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Desi Gay Sex Story of Fun with Fuck Buddy

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Moving on, I am Divyang Sharma.
I am 23 years old, light wheatish complexion, 5’8″, chubby with a well-groomed body. I mean I trim regularly, so yeah.
And also, I have a bubble butt and big nipples. Men like them so, I am not complaining! 😉

Chuda to mai pehli baar tab tha jab mai school khatam hone ke baad akele Bhopal gaya the entrance exams dene. Vahan hotel room me ek bande ko bulaya tha, kisi college me professor tha. Par yaar uska lund was the size of my little finger, mujhe to feel hi nahi ho raha tha ki gaand me kuch ghusa bhi hai, kyuki uske lund se double triple size ke to maine kheere hi ghusa leta tha. ;p

But anyways, jaat ki kahani par aate hai.


This happened after the completion of my third year. In the sixth semester I was doing a work from home internship in a company of Gurgaon jiske completion par they asked me to come over to the office for a week for certificates and work finalization and some other boring stuff and so I went.

I reached Gurgaon at around 7 PM. It was May and hence it was super hot. I was looking for hotels and places jo ek hafte ke liye rehne ki jagah dede. Aur saath hi saath Grindr bhi chala raha tha. Picture apni laga di thi the username “21 Bottom” with the bio “I am in Gurgaon for a week. Come, fuck me. Ping with your details. (7+ Dicks only.)”.

Ab roz roz mauka to milta nahi hai na akele hone ka, friends and family se door.

I was scrolling through Oyo when a message popped on Grindr. It was from “25 Jaat Top WP.”
It said “Hi Buddy, I am Jay. 25 Top WP. 8+ Dick. Are you interested?”

I replied, “Hi, I am Divyang. Yes, I am interested. Can I see you and your dick?”
He sent me a picture of him and his dick and said “Can you come over now?”
Mere to hosh hi ud gaye uska lund dekh ke. It was so damn huge! I was already drooling and my hole started itching.
I said: “Give me your number. I am calling you.”

He gave me his number and I called.
Jay: Hello.
Me: Hi Divyang here from Grindr.
Jay: Oh hey! How are you?
Me: Tumhara lund dekh kar honry ho gaya bas.
Jay: Pasand aaya?

Me: Of course! It’s so damn huge!
Jay: Can you come over now? My roommate has gone home for 2 weeks so I have the whole place to myself.
Me: Yes, I can come. Par mai abhi abhi Gurgaon aaya hu and I am looking for a place to stay for a week.

Jay: Ek hafte ke liye jagah chahiye? Why so?
Me: Kaam se aaya hu yahan. I have to stay here for a week. Hotels hi dekh raha tha jab tumhara message aaya.

Jay: Vaise, you can stay with me if you want. Tumhe jagah bhi mil jayegi aur bahot saare perks bhi, if you know what I mean.
Me: Acha, sach me tumhe koi dikkat to nahi hogi? Land lord vagera kuch nahi kahenge?

Jay: Arey tum aisa karo aa jao, tumhe comfortable lage to reh lena. Varna dekh lena hotel. Land lord ko mai bol dunga cousin aaya hai.
Me: Okay, sounds good! Text me your address I am coming over.

He sent his address and I went over. Koi apartments they. He came down to pick me up in nikkar banyan. God, he was looking even hotter in real. And, that body… Uff! He didn’t have well defined muscles but he was bulky. Mast shape tha uski body ka. We went upstairs to his flat was pretty amazing. I said “Fine, I am staying here with you for this week. But, the perks better be amazing.” and itna kehte hi pinned me to the wall and started kissing me passionately, He was biting my lips, my ear lobes and my neck!

I stopped him and said “I am stinky from all the journey. Shouldn’t I shower first.” He gave me a devious smile. and said “Sure, the bathroom is that way.” and started removing my clothes while kissing me. I said Mai bathroom jaa raha to he slapped my ass hard. I said, “I am starting to like the perks.”

Mai nahana start hi kiya tha ki he came in all naked and started kissing me again. Then he started applying soap to my body. (Bahot maza aata hai jab ek hot banda tumhe nehlaye to. Try it sometime.) We were standing facing each other and kissing.

Then he started playing with my ass. And them, I felt something on my hole. He pushed his soapy middle finger in my hole and I gasped and suddenly his tongue went down my throat. ek ke baad do ungli and do ke baad teen. I was really enjoying it and moaning in his mouth.

