as I mentioned I couldn’t succeed with my previous roommate on this approach.

And also we have one more person in the room apart from us. So I started gradually, putting my hands over him while asleep and taking his hands and putting them over me. The worst part is he doesn’t change after work and he will be in his jeans pants and shirt.

So I couldn’t detect a hard-on over jeans and could not touch his bare body as well, because of the shirt and vest underneath. So I will grab his hands and put it over my body, and squeeze my boobs and rub my bare ass over his dick in jeans etc.

But no reaction from him, so I couldn’t proceed. Days passed and I got courage and started to untuck his shirt and vest and started feeling his abs and chest, this went on for days.

Usually we would be traveling to our hometown on weekends and on one weekend we both got to stay without our other roommate and I do not want to miss the chance and the other good thing is he will be in his tracks and tshirt.

So on the night after sometime I took his hand and started creasing my body and took my hand under his tshirt. Then after sometime I placed it over his tracks and I could feel his dick getting hard every sec pass by.

I kept my hand for some time and started rubbing it and after sometime I held it over his pants, still no response or movement from him. Even as I type now my heart is beating fast and my hands are trembling.

I held his dick and started jerking it. Then I had to take the next step, I placed my hands on his abs and started moving down lower abs and then under the pant strap and reached the final destination, there it was long and hard.

I held his bare dick and started jerking it off. I was jerking him for quite sometime and I do not want him cum. I felt that after orgasm, he will feel guilt and will not do this in future. So I have to give in mind blowing experience by blowing his dick.

So I slid down and brought his pants and underwear down. There I am seeing his dick for the first time and without wasting any time I took it in my mouth. I was giving him a blowjob for 10-15 mins but no sign of orgasm yet.

I was expecting him to cum within a few mins as I assumed it was his first blowjob (but who knows). But all this time he was lying with his eyes closed as he was still asleep.

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After which suddenly his hand was over my head and after sometime he started jerking off his own and he made sure the tip of the dick was in between my lips. He action became vigorous and I assumed he was about to cum and he is trying to move head out of the dick as he is about to cum.

But who doesn’t want their price for their hardwork and I didn’t move and the cum hit my lips and started dripping down. I took a towel and wiped the area clean and pulled his pants up and slept next to him.

All this while no words exchanged not even moans and the next day when he woke up he acted as if nothing happened and spoke normally and I continued the act.The weekend was over and my other roommate in was back.

To be continued…