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Roommates gay story: Hi all, Here I’m back with a new story which happened couple of weeks ago. For those who don’t know I’m 27 bottom working in Chennai in an reputed IT company.

It was Friday evening usually I go to my home town but this week my parents are out of station so I had to stay in my PG itself.

It was a double sharing room and I was staying with kerla guy who was also working in an Bank.
He was 28 white skin and a good tall guy. I always wanted to seduce him but he didn’t showed any interest on me.

Usually he also goes out with his GF and have fun. But couple of weeks ago only they broke up due to some issues. He was sad these days.

After dinner we had a normal chat and then went to sleep. I opened my Gr and started searching a guy for next day. But it was completely waste of time as either I don’t like them or they don’t like me.

So finally I closed my mobile and tried to sleep. After few minutes I heard some one was crying. When I looked around my roommate Praveen was crying.

I asked him what happened.

He : I miss her badly Ratheesh. I don’t know how to convince her
I : chill bro she will understand just give her some time
He : it’s been 2 weeks now she haven’t called or texted me nor responding to my calls or messages.
I : I understand dood , u do one thing go and meet her directly tomorrow

He : it’s no use she already went to her home town and will return on Monday only
I : oh
He : I really miss her ( started crying loudly)
I : Bro pls don’t cry

I tried to console him and hugged him. He hugged me tightly and started crying. This is the first time we had touched each other It was really a different feeling.

And suddenly he said every Friday Saturday we used meet and have se* but it’s been 2 weeks we didn’t meet nor had anything I really want her. Some how I managed and made him sleep with me.

Even I too slept hugging him. Next day morning it was around 7 am I woke up. He was in wash room he came only in towel . I was in my night dress he gave a smile and said thanks.

I said it’s okay and I went to wash room.

After some time I came back and still he was in his towel and was sitting on my bed. I asked him what happened he just stood and hugged me tightly and started crying again.

I was like oh God he started again and before I could say something he started himself.

He : I’m sorry 😔 but I know what you expect from me but I have always ignored you
Me : it’s okay
He : no dear I should not do like this
Me : it’s not a problem dear
He : can you give one opportunity to rectify my mistake?

I was in shock and surprised and before I could open my mouth he sealed it with his. He kissed me so nicely for almost 15 mins and slowly pushed me on my bed and came over me.

I don’t know how to react so I was waiting for his move. He again started kissing me and pressing my manly boobs. He was so nicely doing it.

I don’t even know when my towel slipped from my hip and I was completely naked even he also.

We were having the best time of ours. Then I went on him kissed him for some time and went down

A 8” tall and 2″ thick giant cock was waiting for me. It was cleanly shaved may be when I was sleeping.

I started running my tongue on the top and slowly started taking it completely in my mouth. He was moaning heavily I understood and did so well that he closed his eyes and moaning heavily.

Ah aah aaaah aaaaaaaaahhhhhh…

The room was filled with his moaning sound. I had lubricated his dick so well and was ready to take inside me.

He pulled me upside and opened my hole. I placed my legs on his shoulder and started spitting on my hole.

Then he kept his dick on my hole and started teasing. I started begging like a bitch.

Fuck me dear please fuck me I want you inside me fuck me…

This turned him and in one single shot he was completely inside me. I started screaming in pain this was the first time I have taken this big dick that also in single push it went inside.

I was in a painful situation which cannot be explained in word so tears rolled from eyes. He understood and slept over me Started kissing me.

It was like a hot iorn rod was inserted in my hole.

After minutes of kissing he looked into my eyes I gave him signal. He started slowly moving in and out. My hole was tight for him. He liked and after few slow shots he started increasing his speed step by step…

We both were moaning the entire room was filled with fucking sound. We forgot that there are rooms next. We were moaning like we were in some different world.

After fucking for 20-30 minutes he wanted me to sit on his dick and I did the same. This time it entered fully it was touching my g spot.

After few strokes I said I gonna have my orgasam.

He just hold me and started kissing me and masturbating my dick in few minutes I released a huge load on him and bed as well.

I was breathing heavily and collapsed on him. He kissed me and trying to fuck me. I had left no energy but wanted to co-operate because he gave me the best orgasam ever.

So I suggested him I will sleep facing my hole and he can sleep on me and fuck me. He agreed and started fucking me for some 20-30 mins. And suddenly he emptied all his load inside my hole and collapsed on me.

I had the best sex ever in my life. He came down and we hugged each other and slept. Around 4 we woke up and since we were hungry he ordered some food we had that I was still naked.

He was in his towel. He came near me and said whether I liked him or not.

I said dear I have never ever had such great sex in my life l just loved it. He was so happy after hearing this he came near me and started kissing me.

We kissed for some time and in between he got a call from his friend so he broke the kiss and went to balcony to speak.

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I followed him he was on call I sat down and removed his towel and took his dick in my mouth and I sucked him so nicely that he was not able to control and moaned in the call itself some how he managed and disconnect the call.

I was sucking so nicely he started moaning heavily.

Then he pulled me up and lifted my one leg and placed it in his arm making my hole easily accessible by his dick.

He fucked me in that position for 30-40 minutes and released his load inside my hole.

We both went inside and slept hugging each other.

After that he used to fuck me regularly.

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