Then he pushed me down on my knees and his 9.5 inch long and 3 inch thick dick came face to face with me. I licked it from top to bottom first and then started sucking on the head. Dheere dheere uska lund thoda zyada lena shuru kiya.

For a little while he played along par fir usne mera sar pakda and shoved his dick completely down my throat and started face fucking me. I was gagging, tears were rolling down my eyes, my spit was coming out in loads and was flowing down on to my body. He wasn’t releasing my head and wasn’t letting me take a breathing break.

Don’t get me wrong, but I was loving it! I am kind of a slut when it comes to sex. After a 10 minutes or so I started to breathe through my nose an my gag reflex was gone. Aur fir shuru hui asli face fucking. He doubled his speed after that. I could feel the bulge of his dick in my neck by touching.

Fir usne mujhe deewar ke sahare bithaya aur fir se mere gale me apna lund ghusa diya. After 25 minutes of fucking my face he took his dick out and came all over my face. He came so much, it covered all my face and it was fucking delicious.

Fir humne paani se nahaya ek baar aur fir bahar nikle. I didn’t bother with unpacking kyuki kapde pehen ne ka fayda kya jab utarne hi hai to.
Fir usne pucha ki “Khaana khaane chale?”
Me: Kahan?

Jay: Yahan paas me hi ek hotel hai jo monthly basis pe service deta hai. Hum vahi khaate hai.
Me: Okay chalo. Mai unpack kar leta hu.
Jay: Arey, uski koi zarurat nahi hai…
Me: To kya mai nanga hi chalu? Tumse chudna theek hai. Janta se pitne me interest nahi hai mujhe.
Jay: Haha, very funny. I am saying ki mai tumhe de raha hu kapde vo pehen lo.
Me: Okay.

Usne mujhe ek nikkar aur t-shirt di.
Maine bola “What about undergarments?”
He grinned and said “Unki koi zarurat nahi hai. No underwear for a week. That’s the rule if you are to stay here.”

I gladly obliged and wore the clothes. Par vo bahot tight they. Mera bubble butt saaf dikh raha tha kyu ki nikkar beech me ghus rahi thi. Lund bada nahi hai mera to vo utna nahi dikh raha tha. T-shirt to chipak gayi thi meri body se. aur mere boobs ka shape saaf dikhne laga tha aur mere nipples bade hai to they were poking out of it.

I said “Ki ye to chote hai, ye tumhare to nahi hai.”
He said “Jiske bhi hai, pehen ne to yahi padenge tumhe.”
Me: Par sab kya sochenge vahan.
Jay: Koi jaanta thodi hai tumhe, chill karo. Aur vaise bhi you like being slutty, so here is your chance.
Me: Okay chalo fir. Let’s see how many guys look.

Then we walked to the hotel. Hum khana kha rahe they par then I had to go to the washroom. I was peeing when a guy hugged me from back. One hand in my shorts grabbing my ass and one in front pressing my boobs,
He whispered: 21 Bottom, I have come here to fuck you.

I finished peeing then turned around to have a look at this dick. But, he was kinda hot so I kissed him.
Me: Hi, I am Divyang.
He: And, I am Ronak.
Me: So, you have seen my profile.
Ronak: Yes, I just saw it outside. It said 2 meters close so I looked around and there you were. Is he your boyfriend?

Me: No, he isn’t. My profile said 7+ dicks only, you know that right?
Ronak: Yes, I know. You can verify on your own.
I pulled his trousers down and a 8 inch long and 2.5 something inch thick dick came to life in my hands.
Me: You pass with flying colors.
Ronak: So, when can I fuck you?

Me: Well, not here of course. Abhi I am having dinner with him and then we will go to his flat. He lives alone for the time being. What about you?
Ronak: I am here with my boyfriend. We live together near by.
Me: So, you wanna cheat on him?

Ronak: No silly, we will fuck you together. I hope you like getting spit-roasted.
Me: I also like double penetration.
Ronak: Slutty, I like you already! Now, let’s go out or else the food will go cold.
Me: Why don’t you both join us at our table?
Ronak: Sure.

I went back to my table.
Jay: What took you so long?
Me: I was making acquaintance with someone. Oh, here they are. Jay, this is Ronak and his boyfriend. They want to fuck me. And Ronak, this is Jay.

