Indian Gay Erotica of a Chance Romance: 1

Indian Gay Erotica: Godhuli: 2

Indian Gay Erotica: We all are born different. When the majority of the society enjoyed the benefits of belonging to the heterogeneous sexual community most of the time many of us even had to hide our love not even able to express it out. Here I am writing about my love affair. More than erotic scenes you will find the intimacies of two hearts in here. Story of two guys born to share their lives.

It all started on a Friday noon. I was doing my engineering second-year studies away from home. Since it was the weekend I was going back to my home town. Though I had few crushes back in my school I never had the courage to open up to them. I never knew that this day would mark such a big change in my life.

To introduce my self am Jen 5’6″ tall. I love to keep my beard and moustache in shape. I love having it and people often admire me for my growth. I was always a big fan of people with thick hair. I am darkskined, have a toned body and an attractive face. The bus left from Kottayam and I was living in Trivandrum in Kerala.

When the bus reached Ettumanoor a guy with a travel bag boarded the bus. He was looking for a seat though there were many empty seats out there in the bus the moment our eyes crossed each other there was a spark. I felt it as butterflies in my abdomen… I hope so does he.

He was fair with a clean shaved face but he had thick growth which was evident from his greenish cheeks. The guy had braces on his teeth and he was athletic I have no doubts anybody can fall for him for his presence. Though we were strangers we both smiled at each other on our very first sight.

He came to me and asked if the seat near me was vacant. I told him yes it was. He sat near to me. He smelled awesome. Maybe because he ran a little to catch the bus he was still breathing a little heavy. He stared at me for a while and asked me if we had met at any time before.

I too had the same thoughts in my mind but I knew we never met each other before. We had a whole journey ahead, we talked about our life, likes dislikes. His name was Tom. He was doing his third-year degree in English literature and had an amazing skill with his words, he knew how to use it well. I was good with words too.

I asked him if he had any girlfriend and he said no. He asked the same question back to me. I said I never fall for any girls. I still dunno why I felt so comfortable with a total stranger. I smiled at him and said life is a lot beyond relations. I think by the time we both knew we are equally attracted to each other.

Maybe that’s why he took the courage to ask me if I fall for boys. I laughed at him and said yes I do and last time it happen a few hours ago… When a cute face smiled at me. He was excited and laughed with me. We didn’t speak for a while but when he spoke again his voice and tone was different. It was softer and relaxed. He asked me if it ever happened to me like this before.

I never could recollect any event in my life where I become this close to a stranger. And so did I say him. He said the same back. I never believed in love at first sight until I met him… But I was aware that it can be an infatuation too. I took the courage and asked for his hands. I told him I want to hold it till the journey is over.

He smiled and took mine in his. We kept speaking a lot about our colleges, friends, parents and so on. We both had a lot in common… After a while, he leaned on my shoulders. We both were silent but enjoying our closeness. The fact that our bodies are so close to make both of us very happy.

Finally, the journey came to an end and we both had to apart. We kept looking at each other after we came out of the bus. I knew I wanted to spend more time with him. To my surprise, he asked me if we could have some dum biriyani together. I said yes to him immediately though I knew my mum made a lot of special dishes for me and was waiting for me with love.

We went to a famous restaurant near the bus station and ordered a pot of biriyani. Because ever since we met we wanted to share everything we had. I knew all that I had is his too and so did he. We shared the biriyani and decided to walk a bit. We both tried our best to make sure there is less space between us… As close as possible.

After a while, I told him my urge to kiss him was getting so intense that I might kiss him on road. In return, he told me he was resisting this thought for a long time. In fact, he wanted to kiss me on the bus.

All of a sudden the heaven showered over us and we both decided to get wet. As we walked there was off-road and it was dark enough that we had the privacy to kiss each other. I stopped walking and just looked at him. He saw the opportunity and dragged me into the darkness…

We were all wet but the wetness of his lips as it touched mine is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. It was the moment when I meltdown. So did he… I didn’t know where the energy kept flowing within me… We kissed hugging each other so close..despite the raindrops falling over me I knew drops were falling off our eyes too.

Indian gay erotica of a chance romance between two strangers on a rainy night

That was the time when a car took the turn and showered light on us. The guy stopped the car and asked us what we were doing. We both laughed. I asked him if he didn’t see what we were doing… Before the guy could speak anything I took my friend’s hand and ran out of the site as fast as possible. We both ran into the nearest junction to make as safe and both couldn’t stop laughing.

How crazy a normal day can become when you meet your love? It was time for us to part for the day. Since we both belonged to the same city we knew we had enough time to spend together. We decided to catch up for a movie the next day and planned a ride and night stay at Ponmudi that weekend about which I will write next.