Desi Gay Sex Story of Top Being Bot for Watchman’s Son: 2

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Desi Gay Kahaani: My throat was hurting. I was still coughing due to the sore throat. I was feeling kinda used and was ashamed of myself for eating his cum. But even with all this going on I was still throbbing in my pants. I can also feel the sticky wet underwear on my ass which was now completely embedded in my crack.

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Prakash was still sitting with his hands on my waist holding me tight. His grip was the reminder for me that I can’t get away from him and that whatever had started between us he was going to be the incharge here.

We reached home and I was relieved by the fact that my parents were not home yet. He got off my bike as I was parking. I was relieved that I didn’t have to talk to him or make eye contact with him because I was very intimidated. But instead of walking away he stood very close to me as I was still on the bike. He was holding his bag of stuff in his hand which he placed to the side.

I slowly looked up and saw him smirking at me. his same lusty, “I will eat u up” signature smirk. I looked away smilling. He moved and I got off the bike facing opposite to him. Then suddenly I felt his hand sliding inside the back of my pants. Before I could process anything he grabbed his handkerchief and pulled it out. While pulling it out it left a trail of his cum and my own spit in my crack.

I kinda stumbled by this sudden preceding and my throbbing dick lurched again. I took support of my bike and straightened myslef. I turned around and I was about to say something but I saw him staring at my crouch. He leaned in and whispered, ” looks like someone enjoyed being played with.” Then he said in a very authorative voice, ” give me your phone.”

I felt a rush through my body by ordered by him like that. But I didn’t wanna just obey him like that so I asked ,”what for”? To which he didn’t reply but just gave me a dead stare which made me weak in my knees. I unlocked my phone and gave it to him.

He did something in my phone and then pressed it on my chest. I took the phone and saw that he had saved his number in my phone by the name “Prakash🍆”. My face was totally red by reading that. I looked up to see him flashing his phone which had a missed call from my phone. He smiled and left.

I just froze there speechless and just saw him walking away with his stuff. I shook my head and walked inside the house , with mixed feelings in my head about what had happened.

I put the groceries in the hall walked up to my room and straight into the bathroom. I saw myself in the bathroom mirror and was shocked by the person reflecting back. My hairs were totally messed up. They had dried spit on them. The front of my tshirt was totally stained by dry cum and spit.

I could feel the wet stuff in my underwear. I was disgusted by the look that I saw in the mirror.

I was reflecting on what had happened on our trip to the market. I could remember him impaling my throat with his rod. I could feel my throat ache.i saw the spit trails on my t shirt and then my eyes went down to my dick. I saw a big wet spot on my joggers.

I was shocked to see that I had cum standing there just thinking about what had happened. I had never cum without touch in my life but I did that day, TWICE!!!! I promised myself that I will never degrade myself to this level again.

I snapped out of that state by a knock on the bathroom door. It was my father. They had returned. My father told me to come downstairs and spend time with them. I took a quick shower after he left and went downstairs.

The evening went very cheerful. My father caught my sore throat through my unusual voice and asked me about it. I told him it was flu or something😜 then he gave me some medicine. My mom cooked me food, we ate together and we stayed up late talking and enjoying.

The next morning I woke up around 11am. I was throbbing in my shorts. As I came to my senses I felt my throat pain and everything came flashing back in front of my eyes from last night.

My dick lurched again. I knew how much my body liked it but my top mindset was totally despising it. I got up got ready. My dick was asleep for now as I had jerked off in the shower.

I went downstairs and saw my father was in his study and my mother was on call with someone. I greeted them and they greeted back. My father informed me that both of them have the night shift and will be leaving at 7pm for the hospital. They were busy so I thought I should catch up with some of my friends. So I called couple of my best friends from school.

As I was waiting for my friends outside, I saw Prakash coming out of his room. He waved at me and signaled to come over to him. I again kinda got nervous but he seemed okay. Not in that lusty phase.

He was just standing in the door of the room in a white tank top and shorts. He passed me a friendly smile as I approached. The room was kinda elevated from the ground so there were 4 steps to the door. I was standing on the lowest step looking at him from below.

He casually asked me how am I this morning which I said I’m fine. Then he asked me ,”Are you waiting for someone.” To which I said, ” yes. I’m waiting for some friends.” From his mood and attitude today I thought he was just being casual and it was just a one time thing. Right about then he said,” Are they coming also for fun like that boy that came yesterday”.

I couldn’t believe what he had just said. I got shivers running down my spine as I saw his straight face forming that lusty smirk. I gulped a little and asked in a faint voice,” how do you know about him”? To which he told me that He asked him while he was leaving and he got scared and told him everything. That’s when he let him go.

I just couldn’t keep my eye contact with him and looked down. He came down two steps and asked me, ” Did u enjoy last night?” To which I didn’t know how to answer and I stood there silently. Then he answered himself,” Ah, you did came in your pants in your pants soo….” And started laughing.

Then he told me, “I very well enjoyed fucking that virgin throat of yours” .

He was so close to me that I could smell his manly odour. I couldn’t believe that I was letting him talk to me like that. He then asked me, ” hey if you are ok I am gonna be drinking tonight. Why don’t you join me.” I was surprised by that offer.

I knew it was not a good Idea drinking with him since he wanted to be in my pants the moment he saw me but I didn’t wanna sound less manly or scared in front of him anymore. So I said,” I’ll let you know if I am up for it.”