Ronak: Hi, this is my boyfriend Rishi.
Rishi: Hi Guys.
Jay: So, you guys wanna fuck him hunh?
Ronak: Yeah, I saw his profile just now. And then saw him going to the bathroom, Look at that bubbly ass, who wouldn’t want that?
Jay, That is true. Gaand to iski bahot mast hai but I haven’t had the pleasure to have it yet.
Ronak: What? How did you resisit?

Jay: He just came to Gurgaon. He did suck me though. Top level blowjob skills hai iske. He took my entire 9.5 inches down his throat.
Rishi: Holyshit, really? His dick is 8 inches and I am naver able to take it all down my throat.
Ronak: I can easily take his 7.5 inches.
Me: Practice makes a man perfect.

Ronak: And a hole open. I hope so.
Me: Of course. Though my ass is bit tight but dicks easily slide through with some lube.
Jay: You are making me so hard. Boys, I know you want to fuck him but tonight he is just mine. I will split his ass open for you guys.
Ronak: That’s not fair. I really did want some action from him today.

Jay: Div, why don’t you get under the table and suck these guys off?
Divyang: Bilkul bhi nahi. It is so risky. Koi dekh lega to?
Ronak: Hamare alava sir do aur log hai yahan. Vo itni dur baithe hai unhe kuch nahi dikhega. Aur hum chupa lenge tujhe.

Jay: You wanted to be slutty. So get on with it already.
Me: Okay! Okay! Pants kholo tum dono.
Jay: Aur mai?
Me: You get to fuck me all night long. I don’t want you to go dry. I love cum in my ass.
Rishi: Mujhe bhi bahot pasand hai ye to.

Hamari table deewar se sati hu thi, Mai andar baitha tha aur mere bagal me Jay. Saamne vo dono baithe they. Rishi bahar baitha tha to vo thoda andar ko turn ho gaya. Aur Ronal andar baitha tha to vo bahar ko turn ho gaya taaki mai unke beeche me baith saki aur koi dekh bhi na paye. Fir me table ke niche ghusa aur unke lund baari baari chusne laga.

I licked them from top to bottom. Licked there balls. Then Ronak took my head and shoved his dick in entirely and I gagged. The waiter asked “Paani laau kya bhaiya?” Jay said nahi kuch nahi hua. Mera gala shower session ki wajah se already khula hua tha to easily gag reflex chala gaya aur mai Ronak ka lund deepthroat karne laga.

Fir kuch minute baad Rishi ka. Aise I sucked them for 20 minutes or so. And then they both came in my mouth. Rishi ka cum bahot tasty tha kaafi fruity sa. Ronak ka thoda sa kadva tha. Good thing Rishi ka baad me liya. Fir mai upar baith gaya.

Rishi: Wow dude. You are amazing at sucking. You have to teach me how to do that.
Ronak: Mai sikhata hu to kyu nahi seekhte.
Rishi: Acha tumhe kaisa laga?
Me: It was nice. Kaafi ache lund hai tum dono ke.

Desi sex kahani 3 lund chooste twink ki

Ronak: He asking about the taste of cum.
Me: Tumhara thoda kadva tha. Rishi ka bahot tasty tha. Rishi do you eat a lot of fruits?
Rishi: Yes. Mujhe fal bahot pasand hai. Aur iska taste bhi itna bura nahi hota vo to bas aaj isne sar dard ki davai khayi thi shaam ko.
Me: Okay.

Sabse last me mera hi khana khatam hua. Fir vo dono apne flat chale gaye aur hum dono apne.
Flat pahoch ke Jay bola: Is your ass clean?
Me: I think so.

Jay: Take a shit. And then I will clean your ass with water. We are gonna have some serious action tonight,
Me: Yes boss.
Jay: From now on call me boss. It sounds sexy.
Me: Okay.

After cleaning my ass hum dono gaye uske bedroom me. Aur thode bahot bhi jo baal the chote chote mere nipples aur gaand pe vo bhi usne trim kar diye. Aur fir mujhe utha ke bed pe patak diya aur mere upar chadh gaya. Hum missionary position me they.

Jay: Mast cheez hai tu. Aur ab to tujhe chikna bhi kar diya maine.
And then he started kissing me, grabbing my ass, playing with my nipples, biting my ear lobes, giving me hickeys, touching my hole with his dick all at once. I was literally in a trance by all of this.

Jay: Tere nipples bahot sexy hai yaar.
Me: Thanks boss. You are really good at playing with my body. I am literally in a trance.
Jay: Abhi to shuru kiya hai, dekhta ja…

To be continued…