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Interracial sex story: How often does it happen that you are sitting in the heart of hills, sipping coffee, not seeing anyone around for miles and suddenly your phone beeps, and you see a message on Grinder?

It was unexpected, but I was intrigued to see who could possibly be around this deserted homestay.

It was from a non-Indian guy Jake, who I had pinged earlier, and we started chatting. After around 10 mins of chat, we exchanged photographs.

To my surprise, he was an extremely hot German guy, 45 years in age as per him. We both liked talking to each other, and the conversation went on for half hour before we exchanged numbers.

There was just one issue- we were 9 kms apart. It was a tough call and a risk to walk this long and meet someone, and I thought for a while before we decided to meet mid way.

I started walking through the road and then through a jungle, till Jake messaged me that he would be late and that it will take him at least 2 more hours to start. Since I was already half way through, I told him I would reach his place by then.

He apologized and told me not to take the pain, but I was intrigued to meet him and since I was already half way through, I didn’t want to wait for 2 hours as it would have gotten dark while returning.

He was staying at a nice resort, and I reached at the time when he was about to start his lunch. Jake came to the gate to receive me, and I was blown away by his first look.

Tall, fair, had a salt and pepper beard shining in the sunlight, sparkling eyes and thin pink lips that smiled wide while greeting me. We shook hands and went to the lunch area. He offered me to have some, but I was full.

Out of courtesy, he got me some desserts and I had them. We then went into the common area and chatted for more than an hour, mostly around Delhi where we had both lived. Post this, we went out for a walk.

I came in to pick my bag and leave, and then Jake insisted that I check out his room at the resort. At first I didn’t realise why he was insisting me on checking his room, but then I realised when he smiled and said- “You will like the inside of the room”.

I went to his room with him, moved around it, appreciated it and then told him I am leaving as it was actually getting very late.

When I reached the gate, Jake was still standing inside the room, again, smiling at me.
I realised it was a moment. I went and hugged him, and kept hugging for a while before starting to part, only to realise our cheeks rubbed against each other and our eyes met for a brief moment.

His aroma was intoxicating. We both smiled, came closer, this time knowing we were not ending this meeting at a hug. We took a good 20 seconds to seal our lips, but when it happened, the warmth of each other made the hours of walking and patience worth it.

It was a beautiful and fulfilling kiss, with both our lips melting into each other like an aromatic amalgamation of cream and caramel.

Before we knew it, our lips opened and gave way to our tongues that started mingling like they have missed each other for ages and this was what they are destined for.

Everything was happening so naturally that we didn’t realise he had not shut the drapes. The kiss was broken, only for a brief moment when he put on the curtains, and then we came closer without wasting a moment, to lock lips once again, this time more firmly trying to taste each other.

We kept kissing for a long time before his hands started sliding down my jersey, only to gently take it out, all the while not breaking the passionate smooch we never wanted to end. I reciprocated by opening his jacket slowly, and before we knew it, we were both half naked above the belt, our lips and bodies mingling into each other.

Jake’s touch was magical, right from the lips to his bare back, and we were tasting each other, engulfed into each other’s body, soaking in the fragrance of our aromas that only made us move to the next step sooner.

The inevitable was about to happen, and it happened so naturally that while we thought we were just two innocent souls enjoying a tender yet passionate kiss, we were now actually two completely naked bodies writhing against each other and making sure we had no veil between us anymore.

It was almost half hour and we were still passionately enjoying the kiss, when Jake slowly started kissing down my neck. It almost felt like a warm melting feeling when his lips caressed my neck and moved to my nipples, where he planted some juicy kisses and then started using his teeth to nibble on them and I kept moaning in pleasure all this while.

He munched on my nipples for a while before he moved to my armpits and buried his face in them. I was sweaty from my uphill climb and he went berserk with my manly odor. His soft beard kept tickling me and his wet tongue gave a good balance to that overall touch that made me scream in pleasure.

I was trying to control myself before he suddenly slide down his tongue all the way from my armpits to my navel and before I knew it, his lips were on my manhood’s entrance. It almost felt like his lips had lost their way and finally found it on the tip of my tool.

He took time to caress the top and enjoy the wetness of the area before taking a plunge and making me scream in utter joy that comes once in a long while. Jake had taken me inside completely, with his lips gatekeeping my manhood and eyes meeting me in the process.

He was full of passion and I was feeling it in his eyes as well as down there. He started moving my manhood in and out for a while, only to make me scream louder on every stroke of pure ecstasy that the inside of his mouth got me to.

I wanted to make him feel equally good, and I asked him to change position so I could have access to his majestic and beautiful buns, that guarded the heavenly entrance to his soul.

I started caressing his white, soft yet firm ass cheeks, and my fingers created a red print on them when I started pressing them hard. My tongue touched one of his cheeks and he moaned softly.

I started licking both his buns ferociously and he was enjoying that lick to his core. He started moaning heavily and I kept on licking, biting and smelling him all at the same time. Then it was time for me to taste his entrance, something I was waiting for long.

I parted his ass cheeks wide, swirled my tongue around his hole and then entered it.

God knows it was heaven, not possible to describe in words how magical it felt tasting this German treat deep inside. The warm and aromatic flavour of Jake was out of the world.

He screamed in joy as soon as my tongue touched his inside, only to gasp for breath when I started stroking it inside out of him slowly.

I was pressing his buns hard with my hand, squishing them like a dough, all the while rimming him as deep as humanly possible and tasting his inside.

I asked him if there was any Nutella at his place, and he pointed at his kitchen counter.

I opened the bottle and poured some Nutella inside his majestic ass entrance. The chocolaty flavour was spread on his ass as well as oozing out of his love hole, and I dived right into it to taste him again.

I sealed my lips on his hole to squeeze out that Nutella and take it all in. It had his taste added, which I wanted. I licked him raw in 10 minutes, his ass was as clean as before.

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I continued rimming him for the next half hour non stop, his moans increased, my tongue went mad going in, out and around his hole and biting, sniffing, licking, tasting and almost literally eating his buns till they became red and till he reached a point where he couldn’t take it.

I turned him around, this time our eyes met and we locked lips. It was time, and we were both ready.

We started smooching passionately, our almost ready to explode manhoods rubbing against each other only to make them burst into pleasure few moments later, all this while us smooching our hearts out.

We lay there for sometime catch our breath, then cuddled and it was already dark outside so I decided to stay. It was a magical experience and we kept in touch since then.

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