Gay first time story of horny school friends

Indian Gay Sex Story of Fun with 1st Man Crush: 14

Gay first time story: Hi Friends and readers. This story is a real life incident. My name is Gerald- name changed (18) and this story happened a few nights age (28 Dec 2020).

I am in grade 12 and I went for a night-stay to my friend’s house in Delhi. We both turned 18 last month.

This friend (lets call him Guri – name changed) was going through a breakup and I wanted to make things better for him.

When I reached his home I realised his parents were out due to their anniversary. And so it was only me, Guri, and his elder brother (irrelevant)

We did some casual stuff like playing cards and laptop games etc. and then it was time for him to work-out so he took off his T-shirt and oh mama! What a body he has!

I last saw him physcially before COVID-19 in march when he was obese and now he is a slim man and light abs growing out. It was then I knew something was gonna happen between us tonight when I saw his pecs bouncing while he was running on the treadmill. (His dick didn’t move cuz of the supporter)

After working out I sent him to take a bath and psyched myself up, made my hair, used a flavoured lip balm, and many more things.

He came out wearing an undervest and a lower. It was almost 1 AM and then when he came, his brother knocked and said he is going to sleep. Then I started talking about his relationship, he was sad and almost in tears. I turned off the light and hugged him… electricity went through me OMG.

Then after the emotional session I offered to massage his back to which he didn’t deny cuz before treadmill he was doing deadlift and needed a massage anyways.. so I started massaging him- slow and slow.
He liked it. He told me he loved my touch.

I told him bhai acche se nahi ho rha, teri T-shirt ke uper se (i can’t do it properly over ur T-shirt) and he removed his T-shirt. Now he was just in his lower and topless next to me. I was thrilled.

I massaged him and then I went to the side and he said he was being tickled. I said okay then let’s leave the side and come to ur belly. He turned over.

I started massaging his tummy and slowly his chest. It was sensuous. Then I slowly loosened my hands and started rubbing his tummy with 2-3 fingers.. slowly going up to his chest, coming back to tummy, then chest again, and tummy. It went on for 15 mins.. he said he’s liking it.

Finally came the time-

I asked him slowly- ‘can i see ur dick’.
Guri: Why
Me: I am confused, I think I might be a bisexual and if you show it to me it will help me clear the confusion I have.

Guri: Urm lol but still why do you wanna see it. It is too hairy, I didn’t trim and won’t it be disgusting for you?
Me: Vro please it will help me, I am helping you too right? With the breakup thingy.

After 5 mins

Guri: Okay vro, only for you. You can see it and then you can touch it.

I tried to turn the lights on but he told me he liked it dark. I said okay sure but let me see it first na, after that you can turn it off and I will touch your dick.

I turned on the lights and went near his thighs. I pulled down his trouser and dang! He was hard. He said he got an erection with all the belly things with 2-3 fingers. Then I kept my hands on his thighs and tickled his thighs a bit. I could sense he was loving it.

Then I slowly pulled down the underwear, exposing his 6.5 inch long dick. The hair was all over his balls- soft hair. After 5 seconds he said that’s enough and he pulled his Jockey underwear and trousers back up. I turned off the lights and hugged him while laying and I was hearing his heartbeat.

Slowly I slid my hands down into his underwear and ooh la la it was so warm and filled with precum already.

I just held it for a few minutes and slowly tried to give him a handjob. I said that the elastic of underwear is hurting my hands to which he lowered his underwear to his thighs.

I kept on caressing his dick with my bare hands while kissing his belly, light abs, chest and his nipples. He was loving it. He would have moaned loudly but couldn’t because his elder brother was sleeping next door.

He also asked me if his dick was bigger than mine to which I replied Yes vroo!

Then he asked how much. I said do you wanna see it? He said he wouldn’t mind now. and then he turned on the lights and pulled down my trousers. He was shocked to see my perfectly trimmed and maintained dick.

He almost asked a question but then stopped and denied talking about that question at all! He then told me to put my dong back into my underwear as he was getting uncomfortable (5.5 inches for those kinky people wondering 😉

After that I asked him that we can stop whenever he wants but he said yeah i know its okay carry-on. And then I asked for his permission to kiss his “chhota shehzaada” i.e his penis/cock/dick. He said it’s up to me.

I went under the quilt and started kissing his feet, then legs, then inside of thighs and sucking his right foot’s thumb. and his hand fingers too- obsessively his middle finger.

