Harry Potter fan fiction of gay experience with Ron

Harry Potter fan fiction of gay experience with Ron

Harry Potter fan fiction: Guys! This is a parody featuring Harry potter characters. Hope you like it. Harry woke up abruptly at midnight drenched in sweat. He could feel his sweat everywhere even on the sheets.

He had a nightmare and must be shouting since Ron was standing over him looking sympathetic. He asked about the content of Harry’s dream.

Thankfully, Seamus, Dean and Neville had gone their homes for Christmas holidays so harry had no trouble recounting to Ron everything he saw in the dream. As he finished, Ron looked worried but quickly said, “Harry I think we should go to Dumbledore first thing tomorrow but right now you should get some sleep.”

Harry couldn’t disagree and laid down hoping for a dream free sleep. He tried to sleep for over an hoir but all in vain. No matter how hard he trued he couldn’t shake off the stress and shock he just had due to his nightmare.

He saw sideways and Ron was awoke too looking at harry all sympathetic. Ron came to join Harry and said, “You really need to sleep. You have a big Quidditch match tomorrow too.” Harry knew that and said, “I know but I can’t help it.

I feel wide awake and stressed to be honest.” Ron thought for a moment and said, “I have two options that could help with the stress.” Harry said “Go on!!” Ron said, ” I saw Hermione trying this on Neville when he on the verge of tears in the potion’s class.

I guess it is a calming charm. I could try it on you.” “Nooo!!!!!” Harry half shouted. He knew Ron too well. Ron chuckeld and said “I knew you’d say that so the other option is..well kinda awkward…i could you know..give u a head.”

Harry being a complete naïve boy didn’t understand the obvious meaning of head and asked, “What do you mean by “head”?” “I mean you know..the usual meaning..a blow..hmm..a blowjob.” Harry was dumbstruck. He was gay, yes but he didn’t confide this information even to his best friend Ron then how did he know?

Had he been that obvious? Well obviously he always fantasized himself with Ron, Malfoy, Cedric etc. but still!! He said “What!!”. Ron said “It really helps with stress.

Cho gives bj to cedric all the time. He told me himself. And even Hermione gave it once to me. It was magnificent. Since you don’t have a girlfriend I think as your best friend I should help you.”

Harry considered him but before he could even say ok Ron was already pulling down Harry’s shorts to reveal a 5 inch non erect dick. He looked at it for 10 seconds. Then started with the blowjob so fiercely that harry almost moaned loud enough to reverberate even in girl’s dormitory.

He exclaimed, gasped, moaned and panted everytime Ron’s mouth touched his dick and made it rock hard. Ron was not doing this the first time, harry thought since he was not a novice but as pro as a pornstar.

He used tongue, spit and caressed dick hair like it was grass. He almost ate harry’s balls and to harry’s surprise, stroked his own dick with his hand in his shorts. Harry knew what was coming next.

He was still unsure whether this was right or wrong but went with the flow. His heart, pounding as hell, told him it was all ecstatic. Before he could even think, Harry mouth burst open and he said, “Are you a gay like me?”.

Ron gaped at Harry and stopped blowing “You are gay?? I mean pure gay? Like I am bi..well ok that is fine. That explained the whole girlfriend situation.

You know the other day Malfoy was trying to corner you in the bathroom for a forced anal but I told him you were as straight as my dick but now I think you would have liked that.

Harry laughed and said, “Wish Malfoy would join us.” “Yeah, me too. He is hot as hell. He is hotter than you and me. All abs and white vanilla body..” Harry suddenly had a plan, “Dobby!”

He said and dobby appeared before them completely ignoring their wierd physical state and asked ,” what do you want Harry sir?” ” I want you to go to Malfoy and tell him I would like to see what he wanted to do to me in the bathroom the other day. If he agrees, bring him along”

The elf left and within a minute came back, this time with Malfoy who was standing there bare chest, only in shorts, giving a sneer. Harry told elf to leave and then Malfoy said, “I knew you were like me Potter. Step aside weasley” And malfoy took Ron’s position and was giving harry a blowjob fiercer than Ron’s.

He didn’t stop even to breathe. He was like a dick maniac or just harry maniac. “I always wanted you Potter”. “Me too Malfoy.” And Malfoy resumed with the blowjob which was getting intense every second.

Harry Potter fan fiction of gay sex with Ron and Malfoy

He spat and Harry’s dick hair and like Ron, bit his balls. Harry never realeased so much Precum whivh was immediately eaten by Malfoy. Harry saw Ron who was standing in a corner stroking his dick and enjoying.

Harry beckoned Ron forwards and thrust Ron’s dick in his mouth. All the precum oozed in harry’s mouth and made everything easier. Harry’s moans were stifled by Ron’s dick. Harry started face fucking Malfoy while getting face fucked by Ron.

Harry was on the verge of cumming when Malfoy stopped and removed his shorts and said, “Finish weasley. I want tonight to be just ours.” Ron smiled and within seconds shot loads of cum in Harry’s mouth.

He then united his butt with his bed and turned on the other side to give harry and malfoy a time of their lives.
To be continued….

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