Gay Incest Story of Uncles & Nephew’s Wild Cruise: 1

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Gay Incest Story: This is the story of an uncle and his nephew Jay. The story is a writing collaboration between Jay the College Slut ([email protected]) and [email protected] feel free to email us with comments.

My cousin’s son, my nephew, was on his solo trip to the US from India and was visiting me here and it has been 15 years since I have seen him.

I had planned to take him on a cruise and we were supposed to meet at the port itself. As I was waiting next to the ship, I saw him approach from his taxi and walk towards me with his bag slung over his shoulder. I greeted him with a hug, lingering my hands around his young and tight body and exclaimed at how long it had been since I had seen him.

“Jay, you are grown up now” I said checking out his hot body. I left my arms on his shoulders squeezing them affectionately like you do with a young boy. Of course, he was no longer young. He has just turned 21 but still had that boyish look to him. He is almost a head shorter than me and slim like the twinks I have deflowered in the past. He reminded me of my youth too when I had a body I could rock without a care.

After we completed all the formalities, we checked into our suite, which we were supposed to share for the next 7 days. “Let’s change and head to the deck. We can explore the ship before the safety checks”. I opened my suitcase and took out my swim shorts. I had bought a special new pair for this trip.

It was simple and red but tight and the length of boxers rather than the super long ones men my age usually wear. I began to remove my clothes in front of him and looked over to see Jay’s luggage. He had pulled out his own pair of swim shorts, or should I say swim speedo. The pair was bright blue and no larger than briefs.

It had a lace up front and I smiled imagining what he would look like in them. I noticed that he looked slightly uncomfortable as I continued to strip down.

“C’mon don’t tell me you are shy now, we are both grown up and I have seen you in your birthday suit. Don’t be sissy now”. Jay got flustered and started removing his clothes without realizing what he was wearing beneath.

What I saw under his pants surprised me. He was wearing a blue jockstrap matching his speedo. He realized something was up as soon as he saw the look on my face as the jeans came off.

“Nice underwear” I said as I teasingly pulled back the thick waistband and let it snapback. I peeked in the mirror behind him to his nice round ass and could see what looked like dried cum on his cheeks.

He quickly tried to defend himself in embarrassment. “It is nothing like that, I use this while working out. I had to change my clothes on the plane due to a spill and this was the only underwear I had in my backpack ” Jay said, clarifying and trying to cover his ass.

I imagined in my head what kind of “spills” he must have had on the plane. I have fucked enough twinks to know what kind of workout he was referring to.

I tried to calm him down. “Relax! We are both grown ups.” I removed my own underwear and let my cock and balls air out for a moment. When hard, my cock was a solid 8 inches long and 3 inches wide. Now, it hung in its flaccid state after being trapped in my tight pants all morning.

I freely adjusted my junk, shaking it around to let it breathe. From the corner of my eye I thought I saw Jay sneaking a glimpse. I went to put on my swim shorts, looking away from Jay to let him put on his without feeling uncomfortable. There was plenty of time to help the boy loosen up around his uncle.

We took a quick walk around the deck and attended the mandatory safety meetings. All the while I was bouncing my attention between checking out the body Jay had grown into and all the other beautiful men aboard the cruise. I kept my eye to see all the men who also let their eyes linger on Jay as he walked by them. Who could blame them.

Jay had put on a t-shirt which barely showed his speedo peeking underneath so it almost looked like the shirt was all he was wearing. He had beautiful thighs which widened and bulged as they rounded to form his perfect ass. The speedos were helplessly trying to hold his ass even though a majority of it spread outside of the swimwear.

I could barely keep my dick from forming a visible tent in my pants. Eventually, we made it back to the cabin by nighttime.

“I am going to take a shower uncle before bed” Jay exclaimed. I handed him a towel the staff had left on the bed and told him to enjoy. I looked around the room. The bathroom was on the left right as you entered. It was a relatively tight space. Beyond it was a queen size bed and then a couch across from a tv. Beyond, I could see the balcony which looked out on the ocean.

“Uncle, do you know how this faucet works?” I heard from the bathroom. while showing him how the faucet works his towel dropped and it was a site for sore eyes. I could see his perfectly round ass without the speedo and also his flaccid dick.

I came to my senses when he bent to grab his towel and was sorry for what happened. It is fine we both are grown ups. I stepped out of the bathroom and let him have some privacy. “Jay, I am stepping out for sometime.” shouted from outside. I had stepped out of the suite to meet somebody which I had planned earlier (which I will discuss in another story).

Gay incest story of a kinky wild time between uncle and nephew

I came back after 2 hours and entered the room. The television was on and Jay was sleeping on the bed with just a towel covering his torso. I am sure he must have fallen asleep while watching the TV. I removed the towel and to my surprise he was completely naked.

I also removed my clothes and slid into the bed with him. I shook him a little bit to ensure he was fast asleep. There was no response from him and I started massaging his ass which was recently shaven, maybe before just he left from India. This got my dick completely hard and in its full glory. I started poking his ass with my dick and playing his nipples.

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