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Slutty fuck story: Hi this is Jahan back with some story of a boss and his junior. I am around 35 year man with decent physic and good size tool. I like flip fucking where both partners in bed are open to all possibilities. Let me start with story.

I have never tried on any of my team mate where I work as it is always risky affair. So now this new guy has joined our office as a trainee around 24-25 years age. Same as my height around 6 ft. Tall with beard looks damn hot.

When I first saw him in cafetaria of our office my jaws were wide open and dropped with lust. He was looking so cute in formal attire. I got to know through some inquiry in my office that he has been assigned in my team for industrial training of around six months.

I tried to find whom he has been assigned. As my luck was favouring he was going to work under me for next six months.

As the day had just begun and all trainees were under orientation on third day he came searching for me. When I saw him coming I got hard on and my tool was tight in my pants. We shook hands and finally got formally introduced.

His name was Shonak. I got to know that he is Punjabi from Himachal. My two fantasies of having sex with a pahadi guy and Punjabi was met. Now I was looking for an opportunity.

After a month, I got an opportunity. By this time we had become good friends and I was the only contact for him. We bonded well. We started hanging out on weekends as I live alone in the city and he was staying PG.

I asked him to shift with me. He told that will do after month ends as he has paid for PG for full month. I did not show any desperation. Now, we were assigned for some task and for which we had to travel for 15 days to some different city.

As work going to start from Monday, we book our tickets for Friday so we can enjoy weekend in new city.

Saturday evening after hanging out and boozing like hell, we reached our hotel and fell on bed. That moment don’t know what happened I saw him and he was looking into my eyes. No one spoke anything. We were drunk and alcohol was working on me.

I went towards and him and kissed on his lips. He did not react because he was drunk and may be not in his senses. I did not do anything as when I saw him he was slept. I did not move forward and controlled my emotions.

Next day, he was little awkward so by evening I asked him whats the matter. He remembered the kiss and he said he is not sure of his feelings. He said for the first time he is liking a guy but not sure whether its right or wrong.

He was confused. I laughed and then we spoke a lot about the feelings confusion.

In same hotel room and had only one bed, it is bound that our bodies were going to get touched. Now, after changing to shorts (without undi) I came out of washroom.

My bulge was visible and purposely I wanted it be visible. He noticed it and said some one is horny. I said when I have some hot guy in bed with me why will I not be horny.

I shyed and went to change but I noticed he had kept door open. I piped and saw he was naked with his round butt visible and was taking shower.

I thought that as signal and got naked and went in washroom. He was not anticipating this. So he was hesitant and I hugged him from behind. My tool was rock hard by now and was poking his ass hole.

He said he is not ready to get fucked as it is first time for him. I said no worries he can fuck me.

Now, he turned and saw he was hard too with around 8’ thick tool oozing pre-cum. He kissed and water was flowing from our hair and head. It was the magical moment and best kiss I ever had. We cleaned ourselves and came to bed.

I started licking him from neck to nipples. He was moaning hell and making all noises. The room was full of his moaning sounds. It was first experience for him. I took his hard tool in my mouth and gulped whole of it.

He was shocked of it and was moaning. I sucked his tool balls and rimmed him and then tongue fucked his ass hole.

He was moaning and making aaah aaah aah sounds and taking my name and was begging to fuck him jahan plz fuck me… jahan plz fuck me… jahan plz fuck me… jahan plz fuck me…

I knew he was at high level of ecsatasy. After this foreplay, he hugged me and we again kissed for a long time. I was now stroking his tool and again sucked it to make it wet.

I applied lot of saliva on my anus and directed him to enter. He kept his penis on the entrance and pushed it. His tool was quite thick and did not go. I asked him to give slow pushes.

In two pushes he was half way in. I was in pain as he was tearing my ass it was that thick. With couple of other push, he was all in and I asked him to stop.

Slutty fuck story of a horny gay boy slut

He was master now. He said baby bear it for a while. I was shocked to hear that from a guy who was begging to fuck him a while back. Now, he slowly started fucking and took speed.

He fucked me for good half and hour and came in my ass and came in loads. I could feel hot cum in my ass. With him cumming in my for 5 seconds I also came on my chest. This was best fuck I ever had.

We again had one round that night and then slept as we had many nights to spent together. How I fucked him for next part.

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