Gay experience story of a slutty bottom boy: 2

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Homo experience story: They were abusing me with words like “Sali randi chakke gandu hijda kutta” etc and then the made me remember that they have videos of my fucking and blackmailed me that from today…

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If I refused to comply with any of there demands then they’ll leak my video socially and they cut the call.

I knew that this was going to happen so I reached the police station with the complaint of blackmail.

But there again I got a new surprise that instead filing my complaint those police cops were laughing at my case and cursing me for being gay.

I decided to leave but one cop stopped me and said :- where are you going slut after a long we found a bitch like you without having fun we’re not going to leave you.

Suddenly the cop grabbed me and closed the door then kicked me to the floor and they all again gave a laughter at me and they one cop pulled my shirt collar and made me stand.

Then they instructed me to stripped down naked and I did so then one guy oiled my body then took a stick(laathi) and started hitting continuosly on my ass which made me piss from my small dick in front of them (dar ke mare moot diya 💦,)

And I was crying like a humiliated kid which was making them horny then a cop came near me to squeeze my boobs and when he did that he said :- Are dekho sale hijde ko ladki jaise chucchi hai iski.

Then they made me kheel down and They all started masturbating and soon they released their sperm at my face. Then ke made me lick their shoes to clean them then they threw me out of the station with my clothes.

I was hopeless because the destiny was forcing me to become a Prostitute and I had no choice I returned home took bath and sat in the chair and finally decided Ok so, that’s my future?

Then I am ready to face it Now I will do whatever my life wants me to do.

An hour later those 6 fuckers called me I picked up my phone and they instructed me to come to the sector 8 of the city and when I reached I saw those men and they recognized me.

Then they took me to the nearest building’s 4th floor and forcefully took my all clothes and threw it in the dustbin and sent me in a room where there mere many gay prostitutes like me sitting naked in the floor.

Some talking to each other like they are experienced prostitutes and some crying as they may be new ones.

I was also a fresher but I had accepted my future so I joined those Prostitutes who were friendly talking to each other and when I introduced myself to them they were shocked that I am a new prostitute and I am not crying and appreciated me for my positivity and said :-

Ye to humse bhi badi randi banega 😂 and we laughed…

I didnt knew that in my absence what my brother will do will fe file an FIR of my kidnapping?

But next day that doubt was also clear my fucker kidnapped him too and threw him in our room as a fresher randi 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 and when he saw me he was like what the hell is going on and when I explained him all the story.

He began crying and accusing me that just because of me he was also being forced to be a Prostitute but I dont care 😂

Because I was happy that I am not alone in this prostitute market even my other slut mates also told me that thos fucking men always kidnap the family members of the sluts to include them in this sex trade.

Again next day a businessman or agent came to purchase prostitutes and in which he was comparing every slut to choose the most sexiest one in which he pointed out ten including me and my brother.

I was happy to be choosen out but my brother was crying 😂 that why he got a bad luck.

Then the agent took all sluts into a van and we went to lucknow’s red light area where in a kotha or Randi khana the trader sold us at 10000 ₹ each slut.

Homo experience story of a horny and wild slutty boy

I was sold to the owner of that randikhana who was a man aged 35 years looking like a hungry devil. And in these all events we all sluts were naked experiencing humiliation.

After that Me and my brother was fucked and Humiliated unlimited times, many times customers use us and then throw us out of their homes naked and we have to walk in the crowded street towards randikhana naked now.

After 15 years of experience I myself is an owner of a randikhana where I also trade Prostitutes…