Beginning of Indian Gay New Year

Hello to all Indian Gay site viewers, I thank IGS to have given me an opportunity to share my lovely experience with all of you.
Days went on I was near to Arka, my school companion, and he likewise was exceptionally enamored with me. Days were moving quickly and we had arrived at the end of the year. We wanted to have a New Year celebration at his home. Everything was situated for the night; we had purchased beverages and foods. So the gathering started at ten and we were drinking and talking.
After at some point he began to discuss young ladies and sex and sexual positions, I was feeling minimal uncomfortable( being an Indian Gay) and I said should I leave and began to move away and abruptly Arka got my hand and pulled me towards him and began to kiss me. I was stunned and I didn’t know how to respond, it was an odd feeling and I was additionally making the most of his manly approach being an Indian Gay sex partner from school days. I was not mindful that he too was an Indian Gay sex beau.

New Year acquainted me with my new Indian Gay companion

I made him to lay down the bed gradually unfastened his pant pulled it down, his dick was at that point erect, I took the cockerel in my grasp and delicately I began too run my tongue on the pole, gradually I was enclosing my tongue on his rooster tip and I was spreading all his precum with my tongue. At that point I teased him for couple of mins and afterward I understood he was escaping from control I took the rooster in my mouth and began licking and sucking it.
In reply he started to suck my tongue with his arms around his neck. Slowly he started to move his abdomen towards mine and slowly he started to suck my nipples and then move his tongue all over licking my nude body.
Thus our Gay new year began with sex between two Indian Gay sex lovers