Gay slut story of a gay discreet married man: 2

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Gay slutty story: I was also getting hardon with his constant fucking. Without even touching me, I cummed within 5 mins. He laughed at it, and continued ploughing me.

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When he was near to cum, he took his dick out, and pushed me down, and pushed his dick in my mouth, and started jerking there. For the next couple of minutes, he fucked and cummed his whole load in my mouth.

I tasted his yummy cum after 10 years, and gulped it in one go. I was still on my knees, while daddy wore his pants back. I was waiting for his command. He asked me to get up and get dressed.

As I wore my pants back, he asked me to open my mouth. I showed him, and he was pleased that I had drunk his whole cum. He smiled, and spitted right into my mouth.

I drank it too. It was a Wednesday night, and it was almost 30 mins that I was with him. As he was leaving, he said, “I want you on the weekend. Just like old times, I would arrange a gangbang for you. Prepare accordingly.

I will send you the address later.” I was a bit skeptical and said, “But how will I manage? I have a wife” He smirked, and said, “You managed tonight right? Your wife is outside, and you just got your ass fucked.”

I nodded, as I knew I cannot say no to him. He gave his number to me and I shared mine with him. He slapped my ass before leaving. I waited for a couple of mins, and then went back to our dinner table.

Wife asked, “Where were you? What happened?”

I replied meekly, “Upset stomach”

“Hmmm. I would still fuck you with the strapon.”, and she continued completing the dinner.

I smiled, and continued with mine. After 10 mins, daddy and his wife left. We were there for a few more minutes and then we left.

On my way back, I was remembering the fuck I just got, and prepared myself for the pegging for later. We reached our home shortly. My wife asked me to get ready, and handed me a packet and said, “For tonight”.

I took the packet and went to the bathroom. When I opened it, it contained a baby doll dress, along with a pantie. I was shocked, but being the pussy I am, I wore them, and came out.

Before my marriage I have worn girls clothes a lot, and have quite an experience. Anyway when I went to the bedroom, I saw my wife waiting there.

She wore a fake moustache and beard, and wore male clothes. She had worn the strapon on top of her dress. It was huge, easily 10-12 inches in length and 3-4 inches in width.

I knew my ass would be torn apart tonight. I was really scared at what was to come.

She called me and asked me to kneel and suck her strapon. I did as told. She started caressing my hair, and said, “Tonight I am your daddy, and you are my bitch.”

Hearing the word daddy and bitch, my ass hole twitched a bit. I gulped at the size of the strapon, and took it in my mouth. And then it started.

She became more abusive and rough as time went by, and pushed the whole cock in. Tears started flowing from my eyes, and I started pleading with my eyes. She smiled and said, “Fine. If you don’t want it in your mouth, then bend over”.

I thought of complying and deep inside wanted to be fucked by that huge dick. I bent over, and she pulled the panties down, and slapped my ass cheeks a few times.

My asshole had a gape from the fuck daddy gave few hours back. She asked me about it. I said that I had inserted a vibrator for her easy access.

She believed and spit on my ass hole, and rammed the whole 12 inches in my ass hole. I cried out loud due to the pain and asked her to be gentle.

She slapped my ass hard, and closed my mouth with her hands. Then she proceeded to fuck me for the next 30 mins. I just laid there taking her dick.

I was too tired by the two fucks in 1 night, and almost passed out. After 30 mins, she cummed, and took the dick my ass. and spitted in my mouth and went to sleep.

I laid in that position for the next 10 mins, before going to the bathroom and cleaning myself. My ass was in pain, so I applied some cream on it.

Gay slutty story of a horny married man

As I went to sleep, I got a message from daddy. It read, “Sleep well bitch. Weekend there will be no rest for you”. I replied, “Ok” and went to sleep thinking of the weekend.

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