Gay chudai kahani meri jiju se gaand marane ki

Indian Gay Sex Story: Shaadi mein dulhe ki chudai

Gay chudai kahani: Episode 1: Jiju ye kya kar raha ho?

With a sharp pain in the lower back, I got up from sleep exhausted with 98 new messages on grindr. Walked towards the mirror lazily, turned my back to get a glimpse. What a perfectly carved ass I thought!.

“Coffee please!”, I shouted at my maid, which she didn’t seem to have heared or well is she acting? Bitch, i thought.

I am this quintessential cute twink, average height, fair, smooth as butter, pink lips with an innocent smile. A pretty popular guy on gay dating apps.As i was sipping coffee in bed, I could see my brother-in-law, Rajeev Reddy in a low waist towel just out of bath.

Water dripping of his broad hairy chest. Tall, wheatish and a sturdy body. Not that he has a six pack but what a man! Piercing eyes that can send chills across miles.

With the looks that can put any telugu villain to shame! He had this commanding aura around him, that made everyone well not to exaggerate wet their pants.

“Why isn’t the breakfast ready yet?” Rajeev said rubbing his manly moustache. The maid literally shivering came running from the kitchen, “Sir, its ready, forgot to put it on the table”. And mind, this was with his regular normal tone.

Rajeev comes from an influential political family. With lot of connections and well some of them criminal.

After my parents passed away I began to stay with my sister and jiju. Attending college from their home. Its been over 2 years am staying with them but i hardly ever speak to my jiju. No wonder.

As I came back from college that day, I somehow didn’t have a good feeling about it. That instinct. That some major major fuck is about to descend on my life. And my cell rang!

Jiju on the other side, “Aakash, come to the permit room at our wines immediately!!”. He sounded distinctively angry. I asked, “Anything serious jiju?”. “Be here in 10 minutes or ill fuck your ass!!” he said , “I’ll be right there jiju”.

With my heart pounding, I started on my bike immediately. I have seen him use much more dirty abuses but atleast he never used it on me. What have i done? All my mistakes running in my head. What have i done?

As I reached, I could see my jiju with someone else on the table. Bit lean and dark. Seemed I saw him somewhere.

The constant smirk on this guys face was annoying. But it was helping me clear out the haze in my head. Wait! Is he not the same guy who was making a pass at me at the opening ceremony of my jijus new real-estate venture Arudra?

Yes, the same lusty smile, the same wavy hair. He is the one! I still remember how embarrassing it was to constantly ignore his passes. It was my jijus party and goddam it I’m not out of closet! I was scolding myself for openly putting up and sending pictures in these dating apps.

I remember I said, even if I was gay virgin and he is the last man on the planet I wouldn’t sleep with him. I admit I was bit harsh but to my defence even my family was at the party.

My thoughts were interrupted by my jijus remark, “What is the matter with you? What are you doing behind our backs? How could you….i mean…chii.! Gaandu!!”. My heart started thumping hard!

“What happened jiju? What did I do?”. “What else is left to do?? You faggot! Have you ever thought of our family?.” “Varun, show this faggot the cctv footage” and there it played on Varuns phone a recording of me knelt down at our colony club washroom.

A random guy I hunted on the app, slapping my face and shoving his dick inside my mouth. As I beg him to slap me harder!!

My world literally froze!! Who could have done this!? Who took the pain to follow me up on my activity and get the cctv recording? Its not easy. Ofcourse it wasn’t hard to guess. This asshole Varun, who I later figured is one of the board members of the club.

Small world. Right?

I didn’t know how to explain. What should i tell my jiju? Should i tell him, yes jiju, I am a faggot. A faggot who likes to get beaten and roughed up?

A faggot who loves it when he is humiliated in public? Or a faggot who likes to get used as a dog? Well, i froze. Simply nothing came out of my mouth.

The inner homophobe of my jiju came out, “Are you going to open your mouth or not or is it only for dicks you will open it?? Do you have any idea of our familys prestige?” Now that he is planning to step into politics my mind tickled.

