Romantic sex story of horny young gay guys: 1

Kissing young guys having a fun time together

Romantic sex story: Hey everyone Razz here (name changed) this is my first time writing a story lol I never wrote a story so pardon my grammatical errors!

So this story starts from when I was 18 when I shifted to Chennai as I changed
my residence. I didn’t know that I was bisexual and I just learned about grindr from a website and I downloaded it hoping to find something!

After 3 months of suffering from trash people as what many have experienced in grindr. I got a notification from a guy who was new to this app 😅 then I explained him I’m 18 b and he was too happy cause he wanted a young guy and a twink ethnicity!

I’ll explain about myself I’m a shy type of guy who’s a little cute, smooth figure, great fashion sense and sensible jerk!! Lol (not bragging) I was that 1% of that good guys…

He asked me to share his pics and I shared. DAMMN HE FALLED IN LOVE WITH ME he was complimenting me too muchhh like you’re cute and sexy 🖤 and just wanted me to lift me and kiss me to infinity.

I was in cloud nine like I cannot express that a guy has such intentions towards me I just thanked he shared his pic abs with 7 inch cut dammn that’s seriously out of the world…

He asked for my number and I was very hesitant 😭 but he convinced me to give my number so he could share his pic !!!

He gave his face pics and my goodness
A guy with the cutest smile, sexy looks and fashion sense my goodness,I fell in love with him! I just couldn’t believe that time.

He asked my permission whether he could address me as his Jaan or baby!! Oh and his name was rehman (name changed) he said he was desperate to meet me and have me in his arms…

I still was in shock lol and I said we’ll meet Tomorrow.. and he said to show up in his place …. Seems few blocks I was very rich ( not bragging 😭🤦) lol

3rd August was the dayy I met him !! It was evening My airpods were on and I was listening to music as I always do that whenever I’m nervous I was wearing a black shirt and ripped jeans !! With a black mask on my face.

Then I saw him and I got shy went away lol I thought he didn’t notice but he came towards me keeping his hand on my shoulder and asked in a very sweet voice
Rehman: Razz is that you!?

Me: Ahhh yess! How are you ( looki’n down )
Rehaman: good to see you babe I was literally waiting for your presence…

He noticed my shyness and enquired me
Rehman: hey are you okay you seem to be uncomfortable?

Me : *still shy* no not like that
Rehman: chuckled* haha I love you cutie come follow me

I was thinking about idk should I go or should I not go! He took me to his terrace and we had mutual conversations that obviously I rarely talked cause I was too shy.

Rehman: you know i really love your shyness it’s so cute babe !
Me : ah that’s weird lol cause I don’t think anyone would adore someone’s shyness isn’t it

Rehman: not me babe

He suddenly pulled me towards him

Rehman : Ahh baby you smell so good I just want to love you like something*bites my ear* can I kiss you?

Me: blushes*on my cheeks yes you can!
Rehman: grabs my neck and kissed me on my lips with his tongue inside me*

I just froze it was just magical! He didn’t even stop and I didn’t even tried to stop him. After 10 mins of kissing playing with tongue and biting my lips,he came to my ear.

Rehman: Jaan I love you! I love you razz your just so cute!! The day I talked with you I instantly fell in love with you!! I guess it’s all your magic babe 😚 love you my cutie!!

Me: blushing* I too kinda like you, you’re so funny and handsome too*indeed he was !!
Rehman : aww babe I feel worthy of your love *takes me in his arm like I was his wife*

Me: hey what are you doing keep me * he instantly kisses
Rehman:shhhh babe let me love you

After 2 hours of kissing I was lying in his lap talking all my things and he too was listening to me!

I had the most magical time of my life! Then I suddenly looked at my watch it was 10 pm.

I came by 6 and couldn’t even feel time passing so fast.

Me : I’m sorry it’s kinda late !! I should go now
Rehman: hey please why so soon!?
Me: I’m really sorry ji i have to go my parents will be searching for me
I was bidding him goodbye 🫂😔*i actually didn’t wanted to go but I had no choice* out of my suprise he pulled me again and whispered.

Rehman: Hey Jaan! Please don’t go nah 🥹 I’ll be very lonely and hugged me tightly
Me : hey I love you too but understand my love!
Rehman: But at only one condition
Me : tell me

Rehman: You gotta meet me Tomorrow at my house
Me : of course indeed Jaan!
Rehman : *hugs me tightly* take care baby bye see you Tomorrow

Romantic sex story of young and twink boys

After the magical evening I went to my home!! To my surprise I got a notification from one of the purest soul on earth:

Rehman: Hey razz! Jaan I miss you so much I literally miss you’re presence ❤️ please come back and give you’re beautiful talks!

You’re my love my hero my only love my Jaan my cutie pie ,my baby I MISS YOU SO MUCH RAZZ!! CAN’T SLEEP JAAN JUST HAVING YOU’RE THOUGHTS

Stay tuned for the next part homies and for any queries or suggestions please contact me in my gmail: [email protected] 🙂
Bye famm 🖤