He then gestured at my croutch and said,” well someone’s up for it”. and winked. I saw that I was hard as rock. The mere thought of being around him made me hard. at this point I had no idea what was happening to me. I smiled nervously and turned around. Right that moment my friends arrived and I took them inside.

Before entering the house I adjusted my crotch cuz It was pretty visible. We had cold drinks and some snacks. We hung out for 2 hours then they had to leave.

Throughout their stay I couldn’t help but think about how his dick smelled so manly. I was confused about every recent incidents that happened with me and I didnt want to proceed with him but my dick was betraying me. I could feel his touch on the back of my head.

I could feel his dick inside my throat and the pain that it gave me. The taste of his cum was on my tongue. It was just overwhelming.

My friends had left and I was left alone again with my thoughts. I remembered that Prakash told me about drinking with him. I thought as I have nothing better to do tonight why don’t I drink with him. Also my parents were not going to be at home so I thought let’s get to know him a little. There was no doubt about the fact that I was attracted to him. I was just not ready to be a bottom yet.

I went to my contact list and found his number. I was again aroused by the emoji that he had put in his name. I texted him that I’m free tonight and let’s drink in my house as it was empty. He replied in 5 mins ,” sounds great. I will text you later.😈” That emoji was kinda disturbing but I didn’t pay that much attention to it.

The day passed by without much happening. At around 5pm I decided to workout in my room. I worked out by 6 pm then I took a bath and wore a comfortable outfit. It was a thin shirt and track pants. My parents left around 7pm. around 8 pm I was waiting in my room watching a web series then I got his text. It read,” I’m ready downstairs.”

I went outside to see him in white half kurta and jeans. He was looking very hot. The kurta was totally outlining his body. He had a package in his hand. I figured it was drinks. I stopped when I saw another guy standing behind him. He was almost Prakash’s age.

Seeing me kinda shocked by his friend, Prakash said, “This is my friend, Sandeep. He will be joining us tonight.”

I couldn’t figure out the situation he had put me in. But not to be rude I invited them both inside. Then I got a good look at Sandeep. He was wearing an orange t shirt and a black pant.

I could see that He must have a very athletic body inside that t shirt. He was kinda brown, very good looking. He shaked my hand and smiled. I also said hi and introduced myself.

We went upto my room and settled in a sofa set infront of my bed. Prakash was acting very normal and nice. I already had glasses in my room that I had brought in. He had brought a bottle of old monk, two coke bottles and some snacks to go with the alcohol.

Prakash made us all drinks and we started to chat. I took a sip and felt that the drink he had made was very strong. But again I didn’t wanna complain about it.We chatted normally about stuff and who Sandeep is and what he was doing for work etc.

I found out that he was from Nashik and was Prakash’s college friend.

A couple more drinks later I was almost drunk. it was getting late but we started talking about the gym and Sandeep said he does cross fit. I commented that yeh you seem muscular but lean and Sandeep took that as a sign to take his tshirt off to show off his body.

I guess I wasn’t complaining though, his body was stunning, great chest, not much hair and no fat on it.he had eight pack abs. Over all a total package.

Surprisingly Prakash said “so how’d you like the other night with me” I was shocked, he knew I wouldn’t want to talk about it in front of a stranger, how could he ask such a direct question like that. He saw me shocked and said ,”don’t worry Sandeep knows all about you.”

I still didn’t reply and was just looking at him. I saw his facial expressions change from nice to angry. He asked in a very cracking voice. ” I asked you a question, bitch.”

He called me bitch infront of his friend which I had just met. It was humiliating. My face was flushed red. I had no choice but to say something. I stuttered a bit and was like “um yeh it was, good”, “seemed like you thought it was more than good” he shot back at me.

“Yeh man your throat is nice and tight, felt great around my cock” Prakash then said, I was not used to talking about sucking dick at all and didn’t really know what to say to that, I came up with “Yeh well I don’t normally suck but that was a good one off I guess”, “Dude we have fucked a lot of guys and you are a nice sucker.” Prakash said straight away.

I was taken aback by how he used we as in he and his friend fuck guys together. I just said, “Na guys, I just enjoyed the Moment , I’m the same as you guys though, I always top. I don’t suck at all.” but Prakash said “You were on your knees and enjoying that throat fuck I gave you, tops don’t do that.

You even came in your pants without touching your dick”. I was pretty shocked and I think turning a bit red, as they moved kinda closer to me. I was now on my fifth drink and was just not very active.

Sandeep started to pat and rub my back.

Eventually I said more firmly “well yeh I Sucked your dick, but im a top, im sure you guys suck sometimes a bit too” Sandeep responded very quickly “not the way you took that throat fuck.”, I knew what he meant, Prakash fucked my face like I was his bitch so I was not going to argue the point.

The drinks started to numb my resistance power and I fell silent. they had both moved in close now Sandeep grabbed my cock which I have to admit had gotten half hard from the way they were talking to me. He said “see you do want this”.

Desi gay kahaani of horny top becoming bottom for a hunk

I couldn’t argue I wanted these guys cause they were so hot but unfortunately they weren’t wrong either, I had enjoyed sucking but I wasn’t prepared to to bottom for them.

Praksh slipped mine and his shirt off then and started to kiss me aggressively. He was really good at that, he made me feel dominated just by pushing his tongue into my mouth. I reached up and felt those pecs of his, his chest was so strong and I could feel Sandeep slip my pants down.

I realised then that I was naked sucking on Prakash’s tongue again while they still had pants and underwear on. This was humiliating and they new it, if you get a guy naked and you still have clothes on you are in complete control.

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