First time sex story of horny gay guy

First time sex story: Hello community! I been using IGS pretty lately. As well I wanted to write a story. This is my First encounter an real life incident.

Iam from chennai 20 years. Brown body with 65kg and 5.6″ height. I didn’t know I was gay until I watch Trans porn.

I used to say to my friends that I watch Trans porn but then that they give me a weird look! OMG! This is strange.

As the day goes. My love for dicks increases. One day I started watching gay porn and I jerked off! Then came into conclusion that am Gay But I not revealed it to anybody. Even though I had many encounterd with girls but thinking about the dick gave me a strange feeling and I loved that. This is How I discovered myself. My name is Raj.

So after some search I came to know about Grndr(app) and everything about the position, choice and everything. Finding a Good person in grndr is hard but chennai made it easy. After so much profiles.

I stuck with a profile with a age of 35 and says he is a VersTop. I not revealed my photo at first but then he started sharing everything His photo and How come he became a gay and all!
He asked to meet me and Am scared at first and then I’m be like fuck ittt and We met In a public place (Mall).

After seeing his figure….woahhhhh…He is 6.2ft with a great beard and looks very decent and my dick got erected. At that time I badly wanted to pull his pants down and suck his dick hard. We chatted like an hour.

He seems to be sweet and nice guy. And he invited me to his flat! Even though it’s my first timeeee….Am in a great urge to be a bottom to him.

Then he picked me up in parking lot. Half an hour drive to his flat. All that time my only thought was to suck and make love to him.

Even though I’m scared and my heart was pounding! He knows that am scared. He hold my hand in the car and gave me a gentle kiss in my lips. And said No worries I’ll take care of you.

We reached to flat. He is staying alone. He gave me a drink and gone to the restroom to freshen up. I can’t wait up for a another minute. I walked to restroom and said That I also wanted to use the restroom. He said Okay No- problem. You can use the toilet with only a glass door.

He is only washing his face. So I removed my pant and showed my round ass to him(i behaved like a total slut) like I invited to fill up my ass with his dick. He is in his short. I can clearly see his bulge😍 after I finished using toilet.

I freshened up a little and got out. He only in his underwear. (I be like this is the moment) He opened his broad shoulders and invited for an hug. I ran into himm and hugged tightly. A first hug from a mannn… And kissed intensely in his lips and all over his face.

He understood my eagerness and taken me to his bedroom. He was in the bed and am on the top of him. After I kissed for 10 mins and I go down on him, semove his underwear with my lips and 😍encountered my First dick.

It was nearly 8 inch and fully shaved. First I kissed his dick and he slightly moaned. It gave me goosebumps without a second thought I Gone for itt. (DID THOUGHT IN MY LIFE THAT ILL SUCK A MAN’S DICK)

His dick is fully in my throat still some of his dick is outside I can see that clearly. After that He is in a standing position and Im on my knees. After I sucked for 10 mins. He started to choke me like am a slut.

First time sex story of a horny and slutty guy’s first time

I really loved that behaviour. I couldn’t get enough of his cock. He was moaning whole time by saying my nameee…Raj aaahhhh ooooooo eeeeee yesssss rajjjjjj do like that plsssssss thankssss no one sucked my cock like this sss he also mentioned he cant believe that it was my first experience.

He was moaning louldly all over the room. He was in the climax and I strictly said I wanted your cum in my mouthhhh (but I still dont know why I said that) after a min he filled my mouth with his cum. I drank some and choked on some of ittt.

After that he dosed off in a floor and I was full of cum in my mouth and saliva dripping out of mouthhhhhhh with smell of his cockkkkk. On that time I still not believe that is me who did all that! (You dont know what you’re capable off)

I’ll continue my story on the next session. With so many dates and orgy and fuck session

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