Gay adventure story of orgy with 5 friends: 1

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Gay adventure story: Hi Friends, I am Amit ([email protected]), share your feedback. Yeah, Kahani based on true experience of 5 friends, details of friends:

Jeevan 26 years, Gym toned body, newlywed.

Samarth 32 years, Athlete body, 2 kids.

Vikas 30 years, Gym toned body, 1 kid.

Deepak 29 years, Gym body, 1 kid.

Sandeep 34 years, Gym body, 2 kids.

They all live in high rise society of Noida and families celebrate every occasion together, they had agreement like girls outing, boys outing and family outing, to give everyone space and freedom of enjoyment.

So, this happens during guys trip to Manali July 2023, booked hotel, took their own vehicles for road trip along with one car full of liquor and smoke as all guys do.

If you guys remember there was heavy rains this year and most of infrastructure got smashed because of it, so once they checked-in to their hotel the same night due to rains they need to vacant the hotel as its one of them which was smashed by rain.

That time, every hotel was over-crowded and they didn’t get any hotel, they decided to drive back but highway also blocked due to heavy rains, their luck took them to one house, where house owner give them a hall to stay along with food and limited blankets, 5 people 2 blankets, no fire as well.

But they had enough of Liquor which can be used to make their body hot, so they agree to stay with double of actual cost, something is better than nothing, or rather we should say, stars have their own plans for these gentlemen.

Till that day, they are all straight and no other feelings for everyone.

They all trying to call at home, but destiny is not with them, Cell service also got hampered because of rains, but somehow, they dropped message that they are safe at one place and sooner road clear they will travel back.

After all these they got sense of relief and adjust in hall and get some rest.

Around 7 pm, they all started to play cards and started consuming alcohol, 5 people consumed almost 3 bottles of alcohol till 10 pm and all are drowsy enough to get some sleep, they already took their meals with booze.

Now time to sleep, daytime it was quite normal temperature, in the night temperature quite low due to rain and weather and they have limited blankets.

The arrangement of sleeping is like they slept in straight line and bit close to each other so that blankets will be enough for them.

Sleep Order and dick sizes:

Jeevan (6.5), Vikas (7), Samarth (6.5), Deepak (7), Sandeep (8)

Around mid-night Jeevan felt cold, and he tried to be in blanket for that he moves himself bit close to Vikas, Jeevan back touching Vikas front.

They all were quite drunk and home far, and Jeevan was shivering due to that he keep on pushing himself on Vikas, this situation gave Vikas Hardon and he hugged tightly from back to Jeevan and Jeevan also didn’t object because this hug give Vikas body heat to Jeevan and now Jeevan was bit relaxed, but Vikas was not (they are not in senses).

Now Jeevan ass touching Vikas dick and Vikas Dick was already ready for make the hole wide, in sleep Vikas start playing with Jeevan nipples and keep squeezing them.

He was dreaming that he is fore playing with his wife, but Jeevan completely out of his senses due to rain, alcohol and cold.

With one hand Vikas keep fore playing with Jeevan nipples and on other hand(he took off his pants and underwear and now his monster ready for show), he dropped Jeevan pants along with his underwear.

Now Vikas dick directly touching Jeevan hole and keep poking it due to that good amount of lubrication happened around Jeevan hole.

Vikas hold his dick in one hand and set it on target with other hand he hold Jeevan close and tightly so that he can’t move or escape (here I think it’s not fair to say that Vikas was out of senses, he was very well aware about his act on Jeevan).

He make his first push with full force on target, the force was too hard dick head make his way inside Jeevan ass, Jeevan shouted and tried to push Vikas, but Vikas did his second push and his half dick inside Jeevan ass and his anal virginity broken and blood started flowing out of ass due to sudden push Jeevan got fainted and everyone got awake.

Vikas make his final push and he was completely inside Jeevan and started pushing hard back and forth, Jeevan still in-conscious.

After some time, when Jeevan got his senses back till then Vikas was on its verge of blast inside Jeevan, Jeevan again tried to escape but Vikas hold tightly and released his Cum inside Jeevan, ass.

Jeevan ass was bleeding and Vikas dick come out from ass as well.

This whole scene was witnessed by Samarth, Deepak and Sandeep, they also ready with their dicks out, the movement Vikas moved away from Jeevan, and Jeevan tried to stand, Samarth, forcefully pushed him and instead his dick in one go inside his ass.

His ass was already lubricated and loosen up by Vikas, so this insertion was quite smooth, he enjoyed his ass for 30 mins, and then same repeated by Deepak and Sandeep.

In this whole everyone make Jeevan cum at least 2 times, so his dick also tortured by them.

Gay adventure story of 5 horny and wild friends

After all, Jeevan was not in position to even move a bit, he was so weak from his legs and his ass full of everyone’s cum, bleeding also not stopped due to continuous insertion.

They helped Jeevan in washroom, make him clean, deep clean his ass with water and laid him down on bed. Disinfect ass with Whisky which give shiver and cramps to Jeevan, and he was in deep pain.

After some time, Jeevan trying to sleep he was in his underwear now, and rest 4 not able to make eye contact with each other, this was the first time when they were nude in front on each other and did something with other guy.

After some time everyone slept, but Jeevan not, he was in shock what was happened with him. So, he thought to take revenge from them…

To be continued…