Desi gay boy auditions to be a pornstar

Desi gay boy auditions to be a pornstar

Orchestrated porn movies are a drawback for the indian porn industry. We don’t really have many actual pornstars, atleast not among the gay community. But well with the supreme court’s recent ruling, I guess the day won’t be far when we’ll have real pornstars and their infinite movies. A golden day for the indian porn industry and the IPE network!

For the video today we have a rare video of an NRI desi gay boy who wishes to be a pornstar. The desi gay boy auditions for two white guys hoping to achieve his aspirations and become a desi gay pornstar.

He’s a quite young fellow and looks like a young teen. The white guys had to confirm from his ID that he’s above 18 and can act in a porno. They offer him some cash to prove their goodwill and then all of them head off to their studio. Once there they chat for a little while, confirming his pay and what all he is supposed to do for them, what all he’s comfortable to do,..etc. And then he gets some more cash before beginning to strip.

Desi gay boy strips and teases white mature men

Slowly then the young desi boy stands by the wall and starts taking off his clothes, one piece at a time. He’s got a smooth body and the sexy caramel skin that the foreigners go crazy about. Soon all that’s left on his body are his black boxers which he uses to tease the men some more. You can see one of them rubbing his crotch while the body performs the strip. They really seem to love the sexy desi boy.

Well it’s a nice desi gay video. Although short but it’s nice to see the young desi boy among two white mature daddies, stripping for them and teasing them. The guy too is a cutie. Thumbs-up if you liked the post and comment to share your opinions with us. Enjoy!