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Real gay fun story: You have been left dry last part and I am sure this part will satisfy you all. I am Jay and I am tall enough to be not called short. I have a dick of 7 inch but I love to spread my legs. Let’s jump to my real story where we left and every incident is cent percent true.

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He said he can’t wait for other day. He asked me to sit down right there on the bathroom floor. I was bit hesitant but this hottie with his dick out I and I bent down towards his crotch. He rubbed his dick on my face and I licked his head.

I pulled back his foreskin and slowly took the tip in my mouth. he left a slight moan and just pressed my head in that pleasure. My mouth took his full length in my mouth.

He is 6 inch and moderate thickness so it was easy to go deep in him. He made me suck his dick. Though it was all fun but we were in office washroom, I was a bit scared that somebody can come inside but I was horny as well and lick his dick and looked at him while licking him.

He told me to open my mouth full and just press the dick inside my mouth again and with sudden push, it made me cough. He just took his dick out and said take a breath and suck me well.

I just looked at his face and put my tongue outside and told him to fuck my mouth as if he was just waiting to hear that, he put his dick inside my mouth and started fucking now I was enjoying his dick and he was enjoying.

Let me remind you we are in the office washroom and anybody can come at any time. Suddenly, we heard a noise and I just got up and stood in urinal pot as if we are urinating. It was very close to be caught and my heart was beating fast.

The guy who came in used the empty third pot and he just washed his hand and left. We just looked at each other. And he told me that you are such a bitch. Just get inside in one of the bathroom.

I asked him isn’t it risky. He asked me don’t you want my dick with that evil smile. I was so horny after sucking him. Of course, I wanted his dick. I didn’t answer him. I just went inside the bathroom. He came behind me and locked the door.

He just pulled me to him and started smooching again. I hugged him tight and we were kissing madly. I was pressing his dick and he was pressing my ass. I started feeling his chest which was muscular, I slowly opened his zip and took his dick out.

He told me in a whispering voice in my ear. Looks like someone is hungry. I asked him what do you want he said take your position I know what my top guy wants. I went on my knee and he just smiled looking at me.

I open my mouth and slowly licked his mushroom head and started sucking it slowly. He was enjoying the sensation and moaning a little. It’s being office, he was controlling himself. I was enjoying myself too.

I was even thinking in my head. How did it happen that too in the Office bathroom? I’m sucking the stud. He was enjoying a lot that he opened his pants button and pulled his pants to the knee, and it was a sight to be hold.

I started sucking him going deep throat and he was caressing my hair and enjoying my sucking skills. Now, he told me that if I keep sucking him he will cum. I didn’t want to drink his cum so I got up and kissed him and for my surprise, even after sucking him, he was ready to kiss me.

Because as you all know that the are top guys, don’t like much kissing and especially after sucking. We were making out kissing and he was getting restless. He told me that he wants to see my ass.

I didn’t question him much because we both were anyway horny. I just open my pants folded down, turned around and told him have your way. He came and hug me from behind and pressed his boner on my underwear covered ass.

He started kissing the back of my neck and I was liking it and he told me that he likes bottoms like me who knows what to do and how to satisfy his guy, he slowly pull my underwear down and went a little back.

He saw my ass and he came near to my ear and said you have a smooth ass and I like it.

I just smiled for his compliment and said have your way. He asked me do you like getting fucked and instead of answering, I just bent down holding my knee. I turned to him and saw he is having that horny look. He said I am unable to control.

I told him my condition is the same. He said it’s very risky to do anything here, I told him then we have to find some other place some other day. He agreed but we both were so horny too. He told me okay.

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Let me just rub my dick on your ass. I was happy for whatever he asked me for I just bent and was stroking my dick and he was rubbing his dick in my hole. He was getting restless and I was too.

I wanted him to fuck me but the situation was not right. He asked me do you have condoms and I said I don’t have it in my hand. It’s in my bag. He told he just want to feel how the tip would feel in my ass.

He is my top I can’t disappoint him and too such hot stud. He spit on the hole and started running his hard dick in my asshole. I was just in cloud 9. He started pressing his dick a little.

To be continued…