Then I removed his trousers and underwear altogether. I started kissing his shaft, and then his very hairy balls. After 2 minutes I asked whether I could french kiss his cock. He said it’s up to me and then I started- slowly and gently- sucking his cock.

For a second I looked up at him and ooooh mamaaaaa he was in heaven. His face up, eyes closed, mouth open, breathing heavily, and the urge to moan! I made him feel the pleasure by slowly sucking on his dick like a lollipop.

I think he read my mind and placed his right hand, and then left one, on my head- trying to hold my hair cuz they were getting into my eyes. and his grip on my head and hair was perfect! not too hard not too soft, After 5-7 mins of sucking I came out of the quilt saying “aaaahh i wanna breathe now. ”

To which he gently smiled 🙂 Then I started sucking on his nipples again and on his neck trying to give him a hickey but as this was my first sexual encounter (yes first- literally) so i didn’t know how to give the hickey.

Then I asked him if he wanted to french and he said he can’t because he won’t be comfortable with that. I said it’s perfectly okay.

Then after his neck, I sucked on his left ear-lobe(to my right) and I sucked his left ear-lobe. Slowly and gently I kissed on his left then right cheek and then slowly gradually our lips met. Neither I had done a french kiss before this, neither did he.

It was the first time for the both of us. Our lips interlocked perfectly like they were made for each other. I loved the kissing part. I could feel his teeth touching my tongue and we sucked on each other’s breath! So sensuous!

After this 7-8 seconds of frenching he felt uncomfortable (probably realising I’m not a girl) and said let’s not french. I said it’s perfectly fine.

I tried to give him hickey again but he was moving his head quite a lot so his neck moved too. I asked him not to move it to which he replied sorry. Aaah He must have been in immense pleasure.

After that I asked him whether he wanted to fuck my asshole but he said he cant cuz he still has to process a lot of things. I asked if he wanted to be dominant now cuz it was mostly me doing the work. He asked the meaning of dominant and then said No he wants to stay as it is and says I can do what I want to.

It was a great time to be in. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening and as I was about to say it, he said it and then I said, “Lmao Jinx, Lol”

I tried to suck on his body a lot. Then he said he is kinda losing the erection and said it’s probably cuz of his stamina as he is still erotically horny and thirsty. I said no problem bro. I said we can do similar things in the school washroom too. He didn’t reply but then he said not to tell anyone and I assured him.

I asked him quite a few times if he liked the experience and if he is feeling good. To which he always replied that he is neither feeling good nor bad. but he said he surely isn’t feeling uncomfortable. I said that’s good then.

We were also scared that his brother would hop into the room and I tried to lock the room but it wouldn’t close as there was this wifi router wire coming into his room. He said now we should sleep as it was 3:30. I said yeah but let’s finish what we started.

I asked him when he last masturbated and He told me it’s been long and I replied- so I guess it;s due now! He said that the sperm might fall on the bed but I said don’t worry and went down. He put the blanket over me. I was sucking his cock again but this time not as a foreplay but as a climax.

He put his right foot on my left thigh and I told him I love it so he put both his legs on my thighs while i was laying between his legs sucking on his dick and as soon as both of the feet touched my thigh I was on cloud 9. I would have gotten an orgasm (or more precisely sissygasm) then and there but I controlled.

I sucked on his dick. Sucking it while also my hands moving on his shaft. So a blowjob plus a handjob at the same time. after about 4-5 more strokes he said “Ruk stop” and I stopped and asked why. He said “sperm” and he held the hole tight with his foreskin in his hands.

Gay first time story of horny twinky friends

I just got an immediate fantasy for cum-eating but didn’t know if i would be able to ‘handle’ it so i was confused and remained near his dick in his confusion.

In a second BINGO! (or BINGPOT!) He got a very wild orgasm of a huge amount and hence his pinch on the foreskin couldn’t handle it and fortunately my mouth was close so I just opened my mouth a bit and Voila! I had just swallowed some cum of my homie.

The taste was salty (namkeen) and the consistency was like water itself. Our combined efforts ensured the bed was sterile and untouched by a drop of sperm. Then after cleaning up he dressed up and we slept at 4 until 11:45 on 29 Dec 2020 (today) cuz we had a virtual PTM (Parents Teacher meeting of Pre-Pre Boards result at 12 noon).

After that I had to leave almost instantly unfortunately but I got a chance to hear his heartbeat once again!

We didn’t talk about it yet.

If you want to talk or contact me or do some kinky stuff or anything at all! Contact me at [email protected]

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