Gay porn story of tales of a horny man: 5

Horny desi stripper getting naked from sexy suit

Gay Literotica Story: Hello everyone my name is Paikhomba; born and raised in the beautiful state of Manipur. I’m 30, already passed my quarter-life crisis, 6’4, quite fit and muscular; presently working in a bank in Australia, identify myself as GAY. I already have quite a fair share of “relations” in my life, although it was mainly about lust than love. Well welcome to my journey.

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This is a series and I plan to share each and every detail of my sexual journey so far. So Enjoy. You can send your thoughts and feedbacks on Instagram. Please don’t forget to like the story and comment down below.
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Abdul Haque was the Biology teacher meant for high classes. He is Muslim and was around 45 at that time. I was sexually attracted to my biology teacher Abdul, he is 5’4, has short black curly hair and a well groomed beard, dark piercing eyes and glasses. He wasn’t as buffed as I would’ve liked but the realism factor also turned me on.

Seeing the big beer belly and that average body covered with his suit and imagining what was under that really turned me on. I had fantasies of him since the start of the year, it was an instant attraction and all those characteristics that make him look so manly are what I liked the most.

I was already sexually quite attracted to him, and my feelings for him escalated after seeing his bulge one time during class hours. While teaching he explains the topics going around the classroom and sitting at random empty tables with his feet on the chair.

One day an empty seat was right before my eyesight and he sat there. When his legs came up on the chair, his trouser got stretched around his groin and he was hiding a monster behind his pants. I guess he didn’t wear his underwear that day as the traces of his cock were vividly visible.

I lost my focus on the class and was just staring blankly at the huge bulge right before me. It was around 7-inch flaccid, and I couldn’t help but wonder how it would felt around my lips.

JUNE 2005

Fast forward to mid-2005, I was part of the basketball team as I was 5’9 and was pretty good in scoring hoops. There was a competition going to be held in Kolkata, where schools in the east zone are going to compete for a place in national level.

We spend most of our free time practising and were excused from the small tests held in classes. We were supposed to appear separately after all the drama is over.

So Mr Haque’s class was one of the tests that I had missed due to practice, and he made a time during the evening prep hour for my retake of the exam. Mr Haque sat at his desk grading papers while I sat at one of the classroom benches writing the exam.

I was kind of nerdy growing up so I was well prepared for the paper and managed to breeze through the test pretty quickly.

“Uhh… Sir? I think I finished,” I said. “Great,” he replied. He stood up and walked toward my desk. “So the last part of the test is an identification one, I will be showing you a video of few organisms and you just have to write down its name and some distinct characters of them, alright?”

“Oh, OK”, I replied.

He pulled up the small TV and played one of the VHS tapes. “This one’s only 4 minutes, so don’t take too much time. I’ll play the video; I need to run to the teacher’s room for a minute. I should be back before you finish.”

As he walked out the classroom, I couldn’t help but steal a glance at him as he walked away. His tight pants packing a bubble round butt and as he walk, his butt swayed a little. The video finally starts – grainy at first before clearing up – showing a man sitting on a couch and another nude man sucking his dick.

For a second, I was like, “Am I identifying humans? Why is porn showing up in a test?” I realised that it was NOT a biology test video, though I was definitely getting a hard-on watching it. I stared intently at the screen for a few moments before I realized that Mr Haque would be back in the room in a few minutes!

Should I get up and turn off the TV before he returns? Then he’ll wonder why the TV’s off. So, I should just let it keep playing? But then he’ll walk in and catch me watching gay porn. I didn’t know if this was his tape, and he’d be embarrassed that I was watching it, or if some other teacher or student had snuck it in there, and he had no idea about it.

I sat frozen, sweating and wondering what to do. I think my whole body had gone numb. Well everything except for my dick, which had immediately gone rock hard and was now throbbing in my shorts. Before I could make any decision or even wrap my head around what was happening, Mr Haque walked back into the room.

By now the man on the screen were fucking and moans and heavy breathing filled the room.

Mr Haque walked in front of the screen and froze when he saw the screen. “Uhh… uhh… where did you? Oh, shit. Oh, sorry, that’s the wrong tape!” Mr Haque quickly scrambled for the off button on the TV – frantically hitting just about every button – mute, volume up, volume down, brightness – before he finally found OFF.

By his apology and exclamation, I realized that this was 1) a mistake, and 2) definitely his tape.

Mr Haque turned back to me, red-faced and slightly out of breath, and said, “Sorry I… umm…”

“It’s OK,” was all I could muster.
“I, um, wasn’t supposed to play that. I’m sorry that you saw… so much.”

“It’s OK,” I said again. Then I mustered the nerve to say, “I’ve… never seen a video like that before.” (Though that kind of video are all I watched back at home during vacation).

“Yeah, um… I shouldn’t have had that in the classroom. I think it got mixed up with the other tapes.” Mr Haque started wheeling the TV cart back into the storage room and went inside.

I could hear him fumbling around in there – probably taking the tape out of the VCR. I got up from my desk, and realizing that the huge bulge in my pants was not going away, I picked up my exam paper and held it in front of me as I walked toward the store room. Mr Haque was on his knees digging through the box of tapes when I appeared in the doorway.

