Grindr sex story of a horny man with strangers: 2

Face fucked gay boy with a horny dominating fucker

Wild fucker story: I was still lying on my stomach, naked with my head turned around, looking at those two teenage boys standing at the door of my bedroom and staring at me with lust. The guy in front was unhooking his pant and guy in the back was rubbing his cock from his pants.

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The front guy removed his pant. He was wearing black trunk and his cock was tight and looking thick. He came near me and spanked my ass.
“Ready hai na lene ko (ready to take)?”

I was in pain and I wanted to say no. But how could I? I still had so much lust in me and looking at that young stud with his thick cock just made me hornier.

“Yes sir,” I said.

He turned me around on my back, slept over me and kissed me. His was bitting my lips and grabbing my hairs while doing so. His one hand was trying to reach my ass. I lifted both of my legs up and gave him the access.

His finger reached down my ass hole and I could not stop moaning, “ahhh….” in sissy voice. He slapped me and kissed me again. He licked and bit my cheeks while fucking my ass hole with his fingers very fast.

Then he stood up with his legs on both the sides of my chest. I was looking up at him, at his thick thighs.

His heavy balls and thick cock hidden under his tight underwear were making me want it more. He removed his tshirt and asked me, “Chal mera lund choos…”

I lifted me head up towards his cock. He grabbed me head and forcefully started rubbing my face on his cock. I could smell precum from his underwear. I removed his underwear and unveiled his monster 7 inch cock. He grabbed my hairs and lifted my head up.

I was staring at his cock and him. He was bitting his lips and smiling. He held his cock in his hand and put it on my lips. He applied his precum on my lips as if his cock was a big lipstick stick and I was licking his precum off my lips.

Then I grabbed his cock and started licking it from tip to balls. I was sucking it like a slut. Other guy came over the bed too. He was completely naked and his cock was even thicker and 7.5 inches long.

He stared hitting his cock on my cheeks. I held both of their cocks in my hands and started sucking one by one.

They both were pushing their cocks in, slapping me and pulling my hairs as if I was their slave. Both of them were softly moaning “AHHH…”

The first guy wore condom and made me dog. I was still sucking second guy’s massive cock while the first guy slowly inserted his cock inside my ass hole. I moaned, “ahhhh…”

He now started fucking me smoothly at first. And after few mins, he grabbed my waist tight and started fucking faster and faster.

“OHHH… kya gand hai yar (what an ass)…” and he spanked it. He was hitting my ass so hard and at the same time second guy’s cock was shoving down my throat. I kept gagging and moaning.

After 10 mins the first guy stopped fucking and second guy took the turn. He made me sleep on my back and started fucking my mouth with his massive cock, while sitting on my face.

He was fucking my mouth fast and I was almost out of breath. I grabbed his butts to slow him down but he kept shoving his cock down my throat deeper.

He had exceptionally big balls and they were hitting my chin and neck while he was fucking my mouth. After 10 mins of fucking my mouth he stopped and made me suck his massive balls. And then he sat on my face while grabbing my hairs.

He said, “gand chaat meri (lick my ass)….”
I started licking his ass hole through my tongue. I kept licking his ass and his balls for sometime.

Then he started kissing my neck and then my nipples. He kissed my lips and spit in my mouth few times. He turned me around, slept over me and started fucking my ass. His cock made me scream aloud and he let me scream.

He wasn’t afraid of anyone hearing my voice, he just wanted to make me scream in pain and beg him.

“Thoda dheere (slow down)…” I kept begging but he wasn’t going to hear any of it. He was hungry and I was his meal. The whole bed was shaking and the first guy was sitting on bed while shaking his cock in front of my eyes.

“Yes… theek se chod sali rand ko (fuck that slut good)…” the first guy encouraged and the second guy kept fucking faster and faster.

The first guy grabbed my hairs and pulled me nearer to his cock and the second guy resumed fucking. I tried to suck first guy’s cock but he slapped and stopped me and kept masterbating.

Almost 20 mins were over and he was still fucking. Suddenly the first guy ejaculated, sprinkling the volcano of his man milk all over my face and he pushed his cock inside my mouth cumming rest of it inside.

His cum was warm and salty and I drank it and licked his cock all over. Drinking that cum while getting my ass fucked in pain made me cum and I started cumming.

The second guy lefted my ass up while my mouth was still sucking first guy’s cock, and kept fucking me in doggy position for another 10 mins. Then the second guy stood up on bed, removed his condom and threw it away.

He lifted my head by grabbing my hairs, put his cock over my lips and started masterbating fast.
“Ye le madarchod, asli mard ka doodh pilata hu (take this motherfucker and drink real man’s milk)”

He slapped me in between and kept masterbating. And after few mins he cummed his load all over my lips and in my mouth with loud moan, “AHHHH…..”

Wild fucker story of horny boy with two gay teenagers

I drank all of his cum too.

After sometime, we had little chat and the second guy said, “my name is Rocky, I massaged you through profile ‘Wild boy’ and he is my friend Nitish.

Jab gand chuduane ka mann ho (when you want to get your ass fucked), you can call us.”

They both left. And I closed the door this time, even though my ass was in pain. I edited my profile and deleted my address from Grindr and slept…

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