Incest homo story of seducing sexy Uncle: 2

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Family slutty story: Encouraged by his uncle’s lewd reaction, Vikram began moaning a little more as he continued his slutty show for his uncle.

Vikram almost came in his raggedy briefs when the squelching sound returned, this time, followed by an animalistic, throaty moan.

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Vikram then felt a hand on his arse. It was light, like it was afraid to make its presence known, but firm. Vikram was painfully hard and was leaking through his briefs.

So, when he felt a finger rub on his hole, tentatively pushing itself in ever so slightly, he couldn’t help but press into the couch and then push up to meet the shy finger, desperate to feel it breach his tight ring and fill up his hole.

The finger disappeared for a second.

Vikram felt his mouth dry up out of fear. Maybe he had pushed too far this time. But soon, he felt it on his arse again – there were two this time, and they were warm and wet, slick with something too slimy to be spit.

He hoped it was his uncle’s precum. They circled around Vikram’s hole, but the touch was still aggravatingly light, so Vikram pushed his arse out as he had done before, forcing his uncle’s slick fingers to slip right inside him.

This sudden movement elicited a moan from both of them.

Vikram waited for his uncle to make a move. The squelching sound was back and louder this time, like his uncle was wanking in earnest.

Soon, the fingers began fucking him, slowly first, and then urgently. The closer his uncle seemed to get to coming, the rougher his fingers got.

They began to curl in, inadvertently pressing against poor Vikram’s now swollen prostate, leaving him a moaning mess.

With all the friction from humping the couch, and his g-spot being assaulted, Vikram was more than ready for release, and he did. As he came, his whole body convulsed and his arse clenched around the thick fingers, trapping them in.

Vikram could still hear the squelching sound, now accompanied by the slapping of skin on skin as his uncle’s full balls slapped against his fist when he pulled his foreskin all the way back.

Quickly recovering from his orgasm, Vikram turned around and looked at his uncle with so much innocence he was sure it clashed with his wanton actions. His uncle, on the other hand, came off as a dirty little pervert caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

His cock was hard, thick, and every time his foreskin pulled back exposing the head, Vikram saw an angry purplish red cock head, desperate for release inside a warm, tight cunt.

He looked at his uncle’s face. His eyes were wide with fear, but his pupils were fully blown out. His fingers were still moving and curling inside Vikram. He was too far gone to stop.

Phase 4 – Vikram pushed back on his uncle’s fingers lewdly and innocently asked, “What are you doing to me, Uncle?” As soon as he said that, the fear on his uncle’s face was replaced with a wild hungry stare.

The fingers inside him spread in a scissoring motion once, twice, and again. Then they pulled out sharply, leaving him empty.

His uncle looked Vikram straight in the eyes and brought his whole hand down in a sharp, cracking smack on the centre of his arse, once, twice, and again.

Vikram’s used hole stung but begged for more.

Both of his uncle’s hands were now roughly squeezing Vikram’s arse cheeks, kneading them, pulling them apart, and stretching his hole.

Suddenly Vikram’s briefs were ripped off, exposing his tight arse.

“Does your father know he raised a slut?” His uncle growled out.

Vikram knew what was coming next.

Without warning, his uncle climbed on top of him, trapping Vikram’s legs underneath his weight. His uncle was heavy and warm, and just the idea of a man on top of him turned Vikram on to no end.

When his uncle positioned his cock at Vikram’s entrance, Vikram squirmed, desperate to feel it inside him.

His uncle spat on his hole and began rutting against him, using the spit and his own precum to slide up and down his nephew’s arse.

Vikram moaned, more from frustration than pleasure. He wanted the cock inside him, not teasing him.

Every time his uncle’s cock got close to his hole, Vikram would try to back up against it, hoping it would slip in, but his uncle held him in place.

“Such a pathetic little slut you are.” His uncle teased him.

Even though he’d just come, Vikram’s cock stirred and grew every time his uncle called him a slut.

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“Beg me for it.”
“Please fuck me, Uncle. I want you inside me. I need your cock.”

“That’s more like it.” His uncle positioned his cock at Vikram’s entrance and thrust in.

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To be continued…