He saw me out of the corner of his eye and said, “I’m just making sure there are no more tapes like that.” He was still obviously embarrassed about what had just happened.

I smiled down at Mr Haque and said, “Umm… So do I still have to do the identification questions?” Of course I had just seen gay porn and a huge bulge is in my pants, but all I cared about were my grade; that’s how nerdy I was!

I think that broke the tension. He chuckled and said, “No, I think you already got more information than you bargained for with this test. Here, I’ll take it. Leave the remaining marks to me.” He reached out to me, and I handed him the exam paper.

In that moment, I forgot what I had been covering, and my raging hard-on – all 6.5” of it (my 5” has grown a lot) – was suddenly quite visible through my shorts. Like most basketball players, I was wearing loose boxers under loose athletic shorts – not the best for hiding a raging hard-on.

Mr Haque’s stare stayed on my crotch just a few moments too long. He looked down at the box of tapes, blushing a bit and said, “Maybe you didn’t mind the video so much?”

“Oh, umm… sorry, I … I think it just happened I guess,” I sheepishly answered, as I tried to cover myself with my hands.

“Hehe… don’t worry about it. I remember what it was like to be a teen.”

“So, I think the rest of these actually are biology videos,” he said as he stood up. “I guess it’s kind of good that that happened. It would have been much worse if I’d shown it to the whole class.”

“Yeah! So that was your tape?” I asked. “Uh, yeah… I guess I have a few of those tapes at home.”

I tried to calm myself down from the excitement that the man I’ve been crushing hard on turns out to be as interested in men as I am.

“It seems like you liked it. You’re still hard,” he said, finally being very direct about the situation in my shorts. Mr Haque could tell that he embarrassed me a bit and put one hand on my shoulder as he said, “It’s OK,” he chuckled.

“That’s why I have these kinds of tapes. I think I’m getting into the same… uhh… situation… myself, just talking about it,” he said and looked down toward his own crotch. I followed his gaze and noticed a significant bulge in the front of his pants.

“Do you watch these videos when you jack off?” I asked.

Mr Haque smiled and said, “Sometimes. It depends where I’m doing it. Sometimes I’ll put in a video at home and do it, or sometimes I jack off in the shower, or in bed, or even here a few times.”

“In the classroom?!” I exclaimed.

Mr Haque laughed. “Not during class! But when I stay late to work on plans or grade papers, I sometimes come here into the storage room and jack off.”

“Really?” I inquired.

“Yeah,” Mr Haque said, and laughed. “What? Do you want me to show you?”

“What? Uhhh….” I paused, and then said, “Really?” Pretending to be innocent, but it was exactly going in the direction I hoped for.

“Yeah, if you want to.” He paused. “But I’m not gonna do it alone.”

“Oh, umm…. maybe,” I said excitedly, really starting to realize where this was headed.

“Here, why don’t I start,” Mr Haque said. He took a step back and lifted up the shirttails of his untucked shirt, exposing the light brown hair that spread across his belly and down into his pants. He unbuckled his belt, undid the top button of his pants, and pulled down the zipper.

I could see that he was wearing tight black briefs, which explained why I could see his swelling bulge earlier but not the full extent of his cock that I saw in one of his class. Mr Haque lowered his pants until they were down around his ankles, and he stood in front of me in his shirt and underwear.

“Here, why don’t I take this off,” he said and unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off his shoulders. He then kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants. Now he stood in front of me in just his black briefs and a pair of socks.

Mr Haque smiled at me and said, “So what do you think?” “Good… good…” I stammered.

He chuckled and said, “You’re adorable. Maybe you can give me a hand with these,” he said, hooking his thumbs into the top of the underwear’s waistband.

“Go ahead,” Mr Haque said. I stepped forward and reached my fingers into the top of his waistband. I slid my fingers around to the front. He let out a small gasp as my fingers touched the skin of his abdomen just below the top of the fabric – just above the top of his dick.

“Yeah, let’s take those off,” he whispered. Now I was standing very close to him, and I could feel his breath on my ear as he spoke to me. I grabbed the sides and started to slowly slide his underwear down his hips.

“Yeah, boy. Keep going. My cock’s real hard. Let it out.” I pulled them down slowly, exposing the soft brown hair above his dick, and then the base of his cock. I then pulled them all the way down, and his cock slipped out of the underwear and bounced up.

He let out a gasp, and I let one out too. Now his underwear was just below his balls. “Yeah, all the way down,” he whispered. I had to get down on my knees to slide his underwear past his knees and down to his feet. He stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

Now Mr Haque stood in front of me completely naked, and I was on my knees in front of him, his cock right in front of my face. I froze, just staring at his 8″ cock; it didn’t grow that much from when it was flaccid but it got a lot thicker, so it looked much larger than mine and I was very scared of his girth.

“Uh… It’s big,” I said.

“Yeah, do you like it?” He asked. I didn’t respond, just looked up at him and nodded. “Why don’t you go ahead and touch it.” I reached up and gently wrapped my hand around his cock.

