Indian Gay Sex Story : Becoming Sister’s Gay Slut : 1

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Indian Gay Sex Story : Becoming Sister's Gay Slut : 1

Indian Gay Sex Story: Hi guys, my name is Varun or rather Vansha now. I’m an effeminate guy in my early twenties and I love being girly! It all started about a couple of weeks ago. I have always had a fantasy of crossdressing but I never explored it and I never knew for sure if I was gay. My cousin Vanitha had come to visit us and was going to stay with us for a few days. She had some business in nearby town so she had to go there and I was supposed to accompany her.

We booked a hotel room and after taking a shower she left saying that she was going to visit a few of her friends in the town. When she was gone I went to her room and found her dirty pile of clothes lying on the bed. I rummaged through her clothes and discovered the bra and panties that she had worn earlier.

I grabbed her panties and started to sniff it. It had a really sweet and tangy smell. I immediately had a hard on and removed all my clothes and just wore her bra. I kept sniffing her panties and masturbating at the same time.

I was so lost in all of this that I didn’t realise when Vanitha had come back and opened the door. She screamed out loud when she did and I quickly grabbed my clothes and rushed to my room. No one spoke for about an hour and then there was a faint knock on my door. I ignored it and just sat there silently. She knocked again and shouted at me saying that if I don’t open the door she will tell my mother. I was terrified and complied…

The moment I opened the door she stormed in and slapped me hard across the face and threw a bag at me. “Wear them now, SLUT!” she demanded. I looked into the bag and found a bra, panties, t-shirt and a skimpy little skirt in there. I stared at her in confusion and she jumped at me shouting, “You wanted to become a girl, no? So wear these now!”

I timidly started to go to the bathroom to wear those clothes but then she stopped me and asked me to change right there in front of her. I felt shy and stood there in embarrassment. She shouted again saying that if I could masturbate in front of her then I could also crossdress in front of her! I still held my ground staring at my feet. “Strip or I’m calling your mum,” she said picking up her mobile. “No no… I’m doing,” I said and began undressing. All the while she kept making fun of my tiny cock.

I undressed and quickly wore the bra and panties. Vanitha was clicking pics of me with her phone all the while with that evil smirk! I was very afraid of her now. When I was going to put on the t-shirt, she stopped me and stuffed the bra with a pair of socks from my bag. I was finally wearing the clothes of her choice. She clicked a lot of pics from all angles!

I was feeling so embarrassed! But, strangely I was excited too. Later I asked her “I’m really sorry. Can I please wear my clothes again?” She laughed and said, “I have bigger plans for you my little slut! And don’t joke with me. I can see that bulge in the skirt. You are also loving it.”

I tried to hide my boner but she pulled my hand aside and slid her hand into the panties. She grabbed my tiny cock and squeezed it saying “Bitch, you have to obey me now or everyone in our family will know about this little secret of yours!”

I didn’t really have any choice on the matter now. I nodded in agreement and her devilish smirk got even wider!

She came to my side and slid her other hand down between my ass cheeks. She was fondling them and squeezing them hard while she kept jerking off my cock with the other hand. She pushed me to kneel down and then came behind me. She raised my skirt up bed pulled the panties down. She spit on my ass hole and began rubbing her fingertip on my ass.

“Aren’t you loving this now?” she asked me. I lied and replied no. “Well that rock hard boner clearly disagrees” she smirked and pushed her finger into my tight virgin ass! I moaned out loud involuntarily and she laughed like a devil. Her finger was fucking me hard like a slut and she was enjoying every torture she was inflicting upon me. Secretly, so was I!

Her finger digs deeper in and kept striking and rubbing my prostate. It was like she was hit a button of a thousand mini orgasms inside my ass. “You are loving this, slut…” she said. “Yessss” I moaned in answer. She liked my participation and dug another finger into my ass. I screamed and tried to move away but she held me down and spanked my ass cheeks hard while still drilling me with the two fingers!

I was moaning and screaming out loud now. She didn’t care a bit and kept fingering me like a machine but I could sense her getting tired. She took her finger out and left me for a while. I just fell on the floor and gasped for some breath. A few moments passed and I heard her giggling again. I looked up to find her rubbing a big pink silicon dildo fastened to her waist! I was shocked and confused.

“Suck it, bitch,” she commanded. I kept staring at her. She slapped me hard and pushed the dildo into my mouth. “SUCK BITCH SUCK…” I began sucking it like she said. She patted on my head like I was her actual bitch. I continued sucking at the dildo.

Some minutes later, she pushed me down to the floor and sat on top of me with the dildo on my ass hole. “No. No… Please….” I wailed and she pushed the big dildo into my ass like it was nothing. It hurt like hell and cried like a child but she paid no heed and stopped only when the dildo was buried deep inside my ass. She sat on top of me like that and kept spanking both my ass cheeks!

Seeing me calmer, she began moving her hips now. Her dildo was ravaging my ass like a hammer drilling a nail! I could feel the dildo rubbing against my prostate and I was just loving it now. I began moaning now and she laughed at me like a bitch. She lay on top of me and began humping me harder and faster! “Mmmhhh fuck me di fuck me…” I moaned and screamed like a slut! “Yes, bitch… Aren’t you loving that big cock in your stinky puppy?” she asked. “Yes, di. I am loving it. I’m loving it so much. Don’t stop. Ahhhh…” I wailed!

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She fucked me like that for almost 45 minutes. I knew she was tired now. So was I. She stopped humping me and I felt a bit relaxed. But, I didn’t know about her last trick. She clicked a button on the dildo and it began vibrating like a drill inside my ass. I screamed and jumped under her and within seconds my dick exploded all over the floor. She still kept the dildo in me and I was getting epileptic shocks on the floor!

Finally, she switched off the vibrator and I just fell on the floor in my own semen! “That’s like my good slut,” she said and slapped me with the dildo and walked away. I sat up and realized how I didn’t really resist all that had happened just now. Perhaps, I really am a slut. A lot of new experiences awaited me next!