Gay roleplay story of guy being paid to be wife: 1

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Gay roleplay story: Hi all! I’m here gonna share my story which happened couple of years ago when I was 23. Recently I have completed my bachelor’s degree and was looking for a job.

Let me tell you about myself I’m 23 years old average looking bottom from a middle class family. On one fine day I opened and started chatting with random guys and there I got a text from a guy with the user name want wife.

We shared our likes and started talking about random stuff. This continued for couple of days and then I told him that I was looking for a job and requested him to refer me.

I shared my resume with him (we have exchanged our numbers already). And after two days I received a call from a company with a job offer.

I didn’t even applied nor have attended the interview yet but received offer letter as well. I texted him and asked weather he had done for me and reply was.

He also had made my accomodation arrangement.
I was very happy and thanked him. But he said he will do anything I want but I have to be his wife. He was looking good age was 27 tall slim fit everything was good.

I was getting a salary of 20k so I was very happy and agreed for the same. I have to join in three days so I moved one day before the joining date. I reached coimbatore busstand and called him in 10mins he came hugged me and took me to his house.

It was 1BHK fully furnished flat. We both went inside the house and then he asked me to freshen up and went to bring dinner for us.

I was very happy and was ready for everything which was coming on the way. I wore a white T shirt with dark blue shorts and was waiting for him. He came with dinner I thanked him again.

He said now it’s enough you are going to be my wife and husband’s duty is to keep his wife happy.

I went near to kiss 💋 him but he stopped me and said he will not touch me until we get married.
And asked me to sleep on bed and he will sleep on sofa.

I requested he we can sleep on bed and I will sleep on sofa but he was not ready and said tomorrow is your first day to office so just go and sleep.

We will get married on weekend and then we will sleep on same bed. I have to make some arrangements for our marriage.

I agreed and was also tired so slept. Next day morning he woke me and asked me to took bath breakfast was ready and after finishing morning routine we went to work.

This continued till Friday he never touched me nor allowed me to touch. Friday we took half day permission and he took me to a nearby temple.

And after that we went to our home. He tied a yellow thread (taken from temple and it is tied by husband to their wife during marriage). Put sindur on fore head in front of a small statue of lord Ganesha.

He said now you are my wife and I’m your husband. He gifted me a bag in which multiple panties bra’s and sarees chudidars are there he told me that I should wear only this when ever I’m home.

I can wear mens costume only for office but I have to wear bra and panties inside. I cannot go outside the house. I agreed for everything. Because of the Job and the salary.

While coming home he had took me to saloon and had done a clean shave and also has done waxing on my body.

My body was looking so soft and silky. He handed me one more bag and said today is our First night and want to make it so special wear this and wait for me inside the room.

I agreed and went inside I took a nice shower and came outside and saw myself completely naked infront of the mirror. I was looking damn hot and I haven’t seen myself like this.

I was completely ready to be his wife and satisfy him. I wore a beautiful silk saree given by him. Did some make up and waited for him.

After some time he came in traditional dress veshti and white shirt. He was also looking so cute and hot.

He had flowers in his hand he gifted me some how I tired to wear it on my head like a bride but due to less hair it didn’t stand there then he took it back and threw on the bed and said he cannot wait anymore and wanted to start the first night.

He tried to kiss me but I pushed him and said I feel so shy and requested him to switch off the light.

Gay roleplay story of horny guy becoming a man’s wife

He laughed and switched off all the lights it was completely dark. He asked me to sit on the bed. And he sat next to me. He made me to turn towards him and started smooching me.

We both kissed for some time and then make me sleep on the bed and he came over me and started to kiss every where on my face. He was too good in kissing.

While kissing he removed my blouse and bra and started pressing licking and biting it I was moaning heavily.

He went down and removed my saree and peticoat now I was wearing only panties and nothing else.
He removed his clothes and became completely naked and lied on bed .

I started sucking the 8′ giant dick which was rock hard.

To be continued…