Blah blah bllah…he went on and on giving me a big lecture. It was so long, that my mind slipped into its own dreamworld. How hot is the sight of jijus chest hair peeking through the top bottons of his shirt.

That perfectly shaped moustache around his manly brown lips… always made me weak in my knees.

My shameless thoughts were interrupted by that asshole Varun, “Anna, all this is useless. No amount of scolding will change this faggots mind. He is curropted beyond repair.” He continued, “He must be taught a lesson”.

To which jiju questioned “What lesson?” “Don’t get me wrong anna, but from what i hear around, your saala is a crowned gay slut of the city. He should be publicly humiliated and punished so that he will learn a lesson.” quipped that bastard Varun with a nasty smile.

And i finally came to senses, said “Please jiju don’t listen to him. He is just trying at add fuel to the fire. What a nasty human being…!” My jiju didn’t even let me finish. Said “What humilation are you suggesting?”

Varun continued, “This faggot needs to be stripped, made naked in public”. Now why the hell this was turning me on? Wasn’t i supposed to protest and maybe run? I just said rather meekly “What do you mean? No way”

My jiju, little hesitant “Are you sure Varun, i mean…” “Yes anna, if we don’t instill fear in him, god knows how many dicks that slut hole of his will consume. Are you forgetting you are planning to contest next elections?”

After a few seconds of thought, my jiju commanded “Get up and move to that corner!” Now to give you guys a perspective we were sitting in a permit room owned by my jiju. For who don’t know whats a permit room, its a cheap version of a bar.

A place where, daily labours, workers etc come to drink. Instead of protesting I shamelessly got up and stood at the corner. My faggot self turned on. I kept saying “No jiju, don’t listen to that asshole” but my innerself knew i was not meaning it.

Jiju commanded, “Common, take your clothes off Aakash” Well, well how much i dreamt he would one day say these words. Maybe not at this setting. I was terrified and excited at the same time. I kept saying (not meaning it), “No jiju, please i beg you. That Varun is a snake. Don’t listen to him”.

Jiju then gave a tight slap to a waiter who came to deliver his drink looking at me straight, “I asked for whiskey on rocks. Kya leke aaya thu! Madarchod! Ek baar bola tho samaj nahi aata kya.

Kitna baar bolu madarchod!”. “Galat hogaya sir. Maaf karo, abi leke aata hu.”, he literally ran like the room is on fire.

And that was enough for me. In the open doors, amidst a bunch of drunk men, trembling…i started taking my clothes off! I can’t believe all this is happening! I tried to move further to the corner to avoid public eye. I removed my shirt, then banyan.

Revealing my smooth as butter fair chest. I sound narcissistic but i was THE twink of the town. I have these pink nipples, i am not too curvy or girly mind it. Just the right amount of fat at right places.

I purposely didn’t shave my armpits. So those were the only place on my body except asshole where there was hair. I kept saying “Please jiju” for which i was responded with stone cold silence.

Next i removed my pants. There i was, just in my cut undie. Almost in tears but horny inside. Is this even a valid state?

Varun quipped, “Why keep that remaining piece. Half the city has already seen everything”. I shouted, “Shut up Varun!! You bastard!!”, I frankly thought my jiju would not go with the idea of me taking even my undie off.

I looked at my jiju almost in tears, with an expression that he would say fine enough. But he looked at me straight for few seconds, didn’t utter a word.

Gay chudai kahani mere jiju se sexy chudai ki

Then that waiter came in with Whiskey. My jiju held him by his neck and banged his face unto the table hard. I was terrified.!! He looked into my eyes, and banged the waiters head again unto the table!

Saying, “I told you to get Whisky on rocks? Where is the ice? When i say i want something, i want exactly what i ask. Not an ounce less!” and looked at me straight.

I was terrified. What should I do? There is no escaping. I had tears in my eyes. And can you believe i was turned on too? Is that even possible?

I gave in finally!. I slowly pulled my undie, tears rolling from my eyes. All the eyes around me piercing my modesty! There I was totally naked, standing at a corner, my modesty destroyed and horny!! Is this a nightmare or a wet dream?

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