Hot sweaty sex with the man I loved

This is a true story about how I first had hot sweaty sex with the man I loved.

It was 7th grade when I first met him. He was 2 inches taller than me. Now we were in the same university. Then we became friends. I was shocked in my first year of college when we were in the same class. In that class we became really close friends. We were also roomies (I felt so lucky). Then one random weekend he just blurted out this random question…” Hey dude, are you gay?” I was blushing a bit (because he was my first love (that was a guy anyways) every time I saw him I swear my face and ears went so fucking red! My body shivers of ecstasy just looking at him! He’s 5’10, he’s slim but still had well defined arm muscles; he has curly brunette hair that stands up and ends at a point. ) then I shyly replied ” Yes….” , He was a bit shocked at first, it took at least five minutes for him to process what he just heard. He broke the silence when he said ” It’s okay, I’m not homophobic or anything, I just suspected that a bit when you were staring at that guys ass ” . We both laughed right after but the next few days were a lot more interesting.

After I revealed to him that I was gay he was nicer way more polite than he was before. But then something started when we were playing Dance Central, that game tired the fuck out of both of us. We both just sat on the bottom part of our bunk bed then he just fell on the bed….. That really turned me on, and I could see that he has this huge boner, and that just turned me on even more. I tried not to do anything frisky coz’ we were just friends. The next day was even better! We also played Dance Central we were, again, tired as fuck. We sat on that same bunk bed and watched some tv… In the middle of watching tv, out of the blue, he just kissed me with TONGUE!! I was so turned on then he started to bite on my ear which he knew was my erogenous spot then I told him to stop….I was shocked that I said that, especially since this was a dream come true for me but I didn’t want to get fucked just yet……

The next day after classes we went back to our dorm and I asked him “Do you remember what happened last night?” He said “Yes, I do….. I’m sorry if I went too far…..” Truth is I sort of like you but I’m not gay… It’s really confusing”. I replied “I really like you too but if I had known you liked me I would let you go further last night…” . Then he said ” Want to continue now?” , then I said ” Hell yes! ” . We then started to kiss each other passionately as if we did this before, then he started to kiss my neck while I started to moan in ecstasy, then I unzipped his pants and grabbed his huge 8′ cock and started to rub it. He stopped kissing me and before he could do anything I was already on my knees and sucking his dick, and my eyes slightly rolled up and saw him moan in pleasure “Aaah! Aaaah! “This went on for three minutes and he said “Stop I might cum “but I didn’t listen, I just continued sucking his dick. His whole body shivered while he came into my mouth and as I licked his cock clean of his man juice, “Fuck me, and fuck me!!!” I demanded. He started to lick the area surrounding my asshole and I said “Stop! Just put it in already “,” But there’s no lube…. “he replied. ” Forget everything else, I just want you now” I said. I could see the look of hesitance in his eyes, as he was obviously afraid of hurting me, but then I just whispered in his ear “Don’t worry, I won’t get hurt”. “Ok, If you say so” he replied, then while he was facing me, he grabbed my legs and put them up in the air and he just started to force his cock into me. “Yes!!! Yes!!!” I moaned, and as the head slowly went inside, a rush of pleasure went through my body like a tsunami. He then lies his body down on my chest and thrust his cock even deeper and deeper with every grunt he made, and then I felt that all of his manhood was inside of me then he started to thrust slowly while kissing my neck. ” Yaaaahaaa!! Yes! Fuck me! Aaahaaa!” I exclaimed. I could feel his sweaty body against mine, and it felt good. He continued to fuck me and now I was clawing his back in pleasure. He was already hitting my prostate “I’m close!!” I said. “Me too “he replied. My heavy breathing was in rhythm to every one of his thrusts. ” Aaah” I exclaimed while I came and he bit my ear to tease me and as I could feel his cock getting even more swollen inside of me I said ” Cum inside of me!”, and he did just that as he moaned in extreme pleasure. “Aaah! Shit! “He said.” Yes kiss your mother with that mouth?” I said jokingly, then I started to suck up the rest of his cock juice, then as we started cleaning ourselves up, he said “Would you possibly be interested in having a relationship with me?”, “As Friends?” I said, “No… As my lover 🙂 ” He says, ” Of course!!” I said, ………… TO BE CONTINUED then as we both lay on our beds we simultaneously say “I love you”…..