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Massage fun story: I’m a 37 male. I want to share my real experience of gay sex. Most of the Indian stories I read online are mostly imagination. Real stories may not be as interesting as fictional but I think people should share their real stories.

I am trying to share my first time sex with just some parts which i don’t want to share with random strangers about my personal life but will write sex part as real as it is.

So one of the people in my village was doing small business in a big city 200 kms away from my village. As I was very young and looking for a job, someone suggested I go to him and work with him until I found another good job.

We met in our village when he was there due to festival time. He was kind of a small trader. He would buy stuff from wholesale and then sell it to small shops.

Business was small so he was doing it from home. He was living on rent. Now this person is around 40. I called him uncle. His wife was dead and he had no child so he was living on his own and doing this small business.

After meeting him I decided to just work for 3-4 months and keep looking for other jobs. My family needed money. So i left my village for this job and it also means to live with uncle for a while in his room.

From here onward it is a complete real incident how it happened without any fiction. We arrived at his place. Standard 1bhk. We arrived at 10-11 am. He told me that we should cook something for lunch.

As he was living alone he would do all the cooking etc on his own. I helped him in cooking. We had lunch. After lunch he said let’s sleep in the afternoon and relax. There was no bed in the house, just a mattress on the floor.

He told me he has back pain and if I can do some back massage it will be good. I said I don’t know how to massage. He said he will teach me. He removed his clothes and just wore lungi. He asked me to remove shirt pants as oil from massage will make my clothes dirty.

Now he was just wearing lungi and I was in underwear and a vest. He gave me coconut oil. He slept on his stomach. I put some oil on his back and started a massage.

Around 10 mins he gave me various instructions on how to do a good massage on legs, neck and back. After 10 mins he said let me show you how to do massage.

He asked me to sleep facing my back to him. Asked me to remove my vest. Now I was laying on the mattress with my back facing him. He put some oil on my back. Now he was doing a massage on my back legs and neck.

It was very relaxing for me. After some time I noticed he was focusing more and more close to my ass. I didn’t say anything. Gradually he lowered my underwear and now he was doing a massage on my ass.

I was clueless what to say. He asked me to remove my underwear completely as oil stains were there on my underwear.

He removed my underwear by asking me to just lift myself a little. Now I was completely naked in front of him with my ass facing him.

He put some oil now directly on my asshole and started massaging just near the asshole. It was a situation I was not prepared for. I was 200 kms away from my house naked in a house with a man 20 yrs older than me.

Now he removed his lungi and was only in underwear. He inserted one finger in my ass. There was a lot of oil but it was a little painful and not very much. As I didn’t say anything he just kept going.

One finger, then two and then three. Due to the slow process of one by one fingers and a lot of oil it was not much pain for me. Now he removed his underwear and slept on me naked.

It was a weird feeling for me. His warm body was on my body with a lot of oil. Being a young guy somehow I liked that body to body touch. Now his dick was on my ass and he was rubbing it.

As you can imagine, gradually he started pushing his dick on my hole. Due to oil and fingering it went inside when he pushed. His dick was not bigger than his 3 fingers. It was painful but not that much as his dick was not that big.

He fucked me for a while and released inside me. He went to the bathroom, cleaned himself and asked me to do the same.

Massage fun story of horny and wild young boy

It was an awkward situation. I was silent during this whole thing and just let him do it. I stayed there for 03 months with him.

At night after dinner he would just ask me to do a massage and I knew what was going to happen.

After getting fucked by him 10-15 times I realized I also like it. He also understood that I also like it.

This all ended when I left him and went back to my village as his business I was not able to work on very well so he decided it would be better if I go back to village and do something else.

I like all kinds of sex with man, women. Even had a threesome also. I will share my other experiences soon.