Daddy boy story of horny fun with neighbour uncle: 2

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Daddy fucker story: Hi guys I’m Abeer and this is the continuation of my 4th story for igs. Give me your feedback on [email protected]

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I could only think of one thing now: being fucked and used like a slut by this beast of a man.

I was already shirtless and Qasim uncle’s hands were exploring my whole body. His hulk-like hands glided through my navel and up to my chest, and squeezed my tiny nipples.

His hands explored my back and gripped my neck and then went down near my ass. All this time, Qasim uncle looked at me like a gold medal he had won in a competition, cherishing my body with his eyes first, and now his hands.

He said “I thought you looked good bending over with your ass out when you were getting me the soap. But this is so much better than I expected.”

I did not respond, and I put my hands on his and guided them to my nipples, which he began to squeeze even harder. I closed my eyes and grinded my ass against his shorts, feeling his massive penis.

I looked at the TV once more, the white daddy sat on a chair and bent the brown boy over his lap. He took off his pants and tore his underwear and began spanking him hard till the boy moaned.

I turned towards uncle Qasim and he whispered “Don’t you know what to do now Abeer? I’m not going to pleasure myself now.” His face looked so wicked and cunning that I felt like I was his slave.

I put on an innocent and submissive face of fear to make uncle Qasim feel more dominant. He sat on the edge of the bed and I walked to him and bent over my body. He took my shorts off, leaving me in my underwear, while he was fully dressed.

He laid his hands on my ass-cheeks and gave a gentle squeeze. He moved it to my thighs and back to my ass. He wanted to take in his reward slowly, he wanted to feel like he won in seducing me.

He drew his right hand from my thigh to my lower back, and he made sure that his middle finger went deep into my asscrack in the process.

Then, in a swift motion he tore off my underwear to expose my bubbly naked white bussy. For a moment the whole room was silent and I could only hear the soft moans from the video on the TV, which was on low volume.

“I have seen so many but . . but you have the finest, smoothest” SMACK! Qasim uncle spanked my ass in the middle of his sentence and the sound echoed in the room.

I let out a sharp yell in pain. Uncle said “I don’t need the movie anymore, from this point onwards, I’ll do it my way” and he switched off the TV. He spanked me once more on my left ass-cheek.

He started spanking me more and more often, and with every spank I let out a yell “oh fuck uncle” “that was too hard uncle” “please spank me, but softer”. He spanked me harder and harder till my cheeks went red.

He felt like he had planted a garden of roses on my ass, and only he was allowed to plant it. It made him feel like I was his property. He spread my ass wide apart and spat on my clean pink hole to finish the spanking act.

Now Qasim uncle blindfolded me, and I was actually a little scared. For a few minutes, there was no sound in the room and I felt like I was there all alone.

In a while I felt uncle’s hands on my waist, and he lifted me up in the air and put me on his shoulder. My legs and hands were dangling on his body and I could sense that we had left the guest bedroom.

He was still clothed, but I was completely naked and bare. Then he took my body and placed it on a flat surface. I was in child’s-pose (a yoga pose), but my legs were apart to make my ass accessible.

The surface that I was on was hard, but had a blanket on it. Near my legs I could feel some metal objects, and I got scared instantly, thinking that they were knives or something.

But then Qasim uncle removed the blindfold, and I realised that I was on the dining table and that there was a small plate under my ass, and a fork and a spoon.

Uncle said “I told you that we were going to have dinner together today. And unlike others, I like to begin with dessert. And I hope that it is sweet, because if it isn’t then I’m not going to be very happy.”

I was so thankful that I showered well before coming here. Uncle then applied some whipped cream on and around my pink asshole. He shook his head from the left to the right, like he was saying no, and he dug his face deep into my crack.

Quite obviously, I couldn’t see him, but I felt every single lick and spit on my hole. He spread my ass cheeks apart so much that my hole was paining and I moaned the whole time.

Uncle kept licking and eating the whipped cream. He took a wet wipe and cleaned my ass, like he was maintaining his trophy. It was still red from the spanking.

I got off the dining table and looked at him sitting on the chair. I saw that he still had whipped cream around his face. Uncle was a messy eater it seemed.

I pointed it out to him and he said “don’t just look at my face like that! If it bothers you so much then clean it yourself.” So I made my first move on him since we began everything. I cat-walked towards him very slowly, flexing my slim figure, and I sat on his lap.

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Our faces were facing each other, so I took out my tongue as much as I could, and licked his face where the whipped cream was. I licked his chin, his cheeks, the bridge of his nose, and his lips.

The look on his face was of pride and horniness, and as a reward, he spat inside my mouth and I drank all the saliva.

How would you satisfy your neighbours’ kinks? Have you been treated like a slut by a master like Qasim uncle? Let me know your feedback on [email protected]. To Be Continued…