“Oh yeah… wow, your hand feels goood,” he moaned. Mr Haque started breathing heavily while I massaged his cock. I did this for a couple of minutes before he said, “Mmmm… boy that feels so good. Let’s get you out of those clothes.”

I then felt a bit self-conscious, realizing I was fully clothed in a small room with my completely naked biology teacher. Mr Haque pulled me back up to my feet and lifted my t-shirt up and over my head. He gave my shoulder and chest a quick rub with his hands before sliding down and pulling down my shorts and boxers in one quick motion.

Now my dick stood straight out and up, pointing at his chest while he kneeled in front of me. He wasted no time wrapping one hand around the base of my cock and the other around my back to rub my ass cheeks.

“Fuck boy, you feel sooo good.” All I could do was whimper softly as he held me tightly with both hands. I had never felt so good in my life.

“I’m going to take you in my mouth now. Is that OK?” Mr Haque asked, looking up at me. Before I could mutter an “Uh- huh,” he swooped in and took nearly the full length of my dick into his mouth.

“Ugggghhhh… Oh gawd!” I exclaimed. I suddenly felt completely weak, with my knees nearly buckling under me. Mr Haque tightened his grip on my ass and kept me upright, pulling me in closer as he bobbed his head up and down the full length of my cock.

I started to rub my hands through his hair and massage his neck and shoulders while he continued to consume the whole length of my hard boy cock.

It wasn’t long before I whimpered, “Ugh… Sir, I think I’m going to cum.” I wasn’t sure if he’d want that in his mouth, so I gave him a warning.

He pulled his mouth off my cock, and said, “Yeah baby, give me your load. I want you to fucking shoot all over my mouth, all over my face, baby.” He gripped my cock hard with his hand and stroked it fast, with just the tip between his wet lips.

“Oh, I’m cumming…uhhh!” I yelled and nearly buckled over in ecstasy, as I started to shoot load after load of wet jizz first onto my teacher’s lips, then into his open mouth, and then all over his face as he started to rub my cock across his cheeks and lips and even his forehead.

“Oh, fuck yeah, boy. Fuck yeah. Cover my face with your cum. All over my face, baby. Give it to me.” He kept licking my wet cock up and down and rubbing the whole shaft all over his face.
It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had, and I had never shot so much cum in my life.

When he first said he wanted me to cum all over his face, I thought that sounded strange, but now that I was staring at Mr Haque handsome face, covered in my cum, with my cock pressed against his lips, I had never been so turned on or seen anything so hot in my life. I stood, panting, and Mr Haque leaned back, sat on the ground and then pulled me toward him.

“Come here,” he said, pulling me down to him on the ground. He leaned back lying flat on his back and pulled me down on top of him. His body felt so good beneath me – the feel of his hairy chest against my smooth skin.

His still hard cock pressed against my groin. I couldn’t stop touching him, rubbing my hands all over.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

“Yeah, good. I feel… good… amazing.”

He chuckled. “I’m glad I could make you feel so good. That was really special for me to give that to you.”

I laughed, “I think I gave it to you… uhh… all over your face.”

He laughed, squeezing me tighter. “Yeah you did. So good, boy. Fucking hot.”

Now that I was clear what he wanted, I hesitated no longer, sliding my tongue across his ass hole, getting it as wet as I could. I started to swirl my tongue around, circling his hole. I could tell he liked it, as he had started stroking his own cock and was pumping it harder and faster.

Gay literotica story of wild fun with biology teacher

“Yeah boy, don’t stop. Lick that hole, boy. Push your tongue into my hole.” I did what I was told and started to really enjoy it. His ass, and my whole face were wet messes, but I couldn’t get enough. I pressed my tongue into his hole as hard as I could, and I was enjoying the taste. The deeper my tongue went, the sweeter his ass tasted.

“Fuck me with your tongue!” he stated louder.

“Don’t stop, oh, fuck oh fuck! Yeah, oh, I’m gonna cum. Don’t stop! Do it hard!” He was stroking his dick harder and faster and was pushing his ass into my face. I pushed back as hard as I could with my mouth and my tongue. I could feel his ass hole quiver, as he started to moan in ecstasy.

He was yelling, “Fuck yeah, fucking yeah, I’m coming. I’m coming!” I kept tongue fucking him and didn’t stop until his body went still. He finally put his legs down and patted me on the head. I looked up to see his stomach and chest covered in loads of wet cum. Between my cum all over his face, and his cum all over his body, he was a mess. A fucking HOT mess.

“Oh man, good job boy. You are sooo good at that. Are you sure you’ve never done that before?!” He jokingly asked.

“Well I had done it multiple times before, just wanted to look innocent in front of you.” I stammered.

He chuckled, and said, “Well, I hope that’s not the last time for us.”

We cleaned up with a towel from the storage, get dressed up as the dinner time was nearing. While I was busy dressing up, he was at his desk evaluating my papers, well acting like evaluating. He showed the paper to me, I got an A.

Well I would have got it without the oral sex, but I was glad that he took it into consideration. I said thank you and turned towards the door to leave. Mr Haque called my name,

“Are you up for a dinner next Sunday?” I smiled and winked at him before closing the door behind me.

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